Fire Country Recap 04/21/23: Season 1 Episode 19 “Watch Your Step”

Tonight on CBS their new show inspired by series Star Max Thieriot’s experiences Growing Up in Northern California Fire Country airs with an all-new Friday, April 21, 2023, episode, and we have your Fire Country recap below.

On tonight’s Fire Country season 1 episode 19 called “Watch Your Step,” as per the CBS synopsis, “The station 42 crew responds to an out-of-control blaze at a wellness retreat, and the third rock crew tries to protect one of their own from a dangerous overdose.

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In tonight’s Fire Country episode, an old face from prison joined Fire Camp. His nickname was Sleeper. He purposely got Bode drugs in prison and it took Bode a long time to get clean again. Bode saw Sleeper as trouble. He couldn’t understand how a drug dealer got in Fire Camp. He also tried to warn Freddie about him.

He told him that Sleeper’s favors don’t come free. Sleeper offered to get Freddie quality time with his baby girl and that sounded great, but what does he want in return? Bode was feeling off just being around the guy. Freddie was also a friend and that’s why Bode said something. And unfortunately Freddie didn’t take the warning.

Freddie said their situations were different. Bode was most likely getting paroled in a month. Freddie didn’t have that and his one chance at getting out of prison earlier than planned had died.

Rebecca had died. Freddie knew he has to play nice with someone as influential as Sleeper. He told Bode as much only Bode was still worried for him. Bode saw Sleeper give one of the younger guys a book. He gave Troy a book he claimed would help. Bode checked that book when they were leaving the camp. He saw that drugs had once been hidden inside.

Bode also saw that the drugs had been taken out. He would later find Troy vomiting. Troy had been clean for so long that the reintroduction of drugs had upset his system and Bode just knew Sleeper was behind this.

Not that Freddie wanted to hear it. Freddie told Bode that they couldn’t tell anyone about the drugs because everyone with a drug arrest might get sent back to prison. He asked Bode to keep the drugs quiet. Troy asked for the same. Tory was on the young side. He couldn’t handle prison again and so Bode would be helping him by staying silent.

Except there was one person that Bode just had to tell. He had to tell Gabriella. He confided in her that drugs were found at the camp and she told him that he should tell her dad.

Gabriella thought Manny could do something if a new recruit was toxic. Bode on the other hand didn’t want to get anyone in trouble and it was a bit hard to do with Freddie cozying up to the guy. Freddie made sure to partner up with Sleeper. He stayed on Sleeper’s best side. Everyone was noticing that Sleeper had become his new BFF.

It was like Freddie was intentionally ignoring everything he ever said about Sleeper. Sleeper was also rubbing what he did in Bode’s face. Bode had privately confronted him about giving Troy drugs and Sleeper reminded him that he’s only been at the camp a day. This was supposed to Bode’s camp with Bode’s guys. Bode was also an addict. Sleeper said Bode could be blamed for the drugs at the camp seeing as it happened on his watch. And that forced Bode to stay silent for now because he couldn’t risk any of guys getting sent back to prison.

Bode and everyone later got called to a scene of a massive root fire. A root fire was when a massive inferno happened underground. It happened at a wellness camp that was supposed to teach women how to empower themselves, but the walking on coals portion ended up causing a massive fire underground. There was one woman who went on a nature walk before the root fire happened. She almost died coming back to the camp and so the firefighters had to rescue her.

The fire camp was supposed to assist with this fire. Only Troy took a turn for the worse. He became lethargic. He couldn’t stand upright. Bode tried everything to help him push through the high and he had Gabriella to help him. They tried everything for Troy. They were about to give up when suddenly Troy was feeling better after seeing Sleeper. Sleeper probably gave him more drugs to deal with the hangover. Body didn’t see him do it and Tory wasn’t talking only Freddie soon went up to Sleeper and he said everyone deserves a second chance.

Freddie struck a deal with Sleeper. Freddie would get to see his family more. Sleeper was keeping the price of that quiet for now and so Bode told Freddie he was on his own. They were done. Bode has to worry about keeping everyone else safe from Sleeper. He claimed he couldn’t waste energy on a guy that didn’t want help. They created a scene when they broke up. Manny saw it. He tried to get the low down from Gabriella and she claimed not to know what it was about. And so Gabriella got mad at herself for lying to her dad.

Gabrielle wants to be with Bode. She just doesn’t know if she could handle all these gray areas. She told Bode that she didn’t like lying to her dad and so Bode told her that he would never bring her in on Fire Camp business again. He said he’ll handle it himself from now on. Only Gabriella had a friend from her Olympics days in town. She talked to her buddy about all of her problems and she was able to put all the baggage to the side.

Eve was learning to do the same. She’s struggling with PTSD because of Rebecca’s death and her therapy sessions weren’t really helping her. She needed her best friend back. And so she made up with Jake because she really misses him and together they found out that Rebecca really was talking to the Innocent Project for Freddie.

As for Freddie, he didn’t really break up with Bode. They were secretly getting dirt on Sleeper to send him back to prison and Sleeper admitted to Freddie that he gave Troy an upper to get him back on his feet. But their secret investigation was reliant on several things. It could all fall apart if Sleeper realizes they were playing him.


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