Chicago Fire Recap 01/11/23: Season 11 Episode 11 “A Guy I Used to Know”

Tonight on NBC Chicago Fire returns with an all-new Wednesday, January 11, 2023, season 11 episode 11 called, “A Guy I Used to Know” and we have your Chicago Fire recap below. In tonight’s Chicago Fire season 11 episode 11 as per the NBC synopsis, “Firehouse 51 prepares for their semi-annual firehouse inspection. Brett fights to save her paramedicine program. Commander Martin Pearce asks Severide for a favor.

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In tonight’s Chicago Fire episode, Hermann’s wife Cindy wasn’t feeling well. She’s been battling a cough as well as a fever for a while. She wasn’t there to stay on top of the kids or the house. Something that Hermann also struggled with when he was doing it on his own. The house was looking pretty bad these days.

The kids were running wild. Hermann checked in on his wife and her condition was only getting worse. Cindy said she would see a doctor about it and Hermann believing it was just a cold had chosen to go to work. Hermann was with his crew when they were called to the scene of a bad car accident. The driver had driven his car into the house. The house caught fire. The driver was trapped in his car. And so it was only a matter of time to rescue this person before they all died in a massive fireball.

Both Kidd and Severide’s teams were called to the scene. They both went into the house. The second floor was giving way and so Carver pulled off a daring move to save Severide’s life. Severide never forgets a good dead. He commended Carver afterward and Carver said it’s what they do. Severide had thought that was the end of his day. Only it wasn’t. He and the others were due for a house inspection by Boden’s boss. They all cleaned up around the firehouse. Carver was doing more than most, but they all reassured him that the bosses were going to be swayed by a bottle of scotch and that turned out to be false.

Schafer was the guy they were expecting. He wasn’t the guy that showed up. Boden was able to ditch the scotch. He wasn’t able to ditch the proper inspection and so they all got into trouble for breaking several rules. They were later warned they had one shift to fix the problems or else they get written up.

They were just one problem with that, though. They all got pretty busy. Brett found out that her paramedicine program was being audited. Chief Hawkins went to the bat for the program when he was in charge, but now he’s dead and someone else has his job and so the program could end up getting cut.

Which no one understood because why now? Why now when the program was working? Emma stopped by the firehouse and she implied to Violet that she might have had something to do with the audit. Emma does work for Internal Affairs. She might have triggered this audit somehow. Violet assumed it was Emma’s doing after Emma came around bragging and so she warned Brett. They both said they would come up with a plan to oust Emma once and for all and before they could think something up they got called to a scene of an apparent drunk woman. The woman was in a clothing store. She was yelling at people staring at her for causing a scene.

Her name was Nora. Brett recognized her from the paramedicine program. Nora was suffering from a liver condition that caused a built-in liver and it makes her appear drunk when she was not. Brett realized Nora’s new medication wasn’t working with her. She gave her something to help. It worked in a matter of minutes and Nora thanked her once she was back to her normal self. Brett’s paramedicine program was what saved Nora from getting arrested. It also made Brett realize that she should fight for her program. She was able to convince her boss once before. She could do it again.

But she didn’t have to worry about Emma. Violet went to Hawkin’s apartment because his family was clearing of his belongings and she found his laptop. Hawkins recorded every interaction he had with Emma. It meant Violet finally had evidence to take down Emma. Violet went to Emma’s boss. She showed him the evidence. He went on to fire Emma and now Emma is completely shut out of the Fire Department.

Severide meanwhile was approached by CPD Commander Pierce. Pierce was approached by an insurance company. The company thinks Captain Tom Van Meter was dirty. He was the head of OFI. The unit that investigates arsons. Yet, he personally chose to investigate this one case that involved a high school friend of his. There was a picture of the two men together not long after Van Meter wrote off the fire as an accident. Which the insurance company was taking in as evidence against him. They went to the police and the police turned to Severide.

Pierce did Severide a favor once. He’s now expecting one in return. Severide also wasn’t allowed to turn it down. He had to investigate Van Meter and it wasn’t long before Van Meter figured it out. He found out. He questioned Severide about it. Severide came clean that he was investigating him and Van Meter was so offended that he basically called Severide a traitor. It didn’t matter that Severide was only investigating as a means of possibly clearing Van Meter’s name. Van Meter still got offended. He claimed the fire was an accident. He even said there was proof. Only the proof wasn’t in the box of evidence. It was missing.

Severide was hoping it was simply misplaced. He literally brought in the insurance investigator to help go through all the boxes of concurrent cases that might have the missing evidence and they still couldn’t find it. But then Severide checked a case from the same day of the fire. He ended up finding the missing evidence and Van Meter’s name was cleared. Van Meter even forgave Severide for investigating him.

And Hermann’s wife went to the doctor. She did a couple of tests and the tests showed Cindy has lung cancer. She’s never smoked a day in her life yet she has lung cancer.


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