Big Brother 22 All-Stars Recap 10/14/20: Season 22 Episode 30 “PoV and Ceremony”

Tonight on CBS Big Brother 22 airs with an all-new Wednesday, October 14, 2020, episode and we have your Big Brother 22 recap below! On tonight’s Big Brother season 22 episode 30 “PoV and Ceremony” as per the CBS synopsis, “Tonight on B&B All-Stars it is another PoV competition and after the competition, it will be the Power Of Veto ceremony.

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Enzo and Cody are the only two players who have not been on the block this season, and that looks good. But, this Veto competition is really important, they want to win and keep the nominations the same. Meanwhile, Memphis tells Christmas that they have to win the Veto. But, it is not do or die, he believes he safe in his alliance with Enzo and Cody. Enzo tells Nicole he is more afraid of Memphis than Christmas, he is the head of the snake. Memphis is extremely confident and Cody has no intention of putting his neck out when Nicole’s target is Memphis.

Christmas tells Enzo that if they have any chance of keeping their final three alive, one of them is to win the Veto. Christmas tells Enzo that if she or Memphis goes this week, they are going to clip him. The only reason why Enzo wants to win the Veto is so he doesn’t become a replacement nominee. Enzo tells Nicole that he wants Enzo out, but he doesn’t trust Christmas, he thinks she is ruthless and tries to convince Nicole of that. Then he tells Nicole that Christmas wants to backdoor Cody. No matter what Enzo says to her, she wants to win the Veto, lock in the nominations and send Memphis home.

Christmas goes to see Nicole and tells her that if she makes it to the end, she wants her there for her. Christmas is planning for the future, just in case Memphis goes home. Nicole already has a final two with Cody, but she would be crazy not to entertain a deal with Christmas as well just in case.

Christmas thinks that even though she and Nicole have not been aligned through the whole game, it makes sense that they both go for a final two. Meanwhile, Enzo talks to Tyler’s blow-up cow and tells her that he has to win the Veto, it is time that he wins.

Time for the Veto competition, the players have to go into separate rooms and Big Brother will call them when it is time to play.

It is time to play BB Comics, Cody is first. It is the player’s job to find all sixteen of the real BB comics. Whoever completed the task in the shortest amount of time wins. Memphis finishes with a time of 31:56, Enzo with 28:19, Nicole 11:21, Christmas 27:45, and Cody at 16:08. Nicole wins the golden power of Veto.

Christmas feels defeated and sick to her stomach, she is on a mission to get Christmas to use her Veto. Memphis is not worried, he still believes that he is safe.

Cody knows that Nicole wants Memphis out, but the only person he doesn’t have a final two with is Christmas. So, he would much rather she send Christmas home. Christmas goes to speak to Nicole and asks her for a promise, a deal. Nicole tells her that she is going to stay and Memphis is going home. Christmas promises that if she stays she will work with them 100%. Christmas is worried if Nicole doesn’t use the Veto, there is still a chance that she can go home. Christmas tells Nicole that Cody and Enzo are locked in, Nicole agrees, she believes they have a final two. Nicole is not ready to let Cody go home, but she does believe in Christmas.

Time for the Veto meeting, Nicole decides not to use the Veto to take either Memphis or Christmas off the block. The Veto doesn’t get used, but Memphis is still not worried about leaving before Christmas. Meanwhile, Cody and Enzo need to decide who is going home and it may not be who Nicole wants, Cody is going to do what is best for his game.


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