Blue Bloods Finale Recap 05/01/20: Season 10 Episode 19 “Family Secret”

Tonight on CBS their hit drama starring Tom Selleck Blue Bloods airs an all-new Friday, May 1, 2020, episode and we have your Blue Bloods recap below. On tonight’s Blue Bloods Season 10 Episode 19 “Family Secret,” as per the CBS synopsis, “Sean gets a match from an unknown relative from a DNA network, now he does some detective work to figure out who this mystery person might be.

Frank gets a personal request from a woman, Paula Hill, to transfer her son to a safer assignment. Also, Danny seeks to uncover the truth behind the murder of a key witness in one of Erin’s cases.

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Erin is with Anthony are walking and she asks him why he ran a name through the NYPD database, he says it is personal. He says to give him a break, her family takes whatever they want, but he can’t, message received.

Anthony gets a call on his cell phone from Geo, by the time he takes the call he hears two gunshots and Geo doesn’t say anything.

Jamie meets up with Eddie, she hears something, a cat, no it’s a baby crying and it’s been left in a carry bag on the street.

Danny and Maria are on the scene of a shooting, it is Geo. Danny looks at his phone and sees that his last call was to Anthony.

Frank is in the office, Sean shows up and says he has this assignment for ancestry, his first cousin is not Nicky, it’s a guy. He says it is on Frank’s side of the family, either Erin or Jamie has a kid that nobody told him about – he asks Frank if it could be his dad. Sean shows Frank a piece of paper, shows how the line shows this guy is related to him.

Anthony and Erin show up on the scene of Geo’s dead body, he was a witness in her case against DaCosta, he is about to start a trial for a murder of a father of four. Danny says DaCosta could have ordered the hit, Erin tells him he hasn’t much time, the trial starts in two days.

Paula hill drops by to see Frank, he says it has been a long time. She tells him that her son is in the firearms unit and she would like him to transfer him because Franks’ son Joe was his father. And because as his mother, she would like him to have a safer assignment. She dropped out of the academy because she was pregnant. Joe doesn’t know about his son, because she didn’t want to marry him and she didn’t want him involved in her son’s life. She says that now her son wants to know who his father is.

The baby gets checked out at the hospital, other than being abandoned, the baby is ok. Jamie is worried about Eddie, he thinks she is taking this case personally.

Danny and Maria go to see Geo’s brother, he says his brother was good and had no enemies. Danny asks who his brother was the night before, he says he was with his girlfriend, but they had a fight. His brother starts to cry and says he can’t believe his brother is gone.

Gormley, Abigal, and Frank are all together, Gormley says that his name is Joseph Hill, graduated the academy in 2015 and is currently a detective. Gormely asks why they are looking into him, Frank won’t say, he says he wants to meet him.

Gormley leaves, Abigail stays. Frank asks her if there is something on her mind, she says no but there is something on his. He tells her that detective Joe Hill is his grandson. She is surprised and guesses that he was named Joe after his father. Frank says he is going to handle it with care for all concerned.

Erin and Anthony meet with Mr. DaCosta, his lawyer is there, she says her client has an alibi. Then she tells Erin that her witness was murdered, maybe she should have done a better job of protecting him. DaCosta turns to Erin and says without her witness, she has nothing, his lawyer tells him to shut up.

Joe is in Frank’s office, he apologizes that he didn’t have time to change into his uniform. They chit chat about Joe’s job, Frank says he has a good record. Joe asks him if he is in trouble for something, Frank says no. He is just calling in people from specialist units to get to know them better. Frank thanks him for the good work. Frank shakes his hand.

Danny and Maria meet up with Geo’s girlfriend, she says she has nothing to say. Danny asks her if she knew he was going to testify against DaCosta. She says no, because that would be stupid, DaCosta owns the neighborhood. Danny asks what she was talking about the last time she saw him, she says about getting married, she starts crying and walks off.

Eddie and Jamie are trying to find the baby that the baby was left in, he is helping her because he knows she won’t stop until she finds the baby’s mother. They stop at a store that sells the bags and finds out that a pregnant woman bought one the day before and asked if it was insulated. It takes some time, but they find the girl who bought the duffel bag, she says she is so sorry.

There is a hidden camera in the restaurant where Geo and his girlfriend had dinner the day before he is killed, and she is seen going over his phone when he gets up to leave the table.

Frank holds a family meeting, nobody knows what it is about. Henry pours the scotch. He tells them that Joe fathered a son that he never knew about it. Chris says that he didn’t see that one coming. Frank tells them that it is Joe Hill, his mother told him, he is 24 years old and doesn’t know about them. Frank says he met him, he is his grandson, he carries himself a certain way.

He sets himself before he says something. He says he talked about the job just like they do. Erin says she is blown away. Chris says he can’t wait to meet him. Frank has no idea how this is going to happen. Henry says that he will be fine once he learns about them. Chris suggests he be invited to Sunday dinner.

Frank finds out that Geo’s girlfriend was sending his texts to DaCosta. Frank brings her in and tells her everything she knows. She says she was going through his phone to see if he had any girlfriends. Frank shows her the texts and tells her that she is going to be up for an accessory to murder unless she tells him who killed Geo. Frank pressures her, she ends up telling him that it is Cortez.

In court, Erin tells the judge that her witness is dead and she has reason to believe that DaCosta is involved – she is asking for three days. The judge says no, they are not delaying proceedings, opening arguments start in the morning.

Paula Hill is back in Frank’s office, she says she kept him away from Joe because she wanted her son to walk in his own footsteps. She then tells him that she told her son everything. Frank says he is glad he will come to dinner, he gets his answers then. She asks about reassigning her son, he says he understands her concern, but he also understands that they lose cops to senseless shootings, but those are the odds. He turns her down, she says ok, then he doesn’t want her to contact them and she is sorry that her son ever found out about them.

Inside Cortez’ apartment, Geo’s brother is there and he has a gun over his head. Frank tells him that killing him is not going to make him feel any better. Put this scumbag away, that is the way Geo would want it. He puts down the gun and lets Frank arrest Cortez.

Erin goes to see Anthony and gives him the information that he wanted, she tells him that he is her family too.

Jamie and Eddie are at the hospital, the mother is with her baby. She was a part of an adoption ring and she didn’t want them to get her baby, she was hoping that child services would find him a good home.

In court, Erin requests an adjournment. She tells the judge that they have enough information now against DaCosta to show that he murdered Geo, the judge grants her request.

At Sunday dinner, the family gathers together. Sean apologizes for being late, he introduces everyone to his cousin Joe. Joe says hi, everybody gets up. Everyone is happy, Joe takes a seat at the table and says grace.


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