Fire Country Recap 05/05/23: Season 1 Episode 20 “At the End of My Rope”

Tonight on CBS their new show inspired by series Star Max Thieriot’s experiences Growing Up in Northern California Fire Country airs with an all-new Friday, May 5, 2023, episode, and we have your Fire Country recap below.

On tonight’s Fire Country season 1 episode 20 called “At the End of My Rope,” as per the CBS synopsis, “The station 42 and third rock crews respond to a deadly explosion at an abandoned mine. Meanwhile, Bode faces a difficult decision that could have serious consequences.

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In tonight’s Fire Country episode, Sleeper was a problem. He came to Fire Camp to be a problem. He wanted revenge against Bode. Bode was once his right-hand man at the prison. They used to run things together. He did everything that Sleeper had ever asked of him and then one day they fell out.

Maybe it had something to do with Bode finally getting clean. Bode is a drug addict. It’s taken him years to get clean and Sleeper had been a problem with that as well. Sleeper used to provide him drugs. He’s now providing those same drugs to his fellow prisoners at the Fire Camp. And he’s rebuilding his own crew.

Fire Camp was doing so well before his arrival. They were all getting better. They were all saving lives and then Sleeper comes in with a bit of heroin and it’s like they no longer cared about getting early parole.

They were just letting Sleeper risk their freedom. Their lives. He quickly took over and there was nothing Bode could do about it. Bode’s plan with Freddy wasn’t working because Sleeper knows him too well. He knew Freddy was spying on him. He was simply letting them think that they had one over him when the whole time he was playing them.

The moment that Bode got in his face had spelled the end of Sleeper toying with Freddy. Bode tried to convince Sleeper to stop peddling in drugs. Sleeper then said that he was willing to revoke all the new privileges that he brought in and that included the phone call that Freddy has every night with his baby girl.

Sleeper also decided to be a pain on calls. He could see that Bode was taking firefighting seriously. Its why he set out to ruin it. Sleeper never learned how to use a chainsaw and he still took it from a more experienced person at fire camp because he wanted to test Bode.

Bode tried to stop him. Sleeper retaliated by cutting him with the chainsaw. Bode had needed medical attention and he was being seen to by Gabriella as Sleeper was quickly developing a name for himself.

Sleeper has already had Bode beaten up by his new crew. He wanted to take over. He didn’t care that he didn’t have the experience or that lives were on the line. He wanted to destroy everything around Bode for their falling out. He also threatened Bode’s loved ones if Bode even thinks of snitching to Manny.

Only Bode told Gabriella a little about what’s going on. He didn’t tell her much because he promised to keep her out of prison politics. He just told her that there were drugs at the camp and so she said that he has to focus on getting out. Getting paroled. She wanted him to stop thinking like a convict and he tried to do that. He tried to walk a middle path. He asked Manny when was the last time they had been drug tested? It’s been a while because those tests are expensive. Manny wouldn’t normally authorize payment for it if he didn’t suspect something and so Bode had him suspecting something.

Manny ordered for the Fire Camp to be drug tested on their return to the camp. It was going to be a surprise test. Bode technically didn’t snitch on anyone even if he was walking a fine line with that. He went with the others to Fire Camp and the other firefighters stayed behind. They went to go save some girls scouts that got trapped in a mine. The mine used to be a gold mine over a hundred years ago. The girls were probably just exploring. They got lost in there and then the mine began to cave in.

Vince’s family was in town for a visit. His father needed convincing to get a hip replacement. He’s been suffering nasty falls. He was also bit of a jerk. He liked setting his sons against each other and he used to be a firefighter. He knew those mines. He said there was a back exit where the miners used to escape for a smoke break. It’s been a few years since he was a firefighter and so unfortunately he didn’t know that back exit had been sealed up with concrete. Sharon had to direct firefighters to that area to tear it down so that they could rescue the girls.

Jake and Eve had gone into the cave after the girls. The cave sealed itself up after they went in and that’s why they needed another way out, but their only way out would to use some old dynamite to get past the concrete wall. The girls all needed medical treatment. There was one that went into diabetic shock. The dynamite became their last resort. They blew a hole through the concrete and they rescued those girls. And Sharon later went to her father-in-law’s beside to yell at him because she found out what he said to his son.

He threw the fact that Vince cheated back in Vince’s face. Vince had just lost a daughter. He went to his father for comfort and his father took him to a bar to get drunk every night until Vince ended up kissing a stranger. It was just a kiss. Vince told Sharon about it right away. She forgave him and she was tired of Walter throwing that in Vince’s face. Walter was particularly mean whenever his sons messed up. He stopped loving them if they weren’t perfect and that stunted both of his sons. Vince was afraid of making a mistake. His brother Luke was afraid to take risk in case of a mistake.

It’s why Luke never got married or had kids. Walter messed up his kids. Sharon was there to tell him he doesn’t get to do that anymore.

And Sleeper tried to plant the drugs on Freddy but Bode found them and he finally went to Manny with them. He told Manny that Sleeper has been bringing in drugs. Sleeper was arrested. He was sent back to prison. Sleeper’s final words to Bode was that he was going to get revenge. It thankfully wasn’t going to fall back on Freddy because Eve was one step closer to finding evidence that proves him innocent of the crime he’s charged with.


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