FBI: International Finale Recap 05/23/23: Season 2 Episode 22 “Fencing the Mona Lisa”

FBI: International Finale Recap 05/23/23: Season 2 Episode 22 "Fencing the Mona Lisa"

Tonight on CBS FBI: International airs with an all-new Tuesday, May 23, 2023 season 2 episode 22, “Fencing the Mona Lisa” and we have your FBI: International recap below. In tonight’s FBI season 2 episode 22 as per the CBS synopsis,When a Russian missile is stolen and put on the black market in Budapest, the Fly Team must secure the weapon before a mysterious American arms broker delivers it into the wrong hands, on the second season finale.

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In tonight’s FBI International episode, Special Agent Powell has a temperament problem. Kellet has noticed it. She thought it could be a problem for the team and she said as much to Forrester. She didn’t think he was a good fit for them. She also noticed his relationship with Vo. Kellet was being a bit hypocritical by complaining about the last one.

She had no right to judge seeing as she once slept with her own boss. Only Kellet nominated herself to oversee Powell. She didn’t entirely trust Forrester’s judgement on Powell because he and Powell go a long way back. She thought that same friendship had created blindspots. And she wasn’t entirely wrong.

Powell almost risked their latest case. The FBI were alerted after someone stole a nuclear warhead from the Russians. It was a new hypersonic weapon. The first of its kind. They hadn’t even gotten the chance to test it out yet when someone paid for an armed group to steal it. The same person was also having a hard time in selling it. There weren’t a lot of people willing to tick off the Russians to get the weapon. It was a short list and Kellet was assigned to go talk to her contacts in the city about it.

Budapest was the hub for all illegal arms. They all knew that the weapon would have to pass through the city before anyone potentially buys it. Kellet took Powell with her when she spoke to her contact. She was gently asking questions while he was threatening the man. He ticked off the man’s bodyguard.

He almost got them thrown out. Kellet later had to explain to him that he was a hammer. He thought every problem could be demolished when sometimes it requires finesse. They still got their information. It just wasn’t because of him.

They found out that the weapon was in the process of being sold. It was being sold to Yusuf Sydin. He was a terrorism financier. He loves helping terrorists pull off their biggest hits and he wanted that nuclear warhead. He usually sends someone to handle his situation. According to the black market, he was coming to Budapest himself.

The FBI were looking for him when they accidentally found his broker. Her name is Olivia Thornton. They thought she could be a witness and they brought her in for questioning when she accidentally lied to the FBI.

Lying to the FBI is a federal offence. They caught her in the lie and then they tested her for radioactivity. She was lighting up on their machine. She had been near the warhead and they later learned that she has been an illicit arms broker for the past twenty years. She hid her activities by pretending to be a travel blogger. She would visit countries right before attacks and no one noticed because she was a blond blue-eyed white woman. And people tend to be racists by thinking of their terrorists as only Middle Eastern.

This oversight allowed for Olivia to get very rich from selling weapons. She was the middle man between those selling the nuke and Yusuf. The FBI also found her weakness to force her into cooperation. They found out Olivia has a six year old son named David. David was growing up in Budapest with her dad. Most people didn’t know that his mother was a crook. Olivia tried to get a deal for herself that would allow her to gain custody of her son and start over in Denmark only they don’t give full immunity to terrorists.

They used that little boy to get her to tell them about this deal. She said the weapon was in transportation. It was being brought to Budapest. She also told them about the meeting with Yusuf. Olivia doesn’t introduce both sides to each other until the money goes through. Olivia flipped on Yusuf which allowed them to catch Yusuf. They didn’t get all of his people, but they did get him. Yusuf then made a deal for himself. He paid for the warhead to get the seller to let it go. The team later got the warhead and transferred it to an American army base.

It will not be returned to the Russians. It would instead be studied so that the Americans could replicate the weapon. Powell showed Kellet that he was great in the field thanks to him saving her life when they recovered the missile. He showed that he was more than a hammer. Only the Americans didn’t think they could bring Yusuf to trial. He spoke to Olivia in code. She was the only witness they had against him and so safeguarding her had been important. They were moving her out of their offices when a bomb went off.

Raines was outside when it happened. He doesn’t know if his team got out in time or if Olivia survived the bombing. He just knows that the case against Yusuf goes up in smoke if everyone was dead.