Masterchef Recap 05/31/23 Season 13 Episode 2 “Regional Auditions – The Midwest”

Tonight on FOX Gordon Ramsay’s Masterchef returns with an all-new episode on Wednesday, May 31, 2023, season 13 episode 2 called “Regional Auditions – The Midwest,” and we have your weekly Masterchef recap below. On tonight’s Masterchef episode as per the FOX synopsis, “Former MasterChef Judge Graham Elliot Joins as Guest Judge. The auditions continue as chefs from the Midwest battle it out for a coveted spot in the top 20.

Each contestant has 45 minutes to prepare a signature dish that impresses the judges in order to continue on in the competition

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Tonight’s Masterchef episode begins with regional auditions in the Midwest where more chefs are hoping to get a coveted spot in the top 20. Each chef has 45 minutes to prepare a signature dish that impresses judges Gordan Ramsey, Aarón Sánchez, Joe Bastianich and guest judge Graham Elliot.

So far, five aprons have been given out to chefs from the North East. Only a select few from the Midwest will receive an apron. Graham wants the chefs to stand but be true to themselves, and do not let he Midwest down.

Grant, 32, from Altoona, IA, a Brewery Sales Director. He is making a Roasted Sweet Corn Agnolotti with a Lemon Chai Butter Sauce. His dream is to open his own restaurant in his home town.

Gordon loves the shape of the pasta and the caramelized corn. Joe says he incorporated the butter wrong with the lemon, there is a technique with a microplaner. So, he is in a tough spot, he is a stickler for techniques, he says no. Aarón thinks he has done superior work with other elements and gives him a yes. Gordon says technically it is beautiful, he gives him a yes. Graham it is hard to look past there are only a couple things going on in the plate, one of them the technique of the sauce and it failed. Graham says yes, Grant gets his apron.

Sarah, 32, from Springfield, MO, a Social Media Manager has been a stay at home mom for five years. She is making Springfield-Style Cashew Chicken and Fried Rice. She is looking at impressing Graham the most.

Graham says visually it is nice, but what it lacks in visual excitement he hopes comes out in the flavour. Graham says the fried rice is interesting, and the chicken is not oily or greasy, he is a yes. Aarón agrees with Graham. Gordon says the sauce is so bland, there is no acidity, no heat. Under the chicken there is a pool of sauce that makes the chicken soggy, he is not a fan and he is a no. Joe says yes, she got an apron.

Kevin, 29, from Detroit Michigan, a former Insurance Clerk who is making Fried Cauliflower Taco and Avocado Cream with Fire Roasted Tomato Unesco Sauce and a fresh Tortillas.

Graham loves it but thought the cauliflower was a too big, so he gives a no. Aarón says he is good at making flavours but he is disappointed with the manufacturing of the tortillas, it is a no from him. Gordon tells him to come back next year, he can taste his passion in the food.

Kevin thinks he choose the wrong dish and promises to return next year, choose the right one and get an apron.

Yomira made Homemade Pasta with Fresh Tomato Sauce. Graham says for so little going on, it better pop. Aarón says for something so simple, there is a lot sadly that is going on wrong. Gordon says it is a gallant effort. No apron for her.

Marquela says she has her heart and her home on the plate. She made a Filet Mignon with Mashed Potatoes, Asparagus and Peppercorn Sauce. Gordon says the big issue is navigating your way around those big peppercorns, you have to lightly crush them. Joe says he cannot overlook the mistakes in how she put the plate together, they can’t giver her an apron.

Charles, 34, from Columbus, OH is a Hair Stylist but cooking is what he loves to do. He is making Amok, Cambodian Style Catfish Curry.

Gordon says visually it looks good, so does Graham. Aarón says he feels like he just got back from south east Asia, these flavours are great, its a yes. Graham says it is a flavor explosion, he is a yes. Gordon says no to letting him tone his hair and a yes to giving him an apron. Joe says yes as well, he thinks it was fantastic.

Wayne, 51, from Columbus, OH, is a Media Company Owner who is very compassionate and competitive. He thinks he can cook anything and can win this. He is making Venison Filet with Blackberry & Port Reduction, Parsnip Puree and Curried Carrots.

Gordon says he wouldn’t have drenched the venison in the sauce. Joe thinks the cook on the venison and rub are very good, the puree is under seasoned. Aarón says what scores high marks with him is the cooking of the venison, he says yes and so does Joe. Graham says the dish is beautiful, he loved the sauce, he is a yes as well. Gordon is a yes, Wayne gets an apron.

Kyle is from Kansas City, a certified Cicerone, a beer professional who sells beer for a living. He made a Seared Pork Chop with Horsefeather Applesauce, Sweet Potato Mash and Balsamic Reduction.

Joe is worried if there is enough seasoning, he thinks it looks more white than pink, it’s overcooked for him. Aarón says he loves the Horsefeather garnish, he loves the mash as well. He gets an apron.

Trevor is from Omaha Nebraska, and he is the number liquor salesman for his state. He made Chicken Roulade with Trumpet Mushrooms and Armagnac Supreme.

Gordon says it looks fancy, he has some great technical skills, but the chicken is dry. He does not get an apron.


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