Fire Country Recap 05/12/23: Season 1 Episode 21 “Backfire”

Tonight on CBS their new show inspired by series Star Max Thieriot’s experiences Growing Up in Northern California Fire Country airs with an all-new Friday, May 12, 2023, episode, and we have your Fire Country recap below. On tonight’s Fire Country season 1 episode 21 called “Backfire,” as per the CBS synopsis, “The station 42 and Three Rock crews are called to a backfire started by a private firefighting company to protect a high-end winery but instead threatens to grow out of control.

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In tonight’s Fire Country episode, Manny was going to take a job with Nozzle. His girlfriend had convinced him it was the best decision for his career. He gets to choose his own hours. He’ll get the very best equipment that money has to buy. It also allows him the chance of bringing in his own people.

Manny has been running the fire camp for a while and he wants to hire many of the ex-cons he helped train. He wanted to help them start over. Like he did. Manny has been where they are. He knows how much a second chance will mean to them and what’s stopping their progress was Sleeper. The fire camp hasn’t been the same since Sleeper’s time there.

Sleeper was a virus. He infected everything. He came in with drugs and privileges. He offered the prisoners their greatest dream. It didn’t matter that it would affect their parole or that they might get sent back to prison for testing dirty. Sleeper offered them status. They got used to that rather fast.

They wanted to throw their lives away to follow him and they hated that Bode broke the chief rule. Bode ratted them out. Bode told Manny to test them. Bode told Manny that Sleeper had drugs. Sleeper was sent back to prison only the damage he caused was there even after he left.

Some of the other prisoners turned against Bode. They messed up his bunk with cheese. They said rats like cheese. Bode tried to remind them that they were brothers before Sleeper arrived. He said they couldn’t risk jeopardizing lives by being high on drugs and all the hard work was undone when they went to a fire in wine country.

Nozzle had started a fire to protect their client’s vineyard. They didn’t care about anyone else’s vineyard. They only tried to protect the people that hired them. CalFire showed up to deal with the problem and the fire was more than they could handle on their own.

They called in the fire camp. They arrived not long after Manny’s girlfriend Faye revealed Manny was coming to work for Nozzle. She also told Sharon and Vince that Manny was bringing along Bode.

The couple initially wanted to offer Bode a chance at working for CalFire. Only it would take months to go through while Bode’s parole hearing was in two days. He needed a legit job offer to show the parole board that he was serious about turning his life around. Nozzle offers him that. Bode hadn’t accepted the job offer. He needed time to think about it and so Faye was just stirring up trouble.

Faye had overheard the firefighters call her the Head Nozzle. She got offended. She then tried to rub their noses in her success by mentioning that even their own son wanted to work for her. And that their best guy was coming with him. Manny hadn’t told the Leones that he was leaving. He said nothing about offering Bode a job offer. Only news of Bode’s possible new job had gotten out. The other prisoners claimed that Bode was trying to look good for his fancy new job and that was the only reason he was taking this firefighting business so seriously.

They also mentioned escaping. They talked about it out in the open. They said they couldn’t make it if they go back to prison and then someone mentioned that there were no fences at the fire camp or at the vineyard. Manny had wanted to leave them behind. Bode vouched for them. He convinced Manny to let the guys come along and they hadn’t liked it when they heard about his job offer. Then they were separated during all the chaos at the vineyards. The fire was spreading. Nozzle also accidentally created more fire by cutting down power lines.

In amidst all the chaos, three of the prisoners went missing. Freddy told Manny that they were talking of escape. Manny had ordered all the prisoners to return to the truck. It was just Bode that wouldn’t believe those prisoners went on the run. He instead checked nearby fires. He saw that someone’s home was coming under risk from the fire. Bode ran in there with just Freddy as his backup and they found the missing prisoners. They were all trying to protect people. Bode had been right about them.

They saved a family from a burning home. Then it started to rain. The rain dealt with the rest of the fires and Manny realized he wasn’t Nozzle material. He turned down the job offer. Faye became so upset that she ended things with him. She has never judged him, but she felt like he was judging her by passing on Nozzle. It also didn’t help that Bode had also passed on Nozzle. Bode wanted to work for CalFire and he was willing to wait for it to get the job. And a man later died at Smokey’s when Gabriella was there.

Gabriella tried to offer first aide. It sadly wasn’t enough to save the man. It made her realize she wasn’t happy and she didn’t want to wait for happiness. She snuck into the fire camp. She found a room alone with Bode. And they celebrated being alive, but later Manny told Bode that he tested dirty. Sleeper had somehow drugged him and Bode could go back to prison now.

And Freddy wasn’t getting out any time soon. Eve has found concrete evidence proving he didn’t commit the crime he was locked up for and the lawyer said that he wouldn’t be released for at least two years because of a backlog.


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