FBI: Most Wanted Recap 02/28/23: Season 4 Episode 14 “Wanted: America”

FBI: Most Wanted Recap 02/28/23: Season 4 Episode 14 "Wanted: America"

Tonight on CBS FBI Most Wanted airs with an all-new Tuesday, February 28, 2023 season 4 episode 14, “Wanted: America,” and we have your FBI Most Wanted recap below. In tonight’s FBI Most Wanted season 4 episode 12 as per the CBS synopsis, “When a rising star triathlete is found violently murdered, the team chases after one of her teammates and his girlfriend. Also, Remy reunites with a true crime show producer from his past

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Tonight’s episode begins with Sparrow May who was found murdered in her home. She was a young woman. She was a rising star in the triathlon world. She was also stabbed repeatedly till her killer struck bone. Remy took one look at the crime scene and he thought it was rage driven. He thought someone spent Sparrow’s final hours being angry with her. He wanted to know who would do that, but he came across two viable suspects. There was Sparrow’s boyfriend, Colby. Colby didn’t believe in monogamy. He practices open relationships and so he was in a relationship with both Sparrow and with Mavis. And with minutes of Sparrow dying, there was a bunch of women messaging Colby to go on a date.

Colby was scum. There was no doubt about it and yet the feds didn’t think he’d kill Sparrow. He would have just left her if the relationship wasn’t working for him. He wouldn’t have had to kill her. Mavis on the other hand would kill Sparrow. Mavis was the jealous time. She once threatened to kill Sparrow if she didn’t leave Colby alone. Colby says she’s always had a temper and that she wasn’t happy with him on the night Sparrow died because Colby had been with Sparrow. They hung out together.

Colby drove Sparrow home. He left after that point and so naturally everyone wanted to know where Mavis was during the murder window. Mavis wasn’t at her apartment. Her family were claiming they haven’t seen her. None of them liked Colby. They claimed that Colby was abusive. They tried to claim that he killed Sparrow and no one was buying that. Colby for one had come to them to talk. It was Mavis who was on the run. Mavis’s family was helping her. Her sister hid her at a surfing board shop. And Mavis felt comfortable there.

Perhaps too comfortable. Mavis grabbed a board and she was going surfing when one of the other surfers recognized her and so she was forced to kill that guy to stop from reporting her. She went back on the run with her family’s help after that. She was going to lay low at a cabin in the woods while they dealt with evading police. The police got a warrant for Mavis’s sister’s place. They had to after finding a body two blocks away. They went to the place and they found Sparrow’s towel with blood all over it. Mavis had apparently grabbed it to wipe her hands. And some of her blood was on the towel too.

Mavis had cut herself when she attacked Sparrow. She really was the killer. The feds didn’t need any more evidence after they eventually found the murder weapon hidden in the toilet. The sister had never seen it before. Mavis had simply planted it and walked away. Mavis didn’t care who in the family she was hurting by going on the run. Her father reminded them that it was their job to love and support Mavis no matter what. This included her uncle that was a cop. He was going to assist them with getting Mavis a new passport.

Mavis’s dad dropped her off on the Appalachian trail. Mavis hiked it as far as she could when she fell and needed help. So, that’s when she called a friend to come get her. Then to make matters worse there was a film crew looking for Mavis. They wanted to break the story about her murdering her love rival and going on the run. Remy decided to work with the filming crew because he thought that would bring more eyes and they could cover more ground on the trail. They found out about the trail because Mavis wrote about walking the Appalachian trail.

There was a cute story about it on her social media. Mavis was happy in the woods and so the FBI tried to track her down by visiting known spots she likes. They were looking for her around the same time she was looking for help. Mavis’s friend that she called was in fact her ex-girlfriend. The ex was mad that Mavis left her for Colby. She now has Mavis chained to a bed so that she couldn’t leave her again and so Mavis became a hostage. Someone that the feds had to rescue. This became especially true after Mavis lashed out against her captor.

Mavis hit her ex. She ran away and she was hobbling away while her ex was shooting at her when the feds intervened. The feds were forced to kill the ex-girlfriend. And Mavis was both rescued as well as arrested.

And Remy got a date with someone from the filming crew.