Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Should Theresa Be With Brady Or Alex – Who Is Her True Love?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Should Theresa Be With Brady Or Alex – Who Is Her True Love?

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers note that the love triangle between Theresa Donovan (Emily O’Brien), Brady Black (Eric Martsolf), and Alex Kiriakis (Robert Scott Wilson) is far from over.

Despite Alex catching Brady and Theresa in a lip lock recently, and both proclaiming it meant nothing, there is far more drama on the horizon for this trio.

Namely, the fact that Tate Black (Jamie Martin Mann), Thrady’s son, is still battling a major legal crisis, which will continue to keep Theresa and Brady closely in each other’s orbits.

While the good news is that he isn’t in an adult jail, dodging punches, he’s still in a youth facility and those places aren’t exactly a walk in the park.

As long as Tate is dealing with turmoil, Theresa and Brady will continue to come together, which spells out disaster for her current budding romance with Alex.

Still, it doesn’t matter how much time one spends with their ex, if they aren’t in love or “meant to be” it’s nothing to worry about.

With that being said, while Alex’s concerns have been eased, fans can tell that there is plenty of chemistry between Theresa and Brady.

Not only do they have a history and a son together, but sparks also fly (on both ends) when Alex isn’t around.

The difference between Alex and Brady is that Alex has gone into his romance with Theresa believing she’s a changed woman.

Brady knows Theresa well, and also knows she’s still capable of no good, yet somehow accepts her. He’s been fighting his feelings toward his ex, and this could be because he’s afraid to get hurt.

While Theresa initially began dating Alex to make Brady jealous, which eventually turned into a scheme to become a trophy wife for the Kiriakis fortune, she has grown feelings for him.

As such, she’s starting to harbor guilt over forging Victor Kiriakis’s (John Aniston) will and having Alex believe he’s his long-lost son.

However, since Tate was implicated in Holly Jonas’s (Ashley Puzemis) overdose, it’s become clear that Brady and Theresa have a bond that extends further than just their son.

The way Brady knew how to take care of Theresa during her relapse, and the zero judgment he had over it all speaks volumes.

Days spoilers hint that Alex will learn about Theresa’s betrayal at some point, and will likely dump the blonde, so could Brady swoop in to help her pick up the pieces?

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