90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Premiere Recap 01/29/23: Season 4 Episode 1 “To Love and Be Wise Is Impossible”

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Premiere Recap 01/29/23: Season 4 Episode 1 "To Love and Be Wise Is Impossible"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way airs with an all-new Sunday, January 29, 2023 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way season 4 episode 1 “To Love and Be Wise Is Impossible,” as per the TLC Synopsis “Kris prepares to meet her fiancée in person for the first time.

Gabe gears up to mix business and pleasure in Colombia. Daniele preps for a reunion with Yohan in the Dominican Republic. After a two-year engagement, Jen has hopes for an Indian wedding.”

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In tonight’s 90 Day Fiance – The Other Way – this spin-off is the best part of the 90 Day Fiancé franchise. It was when the Americans leave their country and they see firsthand how hard it is to start over somewhere else after falling in love with a foreigner. Up first was Kris. Kris was forty going on twenty.

She was super sweet. She loves dressing up in costumes. She rushed into two marriages looking for love and neither of them worked out, but it did give her two children she loves very much. She raised them as single parents. They were adults now. Her kids were living their own lives now and so Kris thought it was the perfect time to finally leave the closet.

Kris was bisexual. Although, she admits that she’s always been more attracted to women than she has been to men. She grew up in a small town in Alabama and so that could be why she kept marrying men except things have changed now. Her kids being older meant it was easier to explain to them that she was attracted to women. The part they struggle with was her wanting to move to Colombia. Kris was moving down there to be with Jeymi. Jeymi was Venezuelan and she lives in Colombia.

Jeymi and Kris met online. They had an instant connection when they first began sending messages. Then Jeymi caught covid. She almost died. It made Kris realized that she was so in love with this woman that she couldn’t risk losing her and so she was going to Colombia to be with Jeymi. Kris was taking a risk, but she didn’t have to worry about a mortgage because she lived with her mother. She didn’t have to worry about shipping things because she was mostly a hoarder of junk. She, therefore, felt she could easily move to Colombia.

It was just Kris’s children that disagree. They thought she was taking too much of a risk by moving to a country where she didn’t even know the language. They wondered why Jeymi couldn’t come here to the States. They were very concerned and Kris was ignoring all of it. She was that set on living with Jeymi. Only she wasn’t the only one giving up everything for love. There was also Danielle. Danielle is forty-two. She’s a single mother. She hasn’t had a great relationship in the past with men and yet that all changed when she visited the Dominican Republic on vacation.

Danielle met Yohan while she was on vacation. He was a younger man. He was a personal trainer at the hotel where she was staying and Danielle fell in love with him instantly. She was gone after just one look. She literally said she was going to marry that man when she first saw him and what she said turned out to be true. She married Yohan. Now, she wants to move to the Dominican Republic to spend the rest of her life with him. Their journey to that decision hasn’t been easy. Yohan had wanted to move to the United States initially. He even said everyone in the Dominican Republic wants to move to the United States.

Yohan also doesn’t really pay for anything when they’re together. He just expects her to pick up the bill when they go out and one time he eats over two hundred dollars worth of peanuts from a minibar because he said he wanted a 4 AM snack. Which is a big thing because it shows he doesn’t think about other people. He especially didn’t consider her budget and still they got married in spite of these things. Danielle had to return to New York soon after the wedding because she had to go back to work and now she grows tired of living away from her husband.

Danielle teaches yoga at a studio/ wellness center. She quit her job there and she couldn’t wait to move. Danielle mentioned her life in New York was like living with a toxic boyfriend. She’s never truly been at ease there and life was only getting more expensive. She thought living in the Dominican Republic will overall be an improvement. But who knows how life will turn out. For her or for any of the Americans. Jen was joining the group of Americans this season. Jen lives in Oklahoma on her family’s farm. She’s bit of a nomad. She’s moved all over the United States.

Jenn also was known for rushing into relationships with handsome men who didn’t really want to put in the work on a relationship. She didn’t do this once or twice. She’s done this several times and so everyone was concerned about her move to India. Jen met Rishi when she went on a solo visit to India. She was having fun when she ran into Rishi in the hotel lobby and out of nowhere he began showing her modeling photos of himself. Well, Jen liked what she saw. She appreciated his confidence they quickly developed a bond.

They stayed together for about forty-five days and Jenn felt that was enough to move to India to be with Rishi. Her family however looked at her past with men and they thought she was committing the same mistakes as before. They also reminded her that things with Rishi haven’t always been easy. When she first came back from India, she had a hard time getting in contact with him. She told her family that it felt like he was ghosting her and while she was ultimately able to resolve that with Rishi – her family hasn’t forgotten what she said.

They knew that Jen wasn’t the typical girl with the dream of two kids with a house in suburbia. She loves to travel. She doesn’t like being tied down. Her family was especially worried that she wouldn’t have a support system in place if she does go to India and that was a concern for many of the Americans this season. Gabriel was discussing that same thing with his own with his friends. Gabe was from Florida. He was a trans man. He was born a girl and he transitioned into a boy. He even makes special underwear to help other trans men feel at ease in their underwear and swim shorts if they haven’t had the bottom half surgery yet.

Gabe traveled to Colombia to talk to his underwear manufacturer down there. He ended up running into Isabel because they shared mutual friends and once again it was a case of love at first sight. He knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her after one day. Gabe even told her he was trans after one day. He didn’t want to go forward in the relationship under any pretenses and he was actually relieved when Isabel said she doesn’t rush into sex. It gave him time to decide how he was going to tell her he was trans.

Gabe quickly told her by text. He told her he was trans and she said that was okay because he’s always been a man to her. She’s never known him as anything else. That was also part of the attraction. Gabe was now moving to Colombia to be with her and there was one issue. She was really close with her family yet Isabel just hasn’t told them that Gabe is trans. Gabe’s friends were asking about that when he told them that the family was unaware of his situation. For some, that might be too much of a battle and yet Gabe didn’t care that they didn’t know. He was still moving.

Gabe said he could run his business from down. He also said Colombia was welcoming to the LGBT community. It’s the same reason that Jeymi moved there. Jeymi was the Venezuelan beauty who fell in love with the American Kris. She said she left Venezuela because it wasn’t very welcoming of a community and now she lives in Colombia. Jeymi was gay. She tried being straight for a while to fit in with her friends and she said it was horrible. She didn’t know why at first until she went to therapy to try and understand why she was so unhappy. And her therapist asked her if she might be a lesbian.

Ever since then, Jeymi has been living her truth. She started over in Colombia. She’s never had a girlfriend before and that’s when her friends suggested the internet as a way of getting the ball rolling. Jeymi later met Kris that way. They’ve never met in person, they’ve also had several disagreements, and still, they were moving in together because they both fell in love. Jeymi calls Kris beautiful. She said Kris makes her happy and that’s enough for her. They simply couldn’t wait to start their lives together.

Yohan claimed he wanted the same thing with Danielle. Except Danielle lied to him. She’s been lying to him for months. Danielle told him that she would be applying for a K-1 visa for him to come to the United States and she never did. She instead packed up life and decided to move to the Dominican Republic. He didn’t know about that until she came down to move there. He thought it was a mere visit and she broke the news that it wasn’t. She hasn’t given him any forewarning. He was even learning English to better fit in the States. And so their first big fight in the marriage might be what breaks them.

Danielle’s impulsiveness will come back to bite her. Gabe’s will as well. Gabe got Isabel’s name tattooed on his arm. He has another woman’s name tattooed on his back. He had to get that tattoo blacked out and he had to have an uncomfortable conversation with his sister. His sister thought he was rushing into things with Isabel. She also reminded him that he said he would never date another woman with kids and yet here he is doing it again. He now has to make things work with Isabel or else that tattoo will haunt him forever.

Kris wanting to rush to join Jeymi in Colombia might also be problematic. There was an issue some months back when Kris started sending money to Jeymi because she thought she was helping her girlfriend through covid only for her to be talking to another American woman that claims she was also Jeymi’s girlfriend. The other woman was from Texas. It’s unclear if the Texan sent Jeymi money as well. But Jeymi apologized to Kris. They made up and Kris was forgiving because she has certain things she hasn’t told Jeymi about.

Like her narcolepsy.