Fear The Walking Dead Recap 10/18/20: Season 6 Episode 2 “Welcome To The Club”

On AMC tonight Fear The Walking Dead (FTWD) airs with an all-new Sunday, October 18, 2020, episode and we have your Fear The Walking Dead Recap

below! On tonight’s FTWD season 6 episode 2 called, “Welcome To The Club,” as per the AMC synopsis, “Morgan must decide whether to help a desperate stranger while a bounty hunter stalks him.”

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A group of prisoners are tasked with killing walkers who are stuck in sticky molasses, one by one the prisoners get their legs grabbed and fall, then taken by the walkers. Even one of the foremen falls under and gets eaten. There is only one lone prisoner survivor, Sanjay.

Strand and Alicia are on crap-cleaning duty. Virginia’s ranger, Marcus, wants them to clean up his crap and they refuse. Marcus gets upset and pulls a gun on them, but Dakota walks up and tells him to stop. Marcus then brings Strand and Alicia to Virginia to tell her what they did to him. They walk past Dakota and Alicia thanks her, Dakota tells her that Marcus is just a jerk.

Strand and Alicia are sitting in front of Virginia, who is getting his hair cut by Daniel who seems very different, quiet, and obedient. Virginia tells Strand that he insulted a ranger in broad daylight and it can’t go unpunished. When Virginia leaves the room, Daniel won’t speak to Strand and tells him that he doesn’t know who he is.

Strand and Alicia are driven to the warehouse where they are told that this is their next job. Once inside they reunite with Charlie and Janis. Strand asks questions about the rangers and prisoners, he has no plans of cleaning the place, his plan is to take it over. They meet up with Sanjay, he says he heard that he stood up to Marcus, he wishes he did something like that. A truck arrives, it is filled with more weapons for them to use to clean up the warehouse. Alicia tells Strand that there is no way they can take it over with these people, they are all rejects who couldn’t stand up to Virginia.

All of a sudden, they hear a noise, Dakota stowed away and get this, she is Virginia’s sister and she wants to help Strand and Alicia. She tells them they are not the first people to want to take out the rangers, others have tried and she has killed them. Dakota tells them that there is a weapon in the warehouse, there is someone out there she wants to kill and she wants to use it against them. If they can get it, overpower the rangers, then they can use it against Virginia. Dakota lets slip that Strand made a deal with Virginia. Strand tells her that it is no big deal, he gave her the MRAP so they could stay together.

Alicia plans to go ahead with Strand’s plan, Sanjay sets the walkers loose and the rest of the prisoners have their weapons in hand and are killing them one by one. They drag them into a pile of the dead but soon become overwhelmed. Strand tells Sanjay to close the door, but he can’t. Alicia tries to close the gate where they are funneled to and Charlie almost becomes walker food but it saved by Dakota. The Rangers arrive and find Dakota, they grab her and call Virginia who is now on her way. Strand tells everyone to let go of the gate, they need to clear this up before Virginia gets there.

One of the rangers is not careful and he gets taken by a walker. Strand and Dakota run to a camper outside, he beeps the horn to try and change the walker’s direction. Sanjay is held up in the camper, he was hiding out. Strand tells Sanjay to go outside with him and for Dakota to stay inside and not move. Outside the camper, Strand stabs Sanjay and throws him to the walkers for food, so he can save Alicia and clear the walkers. They use the guns from the rangers who were killed and manage to clear the warehouse of walkers. Alicia sees Sanjay, Strand says he wanted to stop him, but he did it for them. In the warehouse, they don’t find a weapon. But, they do hear Virginia arriving.

Virginia tells Strand that he is a true leader, and from what they did today, they are the key. She congratulates him on forming them an army. Virginia gives Strand a key, he has been promoted.

Charlie is with Daniel, he cuts some molasses out of her hair. She plays a song for him that he taught her, but nothing, Daniel remains the same. Strand tells Alicia that he has assigned her to an undisclosed pioneer outpost. He tells her that he has to forget who he is so he can save them all from Virginia. But, she doesn’t need to forget, just him. He puts the St. Christopher’s medallion that Daniel gave him, in Alicia’s hand and walks away.

Strand sees Daniel as he leaves Alicia, he tells him that he felt sorry for him that he couldn’t remember anything, but now he envies him. Daniel forgets his good scissors, he has the ranger go back for them. Daniel is alone, he whistles the song that Charlie played for him, someone whistles it back. All of a sudden, a man kills a walker that was approaching him, it is Morgan, and all of a sudden, Daniel remembers who Morgan is.


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