Survivor Recap 03/22/23: Season 44 Episode 4 “I’m Felicia”

Tonight on CBS Survivor airs with an all-new Wednesday, March 15, 2022, season 44 episode 4 and we have your Survivor recap below. In tonight’s Survivor season, 44 episode 4 called “I’m Felicia,” as per the CBS synopsis, “One person from each tribe is chosen to go on a journey and receive surprising news that will shake up the game.

Also, tribes must slingshot themselves toward victory in the reward challenge to earn an essential camp item.

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Tonight’s Survivor episode begins with day 8 on the Soka tribe and some of the tribe is busy in meditation. Last night, Claire got voted out . Josh feels great, he believes there are two opposing alliances and he thinks he is playing both of them, but he is not. They are trying to blindside him and he doesn’t see it coming.

Over at Tika, some sticks have been woven into the bird cage like an X. Everyone has their theory, but little do they know, it is one of their own that did it, Carolyn.

Sarah spots another two matching red sticks under their bench logs, so she casually digs and looks down, in a little crevice their is a piece of cloth wrapped up with a pretty bow. She is thrilled, she thinks she has life in this game, and that she has the idol.

Time for the reward challenge. Today one person at a time is going to climb up a ladder cross the cargo net to the top of a tower where they are going to launch sand bags and targets. Each player on each tribe must hit at least one target. First tribe to finish gets a large tarp, the second tribe to finish gets the smaller tarp. In addition, at the end of the tribe one member of each tribe is going to go on a journey, the winning tribe will decide who goes on each tribe. That is a lot of power.

It doesn’t take long for Soka to get the lead and win. The other two tribes are neck in neck. Ratu is picking up, they have four, they are moving fast. Ratu wins reward. Soka is in charge of the three people who are going on the journey. They choose Josh for Soka, Carson for Tina and Jaime for Soka.

The journey is a boat ride to another island. They climb a mountain, then are told to separate and pick a path. They all find an immunity idol, “this idol has an expiration, once all players are living together on one beach, the idol loses all power and can no longer be used. One more thing, they will not be returning to their tribe. Reach into this bag and draw a new buff, then get on the boat and head to your new tribe. Your personal items will be sent over. The game has changed.” All three are shocked. Only Jaime seems to be intrigued, she believes she has two immunity idols.

At TIka, the boat arrives and it is not Carson, it is Joshua, he is greeted with open arms. They ask him what he does for a living, he says person trainer, but they know he is a surgeon because he mentioned in one of the challenges where steady hands were needed. They know he is lying and that is not a good start.

Carson arrives at Taku, Brandon is shocked. Matthew tries to build some trust with Carson, he tells him about what has been going on in the tribe. He plants a seed saying that Jaime has a hidden immunity idol, which is fake, but he doesn’t know that.

Jamie is thrilled to be on Soka tribe, she feels like she has a lot of power. When Jaime’s back is turned, Danny takes the liberty of going through her bag to see if there is anything there. He doesn’t find anything.

Time for the immunity challenge, today they are going to dive into the ocean one person at a time. Climb to the top of a tall tower, then leap off it while grabbing a key. Then cross a floating balance beam and race to the finish. Then the next person goes. When all four players are at the end, two players will use the keys to unlock a puzzle. First two tribes to finish win immunity. Losers got to tribal council.

Took gets a good time advantage because they do very well with the physical part of the challenge. Tina and Ratu are vying for second place. Soka wins immunity, nobody is going home. The race is on, its too close to call. Ratu wins immunity, a huge comeback.

Time for tribal council, Josh says he was completely shocked about the move, he might be the one going home. Yam Yam says it is like the new kid in the class room. Josh says he has found that there are people he can trust on the tribe and people he can’t trust. Carolyn looks uneasy, she says it is hard, she should stay on the tribe, Josh is new, so he should go.

Josh has nothing to say, he is ready to vote. Everyone else is ready, Carolyn says put her out of her misery. Time to vote. Josh plays his hidden immunity idol for himself, he is not taking any chances. First vote is for Josh, then Josh, Sarah, Sarah. Sarah is the fifth person to be voted out, Carolyn and Josh do a little secret, not so secret, fist pump. They planned it.


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