Fire Country Finale Recap 05/19/23: Season 1 Episode 22 “I Know It Feels Impossible”

Tonight on CBS their new show inspired by series Star Max Thieriot’s experiences Growing Up in Northern California Fire Country airs with an all-new Friday, May 19, 2023, episode, and we have your Fire Country recap below. On tonight’s Fire Country season 1 episode 22 called “I Know It Feels Impossible,” as per the CBS synopsis, “The station 42 and Three Rock crews are called to a backfire started by a private firefighting company to protect a high-end winery but instead threatens to grow out of control.

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Bode’s drug test came back positive. Manny was so disappointed in him. Manny wouldn’t listen to Bode as Bode tried to explain that Sleeper was somehow sabotaging him. He said that there was no way an inmate could orchestrate a state drug test. He also reminded Bode that time and time again he put his own reputation on the line by trying to protect him. But Manny ultimately believed that Bode took the drugs. Manny thought that because he once told his little girl that the money she was saving up for had been stolen by someone who broke into the house. And really it was actually Manny who stole the money because he was essentially a bad guy at the height of his addiction.

Manny said that Bode was like him. He said the Sleeper story sounded farfetched. He used what happened with himself and his daughter to say the simplest reasons are usually the right one. But Bode’s parole hearing wasn’t cancelled because of a bad drug test. The parole board wants him to explain why he was using again. It didn’t matter that he wasn’t using. Bode was a known drug addict. They all were going to believe he was using. The one person he could depend on was Freddy. Freddy knew for a fact that Bode was clean.

He was at the Fire Camp before as well as after Sleeper. He knew that Bode had never touched drugs. Bode was serious about staying clean. It was other guys at the camp that hadn’t taken their time there as seriously. Freddy and Bode were talking about it and they think his urine sample was swapped out with someone else’s at the camp. They just have to find someone they know should have tested dirty, but who got a clean bill back. They were discussing it when their unit got called to the scene of a massive mudslide.

The mudslide took out a bunch of vacation homes on the mountain. One of those rentals held Freddy’s family. Freddy’s fiancé Cookie had come with their baby daughter Janey a day early. Cookie and Freddy were getting married. They both know that he will probably serve his full sentence for the remaining two years. They wanted to get married now so that they could at least enjoy conjugal visits. Cookie came up with her best friend Eloisa. She was trying on her wedding dress when the mudslide hit.

Cookie saw the mudslide coming. She tried to run for the baby and that was the last her friend Eloisa saw of them. Eloisa was rescued from the mudslide first. She saw Freddy with the firefighters and she ran to him to tell him about his family. Freddy then began to panic. He told Bode about it. Bode forgot about his own problems to help him look for his girl and daughter. Bode had told his loved ones about testing dirty. Gabriella believed him in an instant. His parents hadn’t wanted to believe him. They thought his addiction was acting up again.

Then Sharon had a medical situation. She needed to be taken to the hospital. Her kidney situation was getting worse and she thankfully doesn’t have to wait around for a kidney. Her brother-in-law was a match. Luke got tested the same time as everyone else. He didn’t tell anyone because he was persona non grata at the time with his family. He tried to make a move on Sharon and he got ostracized for a while. Only Luke heard that Sharon wasn’t doing too well. He contacted her to tell her that he was a match. And she told him she wouldn’t accept a kidney with strings.

Luke said the kidney donation wouldn’t come with strings. He fully prepared to donate. Vince was just so happy to learn his wife was getting a kidney that he forgave Luke for everything. Vic was hugging his brother when Freddy found his family. Cookie had protected the baby. The baby was rushed to the hospital with Eloisa. They had to dig out Cookie because the lower half of her body was buried in the soil. Then a second mudslide came. Bode and Freddy rushed to save Cookie and they kept her safe when the second one hit.

They got treatment. Bode also showed that he was a good guy. Bode was contacted by a State Attorney right before his parole hearing. She said she knew that he got rid of Sleeper because he was running a rival drug ring and he wanted to get rid of the competition. She said she wouldn’t let Freddy out of prison until he owes up to taking drugs. Bode wanted to protect his friend and so he lied. He pretended he did take drugs. He went back to prison and his own family was shocked to hear his confession. Bode told them to forget about him.

And Freddy was let out of prison, but he knew that someone got to Bode and he was going to keep fighting for his friend. Also, Jake heard something. Jake heard from Bode’s ex-girlfrined that she had a baby when she was nineteen that her mother passed off as her sister. Her little “sister” could be Bode’s. She doesn’t know for sure.


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