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Britney Spears For Mother of the Year

Britney Spears was seen allowing Sean Preston, to chew on the caps of bottles of toxic nail polish while getting a manicure.

?The manicurist quickly took it back, explaining it was potentially hazardous. Britney snapped: ?It?s fine. Let him have it.” When the manicurist refused. Brit leaped up and marched over to a polish display. She snatched several bottles and … Keep Reading

Britney Spears Blames Her Mom

Britney Spears called up her mother, Lynne ranting after receiving the news of Jamie Lynn?s pregnancy on Tuesday. The phone call apparently lasted several minutes and was almost completely dominated by Britney. ?Britney basically went off on her the entire time, blaming her for her and Jamie Lynn’s messed up life,? says the insider. ?It was a very hurtful call.?… Keep Reading

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden Play Mr and Mrs Claus

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden got an early taste of parenthood by treating nearly 200 kids to an early holiday extravaganza.

“We really wanted to give these kids a really wonderful and special Christmas,” Richie says about a party thrown by the couple’s Richie-Madden Children’s Foundation at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles on Saturday. “It’s our favorite holiday.”

Playing Mr. … Keep Reading