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Kate Hudson Exchanges Owen Wilson For Damien Rice

Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson have decided to end their relationship. “They have definitely cooled off. She adores him and wished it had worked out. But it didn’t.” While a source close to Owen, confirmed: “Owen is calling girlfriends to tell them he is single.”

Kate Hudson has started to date Damien Rice in order to move on. A friend

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Scott Storch Wants Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan got a New Year’s surprise from her new constant companion, Scott Storch. Our source says Storch, who has reportedly earned more than $70 million as a music producer, gave Lohan $1 million worth of diamond jewelry as a gift. A spy at Mansion in South Beach said she was adorned with “the sickest diamond necklace and ear Keep Reading

Britney Spears in Rehab?

News is that Britney Spears has checked herself into rehab citing “exhaustion” as her reason. She is staying at Sanctuary a trendy celeb rehab resort. It is located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

We all know what exhaustion means…. drug overdose, drinking problem, crazy, plastic surgery recovery, anorexic etc. I wonder if this has something to do with her collapsing on New

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Demi Moore Wants Children!

Most definitely,” she tells Vanity Fair when asked whether she wants children with Ashton. “Once you hit three, where you’re outnumbered, it’s really like, ‘What’s the difference between (three or) four or five?’ For me, the most important thing that I’ve contributed is my children.”

“I’m definitely a bit overprotective, maybe because I have girls,” Moore says. “When they go
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Sienna Miller to Launch Fashion Line

Sienna Miller is to launch a fashion label with her sister Savannah. It will be called Twenty8Twelve and will be backed by Pepe Jeans owner Carlos Ortega. The name of the fashion label is made up from Sienna’s date of birth ? the actress turned 25 on 28 December.Twenty8Twelve will feature denim, knitwear, tailored jackets, dresses and outerwear.

‘We wanted
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Jessica Simpson and John Mayer Still Hooking Up…

Jessica Simpson and John Mayer are looking closer than ever after spending a whirlwind weekend in New York City. The pair have dodged rumors of an off-and-on relationship for months, and they set tongues wagging again on New Year’s Eve when they arrived together in the Hudson Hotel’s VIP room just after 2:10 a.m.

The singers, who were out with

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