Alaskan Bush People Finale Recap 10/18/20: Season 12 Episode 10 “Back To The Future”

Tonight on Discovery Alaskan Bush People airs with a new season where the Wolfpack faces the biggest challenge on an all-new Sunday, October 18, 2020 episode and we have your Alaskan Bush People recap below. On tonights Alaskan Bush People Season 12 Episode 10 “Back To The Future,” as per the Discovery synopsis, “Months before the fire, the Browns film their daily life locked down on the mountain. And watching and reacting to memorable moments from the show for the first time, the Wolfpack reflects on their adventures in Alaska.”

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The Browns continue to document their journey even after the film crew goes home due to the pandemic. They continue to build a communal home. They also decide to take a look back at some of their best moments, some they have never watched footage of before.

The siblings look back at their time on the water. Bam thinks there is no other kind of free lifestyle. The sisters laugh watching back at their bouts of seasickness. The siblings watch next as Bam tries to dock their boat. It is difficult. This is the first time he has really watched it. He laughs as he and his brothers argue about throwing ropes and more. Gabe and Bird laugh later at being towed.

Gabe and the others continue to live on the land and tend to the animals as the pandemic continues. Gabe and Bird look back at when their father brought them into the woods and they all started Brown Town. Bird tries to cry and has to step away. Gabe understands her emotions. Bam and Billy watch as they cut down trees and more. Bear sees tracks of actual bears. There were so many bears on that island. The family was able to hunt.

Bear recalls Brown Town as well. He watches himself come face to face with a bear in a field. The bear can smell him and runs off.

Four Months Ago.. Noah works the land as his wife documents. The Brown’s look back at their relationships. They recall Noah being very smitten with Christi. They laugh at how romantic and serious Noah once was over her.

The siblings look back at when their mom hired a matchmaker for all of her sons. In past footage, they tell their mom that they aren’t ready. This is all very awkward. Bam is up for it, he guesses. After they are given a match, Gabe calls his match. It is funny to watch. Bird hysterically laughs. Gabe is embarrassed.

Bird collects rocks for a path at her house. They remember the days back in Alaska when they built their homes and a massive storm that came through. Bird and Gabe laugh at some of their cabins and the time they watched Bam fall into the water as they tried to move one of their small homes on the water.

Later, they watch as they build a home together, hauling beams and lumber. Watching back on all they’ve built makes them all emotional.

Gabe cuts down a tree to make a lamp post. They all continue to build a communal family home. Working on a lamp post makes them think of Christmas and all of their celebrations. It is a holiday they really enjoy. They watch footage of when they all sit around a fire with Santa hats on. They gave one another handmade gift. It was a time Bird loved. Their hearts will always remember Alaska. It has helped them learn and build.


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