The Blacklist Recap 06/01/23: Season 10 Episode 16 “Blair Foster”

Tonight on NBC their hit drama The Blacklist starring James Spader airs with an all-new time-slow Sunday, June 1, 2023, episode and we have your The Blacklist recap below. On tonight’s The Blacklist Season 10, episode 16 called, “Blair Foster” as per the NBC synopsis,

“When a corrupt lawyer is linked to a string of corporate cover-ups, Red helps the team investigate her operation. Sen. Panabaker and Cooper await a judge’s decision on the fate of The Task Force.”

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Tonight’s The Blacklist episode begins with a man, Larry Whitaker, walking down the street, he reaches into his bag to look at a confidential document from Redlands Chemical Institute. His cell phone rigs, it is no caller id and picks it up, he tells the woman on the other end, Blair Foster, to stop calling him. She says she knows he is going to the DA office and he has to turn around, he is making a mistake. He says nothing will change his mind.

She says if he goes, she will call Ron and tells him, as a personal friend, that this case is not worth his time and he will listen to her because she did him a favor a while back that saved his marriage. Then she asks how his dear little Maggie is, peanut allergy right, those things are so tough, mistakes happen all the time. Hopefully she survives if that happens again. She tells him to put his family first, they are not worth this little crusade. The woman orders another man to do whatever needs to be done to stop the guy from going to the DA. The two men get into a car chase, then Whitaker crashes and the cops are on site.

Panabaker and Cooper go to see Hudson and Dorf at his office. Hudson says the task forces budget last hear alone was over 282 million and cannot be explained. Cooper says it is 3% of the overall FBI budget. Dorf says they want specifics, Cooper says he is not at liberty. Panabaker gives her word that the funds are well spent, Dorf tells her to say that in front of a judge.

Cooper and Panabaker leave and he tells her that their case file has been compromised. Reddington was alone in the postoffice during the Wujing incident he gained access to the computer network and removed any mention of him. He says sorry, she is furious, if a judge subpoenas those records both of their careers will be on the line. She tells him to fix this.

Cooper goes to see Red and tells him that their files have been compromised because of him and Panabaker is upset. A hearing has been secured in front of a judge. The future of the task force is on the line. He needs him to give them significant cases again. Red tells him to perk up. Red gives him the hull number for a container that is scheduled to arrive, he needs him to look into it. In the meantime, he has another case, Blair Foster, DC’s most infamous fixer.

Ms. Foster has a law practice, but she has off the books private practice where she buries scandals before the corpses are cold. One of her biggest clients are Moder & Sons and there have been whispers of carcenigenic materials in some of their consumer precasts and the only reason no law suit has come to fruition is Foster.

Cooper discusses Foster with the task force, she is a fixer. Most recently, Red thinks she is responsible for the car accident of a mid-level employee at Moder & Sons. Larry Whitaker is alive, Red thinks Foster was trying to silence him. Cooper tells Ressler and Malik to visit Whitaker in the hospital.

Whitaker is on a ventilator, his wife is there, she tells Malik and Ressler than he found something that he was wasn’t supposed to. He got paranoid before the accident, he said he was being followed. Ressler says they will put an officer outside his door, a nurse, Emily Larson, is in the room and she overhears, she goes outside and makes a call to Foster, she says the FBI is there questioning Whitaker’s wife. She also went through all his personal stuff and can’t find the documents that Foster wants.

Back to the task force, Herbie looks at surveillance video, Whitaker was being followed, they have a photo of the guy and Dembe remembers him from somewhere, so does Red. Red looks at a photo of the guy with a magnifying glass and sees a tattoo of numbers on his finger. The Black Wasps are identified as 4895, he could be Cuban special forces. Red tells Dembe to reach out to Manny. Ressler calls, Whitaker just woke up. Red tells Dembe he goes to Havana, things are always better handled in person.

Whitaker says he stumbled upon a study that said Spring & Shine, the number one multi purpose cleaner on the market for 11 years running, unequivocally contained carcinegenics compound. Motor & Sons buried the report, they didn’t even try to recall the toxic product, people died, children. He couldn’t in good conscious let this go. He told a co-worker that he thought he could trust, the next day Foster met with him and tried to bribe him, casually. When he didn’t take the bait, she started threatening him. She thought the evidence was destroyed, but he printed a report and it is in his car.

Foster’s man who ran down Whitaker is pretending to be him at a towing lot so he can gain access to his car. He gets inside and finds his bag. Meanwhile, Ressler and Malik show up but they are too late.

Panabaker, Cooper, Hudson, Senator Dorf are in front of a judge who says she has everything she needs to go ever the case.

Red arrives in Cuba to see Manny, he says he needs to show him something, boxing gloves, they are fifty years old and they are from an iconic Olympic performance. He remembers yeas ago how Manny told him that his father would take him and his brothers to watch the guy train. Manny says a hero among men. Manny admits they are his best memories. Red tells him that they are his, and he needs his help. He shows him a photo of the guy who ran down Whitaker. Manny says he can’t, too dangerous, you mess with guys like that and you get a bullet in your head. Red says if he changes his mind, he will be in town overnight. Manny mentions that Weecha stops by from time to time and she calls. Red says if he speaks to Weecha, tell her where to find him.

Blair Foster is in her office when Richard Motor barges in, he says the FBI is at their offices asking questions and with a warrant. She says she has things covered. She says she will get the investigation to go away alltogether, he just has to let her do her job.

Ressler is leaving a group session when Blair Foster shows up. She says that Motor & Sons are going to fully cooperate with their investigation. She says Whitaker is a troubled man since he was passed over for a promotion, he is unhappy and unhinged, this is a waste of their time. She tries to bribe Ressler with a congressional seat, but first he needs to drop everything and clear his schedule. Ressler says he is not dropping anything, and he has to get back to his office.

Red is back to see Manny, they have drinks. Manny wants to see the gloves again, he gives Red the name of the guy, Julian Flores and he is special forces. He is living in the US under an alias. Manny says he doesn’t want him to hurt him, he knows his uncle. Red gives Manny the gloves. Red asks Manny to give Weecha a message, he writs it down.

Ressler is back with the task force and tells them that Blair Foster ambushed his AA meeting. She steps up to the line without crossing it. Dembe says they have found the researcher who wrote the report, Dr. Samuel Feinberg, he conducted several studies for Motor & Sons for seven years, but their relationship abruptly ended in 2017 which is the same year the report that Whitaker found, was written.

Cooper gets a message, judge Hurban has made her decision.

Ressler and Malik go see Feinberg, he says he was expecting them. When they enter a room, Foster is there, she is acting as his attorney and he wants her there. He won’t answer their questions, he tells them to direct them to Foster’s office.

Red calls Ressler, he can’t find Cooper. Red says that he has a gift for him, Foster’s operative, Julain Flores from Havana, and he is ready to talk. Red says it cost him seven favours. Ressler and Malik are on their way.

Judge Hurban is ruling in favour of the task force. After the judge leaves, Senator Dorf says he is holding a press conference and he is launching a formal investigation into the task force and he will be naming names, he is convinced there is something there.

Ressler and Malik have Foster in custody, Ressler tells her Flores talked, he was happy to cut a deal, sang like a robin. She says lets cut to the deal making, she is not going to prison. She won’t give up her files, she says she will risk her day in court.

Cooper calls Red and says they have Foster but she will only give precise information. Red tells Cooper to ask Foster about December 31, 2013. He tells her and she says she will tell him every sordid detail when she has her deal in writing.

Cooper goes to see Senator Dorf and says Blair Foster sent him.

At the press conference, Senator Dorf say that with a heavy heart due to personal family matters he will be taking a leave from his position immediately. Hudson is shocked and wonders what happened.

Weecha drops by to see Manny, he tells her that Red was in again and asked about her. She say she is persistent. He passes her the note. She says she doesn’t know what she is going to do with that man, he says her and him both.

Panaker goes in Cooper’s office and asks how he got Senator Dorf to change his mind, he says blackmail. Foster had a file on him, December 31, 2013, his teenage son was driving drunk and high after a party, he hit a teenage girl, paralyzed her from the waist down. His son wanted to tell the truth and Dorf used Foster to silence his own son. His son has been in and out of psycholoigical care for years.

Hudson stops by to see Senator Dorf who says he is done with this, leave this alone, no good will come from this, go home.

Foster is a free woman, they needed to let her go to get what they wanted.

Foster calls Hudson, she wants to set up a meeting, she has some information she wants to share with him.


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