Love & Hip Hop New York Recap 02/17/20: Season 10 Episode 11 “Spirtuali Team”

Tonight on VH1’s hit series Love & Hip Hop New York returns with an all-new Monday, February 17, 2020, episode and we have your Love & Hip Hop New York recap below for you.  In tonight’s season 10 episode 11, “Somaya attempts to mend Yandy and Kimbella’s feud with the healing power of her spiritual tea. Joe and Cyn show up together to Erica’s baby shower, sending Tahiry on a spiral. Safaree works on his new album.

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Kim and Yandy are going at it. Yandy finally reacts, throwing a drink. Jonathan has had it. Security had to separate them and there is food everywhere. Somaya has no idea what is going on. Jonathan just wants to keep everyone separated.

The next night, Cyn and Jonathan arrive at a bar to unwind and have a drink. Jonathan doesn’t know why Kim and Yandy can’t communicate. Cyn talks about her and Joe and how they have been working on their communication. They are in a good place right now.

Erica and Safaree are at their baby’s ultrasound. They are excited to see their girl. Meanwhile, Kim, Cyn, and Somaya go to get massages to unwind after the other night. They talk about Somaya’s past with Chrissy and their fighting. Just as Somaya says she doesn’t hold grudges, Chrissy shows up. Somaya is surprised but smiles. They all sit and talk about Kim and Yandy’s fight.

Cyn pays a visit to Joe. She tells him about Tahiry and what she did at Erica’s birthday party. Joe suggests they go to the baby shower coming up to show them they are mature and get along.

Yandy and Rich meet up. They get to talking about Olivia and how she keeps saying Rich took money from her. Yandy thinks they need to sit down to talk. Somaya shows up. She says hi to both and they get right into the fight with Kim the other night. Somaya believes in the power of crystals and wants to help Yandy and Kim. She also is here to promote her calming tea. She is having a party for it and all are invited.

Safaree is with Phresh and Pap in the studio. Pap talks about how he is trying to focus on his music but with Remy’s trial coming up he is nervous.

It is the day of Erica and Safaree’s baby shower. Everyone is there. Cyn and Joe arrive hand in hand. A bit later, Tahiry arrives. She and Joe talk. Cyn is irritated. She heads outside. Erica finds her to talk. She feels bad she set up Tahiry and Joe and now she wants to clean up her mess. Tahiry comes outside. Cyn asks her why she was spicy the other night. Tahiry explains she has a lot going on but one thing is clear. She and Joe have history and she is “the ex.” Cyn is upset and asks her why she is acting like this. She and Joe are cool and he seems pretty honest. Tahiry makes Cyn doubt this with more attitude.

Kim shows up at Somaya’s tea party feeling awkward. She is all dressed up. Yandy and Jonathan head to the tea party. Things are immediately uncomfortable. Somaya has them read affirmations. They all read their affirmations except Yandy. She asks Somaya to step outside. She shares that she wants to rip Kim’s head off. She cannot read her affirmation, it is about forgiveness. Back inside, Jonathan and Kim start to argue. He wants Kim to accept responsibility. Kim thinks she should have done more.

Yandy decides to leave. Jonathan gets up to leave too. Kim gives him a hard time. He explains that it isn’t a slight to anyone. Kim is mad.

Remy and Pap head to court. She is nervous. Pap reassures her the will get through.


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