NCIS: Los Angeles Recap 03/05/23: Season 14 Episode 14 “Shame”

NCIS: Los Angeles Recap 03/05/23: Season 14 Episode 14 "Shame"

Tonight on CBS NCIS: Los Angeles returns with an all-new Sunday, March 5, 2023, season 14 episode 14 called, “Shame” and we have your weekly NCIS: Los Angeles recap below. In tonight’s NCIS Los Angeles season 14 episode 14, as per the CBS synopsis, “When a petty officer is found dead with an apparent suicide note, the NCIS team must investigate the mystery surrounding his death.

Also, Callen and Anna begin wedding planning and Sam has a heart to heart with his daughter.

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Tonight’s episode begins with Sam who was taking the day off. His daughter was in town. He wanted to catch up with her. He wanted to spend time with her and he couldn’t do that all that much because Kam had to study for a big test. Kam was also talking to someone named Riley while she was supposed to be studying. Sam became curious of this Riley. Not that he asked Kam if it was a guy or a girl. He just remained nearby to be there if Kam needs him. Sam may have taken the day off, but the rest of NCIS were dealing with their own problems.

Fatima, Kensi, Roundtree, and Deeks were working a case.

There was a suicide onboard a navy ship. The victim’s name was Petty Officer Eli Wassner. He killed himself recently and he was the third suicide in the past three months. There was no agent afloat to investigate because Lucy left the ship earlier than scheduled. So, it was up to the LA arm to pick up the slack. They were told to investigate what was causing all these suicides and put a stop to it. Something they tried to do. They sent agents to go board the ship and they questioned Eli’s CO. Everyone was saying that they didn’t see this coming.

Eli’s own wife didn’t see it coming. She was questioned back on land and she said that Eli was in a great place lately. They talked about having kids. They agreed to try once Eli left the ship and so to hear he killed himself just didn’t sit right. Eli used to write his wife a bunch of love letters. Yet, there were no letters indicating that something got to him or that he wanted out or was even suicidal. He talked about everything else with his wife. He just didn’t discuss anything about what lead up to his death.

The agents took a look at some of Eli’s letters. They were hoping to find a clue in there for their investigation and they learned that Eli hadn’t written his suicide note. The note was written by someone else. With that now becoming a fact, the team had to rule Eli’s death as a possible homicide. NCIS looked into who would want him dead. It wouldn’t be any visitors or guests because they haven’t had one of those in the past forty-eight. And so Eli’s killer was still on the ship with both Kensi and Fatima.

The ladies had to question everyone they talked to, again. They brought in Eli’s CO. Chief Petty Officer Kemi Adebayo couldn’t understand Eli’s suicide and now she was at a loss over his murder. She was Eli’s direct boss. She went to the bat for him to get home to his wife after they suffered a miscarriage and so she was one of the good ones. She genuinely cared about people. She had no idea why someone would kill Eli. She however have suspects. She checked to see who was around that area where Eli’s body was found and she got a name.

His name is Petty Officer Bradshaw. Bradshaw was seen in that area. Bradshaw has also been acting oddly. He went on a home visit only to ignore his wife and meet up with other people. He was also hiding money in an offshore account. One his wife didn’t know about. Bradshaw seemed to be using money to spend a lot of time at a bar. NCIS thought he must be selling Navy secrets, but they had been wrong. Bradshaw wasn’t a traitor to his country. He was keeping secrets because he was gay. He was gay and he lived in fear of the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy coming back.

Bradshaw’s buddy Rondel operates a secret gay bar. One that a lot of military men and women could visit without having to worry about being outed. Bradshaw went disappearing onboard. He met up with his lover and he tried to stop Command Master Chief Petty Officer Jalen Hughes from killing himself. It was Hughes who murder Eli. Eli had seen them kiss. They became afraid he would tell someone and so Hughes tried to bribe him, but Eli was by the book and he was going to report the bribe when he was killed.

Now, Hughes goes away from murder. Bradshaw was outed as gay and that might doom his marriage to his woman. But as it happens, Sam’s daughter came out as bisexual tonight. She was currently dating a young woman and Sam had to find that out on his own. He then told his daughter that he was her ride or die. He was never going to turn his back on her. He just wants his daughter to be happy. And right now she was.

Callen meanwhile had taken the day to help pick a theme for his wedding to Anna, but they quickly fought about everything involving this wedding.