Fire Country Recap 03/31/23: Season 1 Episode 17 “A Cry for Help”

Tonight on CBS their new show inspired by series Star Max Thieriot’s experiences Growing Up in Northern California Fire Country airs with an all-new Sunday, March 31, 2023, episode, and we have your Fire Country recap below.

On tonight’s Fire Country season 1 episode 17 called “A Cry for Help,” as per the CBS synopsis, “An internal investigator suspects Jake of being the serial arsonist setting recent fires, so Bode and the crew take it upon themselves to investigate.”

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In tonight’s Fire Country Jane was suspected of arson. There was even an arson investigator from Cal Fire that was sniffing around. Erika Snow was collecting evidence and she believes the evidence point towards Jake as being a serial arsonist. Only she told Sharon about her suspicions. She was hoping Sharon would be impartial.

Sharon chose to go another way because she was really close to Jake. She saw him as another son. His mom was her bets friend. He almost gave her a kidney of all things. She didn’t want to believe he was troubled or that he willfully hurt people.

Sharon just knew he wouldn’t have done this. She was so sure that she set out to investigate the arsons herself. She roped in Manny to help. Manny told her that they had to tell Vince.

Sharon hadn’t wanted to and there was a reason for that because she knew what Vince would say. She knew Vince would wait for an official investigation before making an opinion. Vince still found out about her secret investigation because of something Jake said. Vince became suspicious something was up after he noticed that Jake wasn’t at his best. And so he tried to talk to Jake about it.

Jake has taken to being very cryptic lately. Vince went home to talk about it with Sharon when he overheard her discussing the investigation with Manny and he drew his opinion. Vince busted them.

Manny was relieved and Sharon feared what he had to say. Sharon and Vince have been married a long time. She knew that Vince would remember what she did. Vince told her he didn’t think Jake was innocent like she did. He remembers that Jake had started a fire as a kid that both he and his wife had covered up because they thought it was an accident.

They hadn’t wanted the fire to affect his future, but Vince was now looking back at that encounter. He wonders if they did the right thing because that fire could have just been Jake starting out his career as an arsonist. If they had been honest from the beginning, Jake would never have gotten a job with CalFire.

He might not have fallen in love with fires and he could have gotten a different job. A job that wasn’t potentially as triggering as being a firefighter. Vince said everything he was thinking to Sharon and she did her best to dismiss him.

Sharon didn’t want to hear what her husband had to stay. She instead continued to investigate Jake. She later asked him why he had visited a town that day. She thought Jake would tell her everything and, for some strange reason, Jake hadn’t wanted to tell her why he was in that particular town on the day of a fire. He chose to make excuses rather than tell the truth. He wouldn’t talk to anyone and that included his best friends. Bode took a work job at the fire station. He hadn’t heard from Jake since the kidney donation fell through and he was worried about him.

Bode was there when Erika Snow came by. She told everyone that she was investigating a serial arsonist and Jake freaked out because he realized just then why Sharon has been asking all these questions lately. Jake made a huge scene in front of everyone. He shouted his innocence for all to hear. He got mad at everyone for not automatically believing him and they all have a reason to doubt him. Eve was his best friend and he never told her about Riley. She had to wait for Bode to return to them in order to learn the truth.

Bode was once Jake’s best friend. He never knew that Jake set a fire as a kid. Erika knew before he did. Erika learned about it from Collin O’Reilly. He was the probie that was working with Gabriella. Collin had also bonded with Jake because they supposedly both lost their dads young. Colin claimed to be the son of Kirk O’Reilly. Kirk used to work with Bode’s parents and so Bode thought it was odd that he had never heard about Collin prior to Collin joining CalFire. Bode began looking into Colin once he learned that Colin had ratted Jake out.

Bode told Manny. Manny contacted a buddy in the police force and it was later revealed that Colin O’Reilly was in fact Alex Shawcross. He was the serial arsonist. He’s been trying to frame Jake for his crimes and so Bode’s instincts were on point. Bode and the others had been called out to the scene of a large fire. It was Alex’s car that exploded. His private car that he drove to the scene and that had so much flammable material in it that when the fire spread to his car – it exploded. And so Alex was eventually arrested by the firefighters.

They detained him until the police showed up to officially arrest him. Erika’s investigation had also led back to Alex and so there was plenty of evidence to get him locked away. Although, it still didn’t answer the question on what Jake was doing in Drake County. Jake still refuses to tell either Sharon or Vince. He only told Bode because Bode was the only one to ask him why he set the fire all those years ago. Jake had set a fire as an eleven year old because he found out his father had fathered a child with his affair partner and he couldn’t do anything about it because his father not long after he found out the truth.

Jake was visiting his half-brother in Drake County on the day of that fire. He could no longer donate his own kidney. He thought his half-brother might be a match for Sharon and so he was trying to help Sharon by reopening old wounds. And Sharon still suspected him by asking him all those questions.

Jake could see that both Sharon and Vince had suspected him of being the aronist and that broke his heart.


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