Fire Country Recap 03/10/23: Season 1 Episode 16 “My Kinda Leader”

Tonight on CBS their new show inspired by series Star Max Thieriot’s experiences Growing Up in Northern California Fire Country airs with an all-new Sunday, March 10, 2023, episode, and we have your Fire Country recap below.

On tonight’s Fire Country season 1 episode 16 called “False Promises,” as per the CBS synopsis, “When a massive and unpredictable wildfire breaks out in neighboring Drake Country, the station 42 and third rock crews are called to help aid in the rescue efforts.”

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In tonight’s Fire Country episode Rebecca’s death hit everyone hard. Bode became angry after she died. He wanted someone to blame and the best person to blame was the captain. Their captain wasn’t there that day. Manny was out working a second job and Eve was injured from another firefighting crew’s mistake.

Rebecca was both heroic and victim of the day. She didn’t deserve to die. According to Bode, she wouldn’t have had to die at all if Manny had been there. Manny could have forced them to all step up because without him the others in fire camp refused to do their jobs. And often fell on Bode to step up where they failed.

But he lost a friend by trying to step up. He was in charge and he couldn’t keep Rebecca safe. He now doesn’t want to write a eulogy because he doesn’t think he’s worthy of that honor. He thought Manny should write it instead. He thinks Manny should be the only one in charge because no one dies on his watch and Bode couldn’t say the same. Bode has now lost two people on the job. He wasn’t sure if he could keep doing the job. He was feeling done when he met someone who lit a fire under him.

Bode was one of the people that got called to the scene of a huge fire in another country. The fire camp was just supposed to assist with putting out the fire before it spread to the town. It was there that Bode met someone who tested his patience. The other man was a fire superintendent for that county.

He also told Bode he didn’t want to work with another Leone because the last one cut and ran when the going was getting tough. This superintendent said that other Leone was Vince. Bode’s father. Bode was fourth generation California Fire and he didn’t want this superintendent to see him retreat.

Bode wanted to stay on the scene. He wanted to stay even as it was risking firefighters. There was one firefighter that got swept away by the wind because he was harnessed to the tent they put up. They had to run after that guy. They freed him from being strangled to death by the harness.

At this point, the superintendent in charge demanded that they start to move closer to the fire. Manny as a fire captain spoke against this. He said that was unnecessarily dangerous. He said the superintendent had something to prove. And he wasn’t going to jeopardize fire camp.

Manny took his team and they left. They weren’t going to go running into the fire in order to try divert it away from the town. Only Manny allowed Bode to stay. Bode needed to work through something and so he stayed with the crazy superintendent. Bode wanted to save the prison that was in the fire’s direction. He knew that his father and friends were at that prison. They were trying to evacuate the building. And they were forced to administer first aide after a prison riot broke out that strapped everybody inside.

Vince, Eve, and Jake were all trapped inside of the prison. The fires outside was getting closer. The prisoners inside were getting antsy. The prisoners started stabbing people and the firefighters were short on supplies. Vince needed to get the prisoners to calm down. He decided to go talk to the shot callers. He went to the secure wing. He had security open their cells. He then asked if they could talk from one leader to another leader. Vince’s sole objective was to save lives. He didn’t want anyone dying in the fire.

Bode wanted the same. However, Bode wanted to stay with the crazy people because he wanted to prove that Leones don’t run. He also wanted to save the town before the fire could reach it. Bode was already someone that struggles with a hero complex, only it’s gotten worse since Rebecca’s death and now he was risking die if it meant he saved someone. It wasn’t until later that Bode realized he went too far in a bid to save lives. He remembered he didn’t want to die and he realized his father chose retreat to save lives.

Bode walked away from that situation when it was getting too much. He followed his dad’s lead. His father meanwhile got the shot callers to suspend their gang war. They all went peaceful to the vans and the prison was evacuated. But the fire itself seemed to be a string of fires caused by a serial arsonists. The arson investigator believed it was started by someone under Vince’s command. And so Sharon tried to hide this information when they later went to the wake for Rebecca and Bode chose to give an eulogy.

Sharon put two and two together. She believes Jake is the serial arsonist. She probably also remembers when Jake sent fire to his room as a kid because he wanted to be the one to save the house. And so she believes his hero complex was now causing him to spread fires just so he could be the one to put them out.

Sharon told Manny, but she mostly wanted to bury this evidence because she loves Jake like another son.


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