Blue Bloods Recap 04/03/20: Season 10 Episode 17 “The Puzzle Palace”

Tonight on CBS their hit drama starring Tom Selleck Blue Bloods airs an all-new Friday, April 3, 2020, episode and we have your Blue Bloods recap below. On tonight’s Blue Bloods Season 10 episode 17 “The Puzzle Palace,” as per the CBS synopsis, “Erin and Anthony must trust a sociopath who claims he has evidence to convict a double-murderer.

Also, Frank faces backlash from his department when he suspends an officer for violent behavior, and Danny and Baez try to arrest a notorious gangster who appears to have people covering for him inside the department.

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Politics came with the job. Frank knew this. He was the Police Commissioner and he has to work with both the Mayor and the Police Union. But when the Head of the Police Union threatens him, Frank still has found a way to work with him. The two disagreed about a suspended officer. The officer was taped being overly aggressive with a group of men and he was suspended because that was the Commissioner’s policy. He suspends someone under review. Frank didn’t usually receive pushback from the Police Union on the policy. Johnny Lyons was only doing so now because the suspended officer was his son and he wanted special treatment for the young man.

Lyons wanted his son reinstated. His son was filmed beating an unarmed man whose hands were up and still Lyons wanted his son to be forgiven as nothing happened. Lyons wanted special treatment for his son. He thought he could threaten Frank into providing said special treatment and he instead met with a wall. Frank wasn’t going to be handing out any favors. He saw the video and he believes the suspension is justified. He thought Officer Lyons otherwise known as Junior had acted out of line. Frank even held a meeting with the officer and all the man had excuses. Junior claims that his CO ordered to be “put the fear of God” into them.

He said that’s what he did. He also didn’t believe he deserved punishment over it. Junior kept saying how hard things were on the officers in blue. He said they walked the streets and they had to make quick decisions all the time. This didn’t explain why he acted as he did. He went against officer guidelines. He manhandled someone and so Frank told this officer that suspension stands. Frank didn’t care for excuses. He might have been more understanding if the young officer had at least taken some responsibility and yet he never did. Frank also thought about something the officer said. The officer said his CO was acting out after a session with CompStat.

Frank later saw a white shirt coming out of a meeting with Sid. He was white as his shirt and he shugging antacid. Frank thought maybe Junior had been right about Captains taking their frustration out on their officers and so he had a meeting with his people. Frank spoke with Sid. He wanted to over ways they could stop COs from taking their anger out on their men and he was trying to find an answer to an age-old problem. Frank knows what it’s like to be a beat cop. He was once one himself and he remembers everything he had to put with. Frank was trying to find an answer to the problem as old as time while his daughter was working with a sociopath.

Erin was working with Donnie Hassett. Hassett is a sociopath and he used to work for Michael Costa. Costa managed to skate on a double-homicide charge. He was now free and Hassett didn’t think that was fair because he’s been in jail for two years waiting for a trial. His trial was taking so long because he was trying to claim he was innocent because of mental defects. He was a sociopath. He couldn’t feel empathy for others and so he tried to use that in court in order to get away with his crimes. It didn’t work. Everyone saw through his antics and so Hassett is trying something new. He’s willing to flip on his old employer in return for immunity.

Hassett was willing to tell Erin where the bodies were. As in he literally wanted to show her where the bodies were and so Erin and therefore Anthony had to find some way to work with him. Erin was working with a sociopath to catch a bigger fish. The least Frank could do was turn to his family for advice. He asked his family about how the rank and file see him and they told him that he was the boss. The boss was never seen as a real person. Frank couldn’t be liked for who he was because the rank and file were never going to see that side of him. So, Frank had to let this one go. He knew that the Lyons were trying to stage the blue flu. His sons had heard about it and they didn’t think it was anything to worry about.

Their stations weren’t participating in the blue flu. They had heard about other stations and growing numbers. Henry even had heard about it. The Reagan men had told Frank that there was nothing he could do about it, but he still felt there was another way and so he kept looking. He was looking as Erin closed her case. Hassett had led her to a body she could pin on Costa and so she got her bad guy. She just had to work with the devil to get him. Speaking of devils, Jamie also had his own case. Jamie’s neighbor was an old cranky woman. Mrs. Riley’s memory was slipping and she kept accusing the plumber of stealing from her. And he wasn’t.

It was actually Riley’s ex-husband. The ex-husband knew Riley didn’t remember their divorce and so he used that to steal from her and to get her to do his laundry. Jamie caught him. Jamie also forced him to return everything he ever stole and so Jamie handled things in his own unique way before he arrested him. Danny had a case as well. Danny had a Medical Examiner that was threatened into hiding evidence and so he found out. He got the Medical Examiner to tell him what he really happened. He also used her to lure out a killer and so he too caught his bad guy. And the mild flirtation with the Medical Examiner is now officially over because she proved she was wishy-washy.

Only Frank finally found a way to deal with his problem. He wanted to give the beat cops a chance to report their COs and to report any abuses they experienced on the job. He wasn’t going to overturn Lyon Junior’s suspension. Frank was going to let that stand, but he was willing to work with Junior in the future and listen to his suggestions. And for now, that’s a start.


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