Return to Amish Recap 03/21/23: Season 7 Episode 2 “Daniel, My Brother”

Tonight on TLC Return to Amish, the Breaking Amish spin-off airs with an all-new Tuesday, March 21, 2023,  season 7 episode 2 called “Daniel, My Brother,” and we have your weekly Return to Amish recap below. In tonight’s Return to Amish episode as per the TLC synopsis, “Johnny panics when he goes to an English nightclub for the first time, and Jeremiah and Carmela help Sabrina with a medical scare.

Daniel makes a date with an English girl, and Kenneth arrives in Florida to pursue his dreams of playing basketball.

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Tonight’s Return To Amish episode begins with Rosanna, Johnny wants to leave and she tells him to snap out of this, do it for her. His two friends are coming, she thinks they will make him feel more comfortable. She is trying to decide if she wants to be English or Amish and she needs the time in Sarasota to decide. He says ok, he will give it a try.

Daniel arrives in Sarasota, Johnny is happy but everyone else is wondering how Johnny who they don’t even know, invites a friend.

Jeremiah notices his vest from the Amish community it means money and power amongst the Amish. Daniel says his father is bishop and created the community. Jeremiah kind of likes him, even though he wasn’t invited, he doesn’t care now.

Now that Daniel is here, Rosanna hopes Johnny will be ok.

Rosanna, Daniel and Johnny go out for the night. They go to a club where Rosanna’s brother goes when he is in town. Daniel says it looks like a shed from the outside, but inside, wow, it is nothing like the bars at home. Johnny sees Rosanna dancing, experiencing the English world, but it is not for him. She sees that Johnny is overwhelmed. Johnny admits he is ready to go home. Daniel is walking around, smiling, trying to mingle.

Daniel starts drinking, he has a couple of drinks in him and this girl comes up and just kisses him. Johnny tells Rosanna that he is out, he doesn’t want to be there. Daniel is about to grab another beer when he sees a girl and his heart stops, he goes over to speak to her, he wants to get to know her.

He sees Johnny about to leave, he can’t take it anymore, he doesn’t feel comfortable. Rosanna and Johnny step outside and he starts to cry. He doesn’t know how to explain it, but he is overwhelmed. This is the first time Johnny has stepped out of the Amish community, this was too much for him.

The next morning, Daniel is sleeping on the couch, he is smiling telling Jeremiah about his night. Daniel says he asked a girl out on a date, he got a yes out of it. Jeremiah can’t believe it, he has been out of the cornfield for five minutes and he has a date.

Meanwhile, Johnny has packed up his things, he tells Rosanna that last night was too much, too many people, too loud and he misses his family, this isn’t for him and if she loves him she will go back to him. Rosanna is not sure that she wants to give up her English life. He wants to go back home, he knows Rosanna wants him there, so he gives in, for now. He just hopes he doesn’t end up resenting her if he stays.

There is a knock at the door, Kenneth arrives and everyone looks surprised, except for Johnny and Rosanna. He is from Kentucky and 20 years old. He loves the livestock, so he is going to miss the farm. He always dreamed of playing basketball, he would love to take it to the next level. Its not allowed in his community, because it is too competitive.

Jeremiah is shocked, there is a second kid showing up. Carmela thinks the house is going to be a little crowded.

Daniel’s girl from the bar calls, she wants to meet him down on the beach for yoga the next morning. Meanwhile, Rosanna is speaking to Maureen on the phone and she asks her for a favour, to pick up Fanny because she is leaving her community after she got caught with a cell phone. The community with shun her. Maureen knows it is really hard to live in the Amish community, there are so many rules.

Daniel shows up for yoga on the beach, dressed in Amish clothes, he looks so out of place but tries his best to go with it. All of a sudden, it starts to rain like crazy and they make a run for it. Leni is asked by the producers if she would go out with Daniel again, she says no.

Sabrina is spotting, she thinks it is because of the stress of Jethro being gone, she goes to the doctor. She is getting an ultrasound and starts crying and hyperventilating.


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