Extreme Sisters Recap 03/06/23: Season 2 Episode 7 “A Tooth for a Tooth”

Tonight on TLC their fan-favorite series Extreme Sisters airs with an all-new Monday, March 6, 2023, Season 2 Episode 7 and we have your Extreme Sisters recap below. On tonight’s Extreme Sisters season, 2 episode 7 called, “A Tooth for a Tooth,” as per the TLS synopsis, “Anna and Lucy finally get surgery — with unexpected results. Jordan takes over planning Randi’s wedding.

Ashley and Vee face the biggest obstacle in their surrogacy journey, and Christina helps Jessica plan a special date with her new boyfriend.”

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In tonight’s Extreme Sisters episode, Anna and Lucy argue over who is going first at the dentist. The next day they head to the dentist. Anna goes first and then Lucy. After they go home. Anna sees the whole in her mouth and cries.

Jess and Cristina are still hoping to be pregnant at the same time. Jess has made a charcuterie board with her sister. Josh shows up. Cristina leaves. Josh looks over the food. He senses something is off. Jess brings up all the foods they are eating is good for sperm production. She then shares she wants a baby. He isn’t speaking.

Ashley gets the bill for IVF. Its 28k. She calls Vee. She tells her. Vee is shockedd. Ashley tells her she will just get a dog. Vee is annoyed. She got her whole family upset over this.

Jordan helps Randy who is sick. She drank earlier and forces herself to throw up. Jordan is grossed out. But she will take care of her sister. They sit and relax after. Jordan wants to have her wedding at their house. Jordan’s boss offered her home and its big and beautiful. Randy says she has to talk to Derek. This irritates Jordan.

Anna and Lucy tell Ben they are in pain. They have bells to call him for help. They love being pampered. They put on a face mask and do each others hair. Ben brings in two vases of flowers. Their boss and coworkers sent them. They call to say thank you. They are so touched. After the call they acknowledge that they have been doing different things at work. They need to keep moving forward. Their dad would want them too.

Jessica’s boyfriend Josh thinks she is out of her mind. She is asking for a baby because her sister is pregnant. Josh would like to talk more about it. He wants to find out more about why she wants a baby. She runs to the bathroom to tell Christina who tells her to relax and let it go for the night. Men take time to process.

Vee and Ashley meet for lunch. Vee thinks she is going to get an apology but Ashley has shut down. She repeats to Vee how she will just get a dog. Vee pushes a drink off of the table. How inconsiderate is Ashley. She was going to put herself out for all of this and now Ashley has just given up.


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