1000-lb Sisters Recap 03/07/23: Season 4 Episode 8 “Forbidden Fruit”

Tonight on TLC their fan-favorite series 1000-lb Sisters airs with an all-new Tuesday, March 7, 2023, Season 4 Episode 8 and we have your 1000-lb Sisters recap below. On tonight’s 1000-lb Sisters season, 4 episode 8 called “Forbidden Fruit” as per the TLC synopsis, “Tammy wants to come home, but a setback causes a major blowup between her and the family.

Then, when a new man enters Tammy’s life, all bets are off. Meanwhile, Amy feels the stress of motherhood, and Amanda contemplates a new chapter.”

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In tonight’s 1000-lb Sisters episode, Tammy was doing great until she wasn’t. She had had her bariatric surgery a few weeks ago. Normally, people slow down after surgery, but not Tammy. She was eating right and working out. She was even going to therapy. Tammy has been on her best behavior since finally get the surgery of her dreams and she was all set to be released when she developed a trachea infection.

She needed to be on an IV drip for ten days to clear up the infection. This pushed back when she’ll released from the rehab and so Tammy should have focused on her health.

Tammy should have put her health first. Even with the infection. She should have focused on getting well and not wanting to leave to prove a point, but this was Tammy. Tammy’s own siblings call her a b*tch because she makes things difficult when there doesn’t need to be. Tammy fell back on her old traits. She started to complain. She said that her siblings should just come pick her up. She wanted them to ignore what the doctor was saying and unfortunately the whole family was in an agreement to leave her there at the rehab for a while.

The siblings were in an agreement that they weren’t going to risk Tammy’s health. Tammy needed serious care and they weren’t trained to take care of her twenty-four hours a day. It was going to take weeks for them to even get the training. Some couldn’t leave their small children for weeks.

Others couldn’t take that time off of work to go get trained. They all had lives that couldn’t come to a stop just because Tammy wanted something. The siblings tried talking to Tammy about the situation. They told her that she needs around the clock care and that she might have to find a rehab living center closer to home so that she could continue to receive care.

But Tammy hadn’t wanted to hear all of that. She called her siblings selfish. She accused them of betraying her and going back on their promises. She reminded them that they said they would take care of her.

They tried to tell her that it was too much for them. They couldn’t get trained to care for her. She needed to go to a rehab center or stay at the one she was currently, but Tammy said she was leaving on her own and then what will they do once she checks out. Tammy was so hurt by her siblings that she decided to do something silly.

Tammy met someone. Tammy’s usual relationships go really badly thanks to three possible reasons. If they’re not bringing her fried fattening foods or helping her to party then they were demeaning her and being emotional abusive. Tammy doesn’t usually pick a guy who will be kind to her.

She goes for someone who would help her to self-destruct. Only she was stuck at the rehab center. She couldn’t convince her siblings to get her out of there and so she later met Caleb. Caleb has been at the rehab for over a year. And he was only just now leaving his room because of his medical troubles.

Caleb left his room because he’s been following Tammy on social media. Someone mentioned that he was giving stalker vibes and that he wanted to befriend Tammy to be on camera, but Tammy ignored these signs because she said that Caleb was a cool dude. She also didn’t tell her family about him because she knew they would be judgmental. They hadn’t spoken to Tammy since they left her at the rehab center and so they thought it was extremely quick how Tammy fell into a relationship with Caleb.

They started calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend after only a month. They had dates at that rehab. They talked for hours. They supported each other through medical emergencies. They seemed to be good for each other. Caleb kept Tammy smiling. Tammy stopped resenting the rehab and she wanted to stay as long as Caleb was going to stay. And then Caleb shocks everyone by literally living his wheelchair to propose to Tammy.

Tammy just had to say yes and now she’s engaged to a man she’s known for a couple of months.

And she claims she’s going to marry him no matter what her family says against it.


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