The Blacklist Recap 04/29/22: Season 9 Episode 18 “Laszlo Jankowics”

The Blacklist Recap 04/29/22: Season 9 Episode 18 "Laszlo Jankowics"

Tonight on NBC their hit drama The Blacklist starring James Spader airs with an all-new time-slow Friday, April 29, 2022, episode and we have your The Blacklist recap below. On tonight’s The Blacklist Season 9, Episode 18 called, “Laszlo Jankowics,” as per the NBC synopsis, “Red questions the whereabouts of a former associate. The Task Force hunts down a criminal dealing in illegal psychedelics.

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Tonight’s The Blacklist episode begins with a delivery at Virtual Horizons laboratory where the delivery man shoots the guard and the receptionist. Then, Laszlo Jankowics walks in with a lion, he proceeds, along with his shooter into a room where a man, Dr. Avery, is giving a lecture to several people and they are all shot dead except Dr, Avery who runs into a bulletproof room. Laszlo says to him, “you think I would let you set up shop in my city.”

Red goes to see Cooper and tells them that he was hoping he would give the next case to Aram, he is in charge. Red says he is wound too tight, maybe he needs to get guided with psychedelics. Red says there is new interest in these drugs. Red mentions one of the biggest dealers, Laszlo Jankowicz, Cooper remembers that name and Red says it is because his father Marko was on the Blacklist, he used to be one of the world’s biggest LSD distributors. Red says Laszlo is more unhinged than his father and distributes liquid LSD. He is the next name on the Blacklist.

Dembe goes to the lab to speak to Dr. Avery, the only survivor of the shooting. He says he immediately ran and never saw their faces.

Cooper and Ressler are at Tyson LeCroy’s office, they have a warrant and are taking his files. He shows a photo of Reginald Cole to his wife, but she doesn’t recognize him. Turns out LeCroy and Cole were working together, Cole was keeping a round-the-clock watch on Stanford, the Tech Executive. Cole sent LeCroy a full file of photos and Stanford’s assets.

Park tells Aram they have a print from the lab, it comes back from a three-time felon, Sebastien Graham. He is on parole for a weapons charge.

Red goes to visit Maureen and fixes her gazebo. He asks her if she regrets testifying. She did for a long time, she had dreams of a bigger life, she wanted to travel. All that changed when she took the stand, but she has come to enjoy the quiet. She has redefined what she considers excitement, she is content.

Graham is brought in, Park and Dembe question him and ask where they kind find Laszlo. He says he doesn’t know the man, but he knows his reputation. Park says maybe it was his idea to shoot a room full of people. He reveals that Laszlo had a partner, Dr. Avery. Dembe calls Red and tells him the key to finding Lazslo is finding Dr. Avery, they were partners and Dr. Avery tried to make a go of it on his own.

Red meets with Rogelio and tells him that there is the man he needs him to find.

Cooper and Ressler go see Standford, he says his nanny accused him of sexual assault, and no charges were ever filed. Lecroy showed up and said he was representing the woman, he reached a settlement, of 1.5 million to spare his family the mess.

Rogelio found Dr. Avery, he goes to see him with Weecha. Red tells him Laszlo is looking for him and so is the task force. Red tells him that he is looking for Clara Moore. He tells him that he will never find her, she knows where all the bodies are buried and Laszlo won’t tell anyone where she is. Red calls Laszlo to join them. Red tells him that he found Dr. Avery for him, and when he starts saying no don’t hand me over, Red shoots him several times.

Ressler finds out that LeCroy never went to see the nanny, he claimed to and took the money.

Laszlo is shocked that Red shot Dr. Avery, he says it is his chemist, he should have let him do it. Dr. Avery is not dead, when Laszlo walks out frustrated, he gets up off the floor. Red was setting up Laszlo. Red calls Dembe and tells him that Laszlo is expecting a shipment at the dock, if they head over there, they might be able to catch Laszlo.

Red has Clara Moore, Lazlo’s cleaner, she thinks Laszlo gave her up, he says no, he wanted to see her. He tells her that he didn’t kill Kate Caplan, she took her own life and knows they were both close. But, he recently found out that Kate maybe not be dead after all.

The task force is at the dock, they move in on Laszlo when they witness a deal going down. Park runs after Laszlo, but when her gun goes off the sound freezes her. Park lost Laszlo and they needed him. Dembe has metro PD and half the bureau looking for him. Cooper calls Red and tells him they lost Laszlo, Red says don’t worry they have a line on him. Cooper goes to see Red at the warehouse, he tells him that Kate Caplan is maybe alive. And, Brimley is there, he tells Red that Clara Moore is telling the truth, she doesn’t know if Kate is alive, but a note was left in her room to meet her tonight and she believes it was from her.

Cooper and Red go to the meeting point, Weecha is driving. They look up into a building and see Kate Caplan on the phone, it really is her. Weecha goes in with backup to get her. Shots are fired, Kate had guards watching the stairwell. Weecha yells that it is a trap, an explosion goes off in the area where Kate was standing.