You, Me & My Ex Recap 05/29/23: Season 2 Episode 7 “Where’s The Ex-it”

Tonight on TLC their reality show, You, Me & My Ex airwith an all-new Monday, May 29, 2023, episode and we have your You, Me & My Ex recap below for your enjoyment. On tonight’s You, Me & My Ex season 2 episode 7 called, “Where’s The Ex-it,” as per the TLC synopsis, “Loren reveals a secret she’s been keeping from April that may dismantle their relationship. Alex and Caroline’s photo shoot is cut short when she’s rushed to the hospital. De’Andre storms off when Elodie picks her ex.”

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In tonight’s You, Me & My Ex episode, is it okay to remain friends with your ex? There were justifiable reasons for doing so. Elodie has to remain friends with her ex-husband because they share a child together. They have a little girl. They can’t really be feuding or hate each other because they don’t want their child to internalize that and come to hate herself.

They also didn’t want to be together. There’s no hope for them because Darian cheated and Elodie could never trust him with her heart again. She also since moved on. But Elodie’s new boyfriend didn’t have that excuse. He doesn’t have a child with Rowan. He keeps Rowan in his life because he wants to. And he truly thinks he needs her in his life.

Elodie eventually became frustrated with him because of this. Sure, she still has dinner with both her child and her ex-husband only she wouldn’t have stayed in Darian’s life if she didn’t have her daughter. She thinks that would give him false hope. She said exes are exes for a reason. She said that to Rowan and Rowan didn’t seem to like that. Elodie also said that she doesn’t have to like Rowan, but De’Andre has to like her ex-husband Darian. Elodie wasn’t going to risk their co-parenting style over a guy.

Rowan doesn’t have that excuse. Elodie could take her or leave her and it wouldn’t affect the overall picture. She was still with De’Andre. De’Andre and Rowan also didn’t work out for a reason. Only De’Andre wasn’t too sure about getting along with Darian. It was one thing for him to ask Elodie to include Rowan in their lives. He wasn’t sure if he could do the same with his girlfriend and her ex. De’Andre also wanted to spend a lot of time with Elodie’s daughter. And while it was very sweet of him, Elodie had a right to tell him to slow his roll.

Elodie knew that De’Andre had to meet Darian first. The two guys have to get along. If they couldn’t, it doesn’t make sense to continue on with De’Andre or allow her daughter to get attached to someone who’s not staying in their lives. Elodie tried to explain that to De’Andre. She tried to tell him that they couldn’t rush things with her daughter because they’re still working out the kinks. She thought De’Andre would understand and he actually got upset that he wasn’t being included into Elodie’s life as much as he wanted to be.

It’s better to have early boundaries. Or else you’ll be like April. April’s ex-husband was in her life, her current husband was in her life, and her platonic domestic life partner was in her life. There were so many blurred lines. Especially as her partner Loren was her husband’s ex-wife. April and Loren were discussing moving to California together, but Loren has since started backing away from the idea. They were discussing it as they were putting together a party for Roy. And so what would happen if April goes to California without Loren?

Their entire ecosystem would probably collapse if April wasn’t at the center. Only it’s likely now that Loren was dating someone. Loren and April have been best friends ever since April stole Loren’s man. Loren has since forgiven her. She now wants to find love for herself and so she couldn’t uproot her life to follow April to California. Not when she has someone she likes closer to home. Loren was single for seven years. She deserves a chance to move on. She deserves a chance to find out who she is without April there.

April just has to accept that. Now, that wasn’t like Josh and Jennifer. They were exes. They also have since married other people and they all are living together with their kids in one house. It probably wasn’t the best idea because Jennifer and her wife Chantal’s relationship doesn’t seem like it could handle it. They were afraid to have arguments because they didn’t want the other couple to overhear them. They snap at each other and their frustration has leaked out to the point that Josh was now fighting with his wife Danielle.

Living together had sounded great at first. John got to see more of the son he shares with Jennifer. He also got to play the daddy role for Jennifer’s daughter with Chantal. The kids were the ones winning in this scenario. They got the best of both worlds. They didn’t have to keep moving from one house to another. They could see whichever parent they want at any time of the day. They were loving it. It was the adults that realized they bit off more than they could handle. Jennifer now regrets moving in with her ex because not being able to talk to her wife has been harmful for their relationship.

They had problems before they moved in. They should have worked on them before taking such a huge step and so at least they weren’t keeping secrets. Secrets never helped anybody. Alex was keeping a secret from his wife Caroline. Caroline had asked him not to have strippers at his bachelor party. Which Alex told his friends about. It was Alex’s ex-boyfriend Stephen that messed up. Steve brought in the stripper and Alex very kindly excused himself from the party rather than let the strange woman dance up on him.

But Alex’s wife was also pregnant. She had to go to the hospital because her blood pressure was high and she was in pain. Alex just didn’t think it was the right time to tell her what Steve did. He was trying to keep her as calm as possible. Matt tried to do the same only he messed up. His new girlfriend found out he went out for drinks with his ex and didn’t invite her. She’s now angry and Matt has no one to blame but himself!


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