Fantasy Island Recap 03/06/23: Season 2 Episode 8 “Walk a Country Mile”

Tonight on FOX their new reboot Fantasy Island airs with an all-new Monday, March 6, 2023, episode and we have your Fantasy Island recap below. On tonight’s Fantasy Island season, 2 episode 8 called “Walk a Country Mile,” as per the FOX synopsis, “A country music star with writer’s block, Shay, fantasizes about being anonymous so she can focus on finishing her next album.

Her beleaguered assistant, Beau, is surprised when Roarke offers him a fantasy too. When their fantasies begin, Shay and Beau realize they’ve traded places: Shay is a complete unknown and Beau is the star. Javier learns something new about Helene’s life before her mother’s death.

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In tonight’s Fantasy Island episode, some guests that have special preferences. They don’t want the usual thing. They wanted something special and Shay Fury had wanted something special for her arrival. The country music superstar didn’t want to fly in like everyone else.

She instead arrived by boat because that was the only way to fit her many pieces of luggage. But Javier was still in the driver’s seat. Shay took her chance to flirt with him as much as she could. Shay was a whole lot of woman and she came to the island because her fantasy was to finally get back to her writing roots.

Shay hasn’t wrote a hit song in years. She hasn’t won a Grammy in years. Shay has lost some of her sparkle and she came to the island to get it back. Shay also thought she was prepared for anything and everything. She just wasn’t prepared for the island’s magic.

She asked for a chance to reconnect with her roots and island gave her that chance. The island took away her notoriety. She was no longer famous. Her music has all been accredited to Beau. Beau was Shay’s assistant and the magic turned him into the star.

Not that Beau was complaining. Beau was enjoying all the attention. He loved the fans coming up to him. He was so glad to step out of Shay’s shadow that some of his newfound fame went to his head. Beau started to believe he could do anything. Like put on his own concerts.

Elena later arranged for him to perform in front of everyone on the island. Beau agreed to it because he was so sure that performing wasn’t hard as Shay made it out and he became very nasty to Shay in the process. Shay had been turned into his assistant. And he didn’t treat her right.

Beau had a lot of demands. He expected Shay to treat him like he was used to treating her and that just proved how little he knew Shay. She was never a pushover. She also wasn’t going to take abuse from anyone. She came to believe that this fantasy of reconnecting with her roots wasn’t even her own anymore.

She thought she was stuck in Beau’s revenge fantasy. She would later refuse to help him preparing for his concert. He fired her. She fired him. They went their separate ways and Beau’s concert turned out to be a bust.

When the time came to perform, Beau got stage fright. He was a singer in his own right but he let his insecurities stop him from pursuing his dream and now he couldn’t get out of his head. Beau had thought that he had given up on performing. Only the island reminded him what his real dream was all along. He thought he just needed a break from getting Shay’s coffee and it turns out he wanted a chance to prove himself. He didn’t do that with the concert. He did on the other hand reminded Shay about why he has trouble performing.

Beau once performed for Shay. He wanted to become a musician and it was Shay that convinced him he didn’t have what it takes. She did that because she had been jealous of his talent. She was struggling with writing new songs when suddenly this kid comes along and he made her feel old. He made her feel like she didn’t have what it takes to stay on top. Shay didn’t remember that until she was walking past Beau’s room and she overheard him singing to himself that he was a loser. And she realized she did that to him.

Shay knocked him down to make herself feel better. But she knew she was wrong for doing that as well as many other things in her lifetime. She became a star and she forgot about other people. She shouldn’t have destroyed his dream. Shay knew that Beau could sing. She also finally remembered where she came from. She reconnected with her roots and she wrote a great new song. She just didn’t want to perform it. She asked Beau to perform the song for her. And to get him to do that, she finally apologized for the way she’s treated him.

Shay told him that he could sing and that his voice would do her song justice. Shay rehired herself as Beau’s assistant. She prepared him for his concert. And with her support, Beau was finally able to perform in front of an audience. He was a great singer. He didn’t let his doubts get in the way anymore and Shay felt better than she has in years.

Shay likes herself again. She later kissed Javier because he was the one to help her write the song. She took inspiration from him and his daughter. Javier had just learned that Helene was a champion skier. She even got a scholarship thanks to it. She had put it to the side because her mom had gotten sick and she had wanted to spend every moment with her mom before she passed. And so the scholarship was gone, but the dream remains. Javier told Helene he would pay for her to go back to school.

Helene agreed to go. She knows now that she can always return if she’s in trouble or if she just wants to see him and so she left the island with Beau and Shay. Before Helene left, she asked Elena to look after her father. She also thanked Elena for giving them room to connect because she knew the real reason why Elena walked away from Javier.


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