Married to Medicine Los Angeles Recap 07/05/20: Season 2 Episode 9 “Queens Of The Desert”

Tonight the Bravo series Married to Medicine Los Angeles airs with an all-new Sunday, June 28, 2020, season 2 episode 9 and we have your Married to Medicine Los Angeles recap below. In tonight’s episode titled, “Queens Of The Desert,” as per the Bravo synopsis, “The Palm Springs weekend continues as the ladies hit the town for a social cycle, but Kendra and Jazmin’s fitness relationship threatens everyone’s good time.

Lia throws a designer labels themed dinner, but Shanique takes the opportunity to air her grievances. Imani takes the spotlight at a drag show. Later, Shanique has doubts about her new career choice and Kendra makes a bold decision that could affect her marriage.

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The girls are still in Palm Springs. The trip has been going well so far what with all the activities they had planned. Their latest activity was bicycle bus ride. It was supposed to be something fun and unfortunately, that’s when the trip decided to take a turn. It took a turn right as Jazmin came down on Kendra. Kendra had asked her friend to help her lose weight and she truly had no idea that Jazmin would have taken so seriously. Jazim became her coach. She took Kendra on as a client and they both regretted it. Jazmin had wanted Kendra to be serious about losing weight. She even came to resent Kendra for not listening and the same was true for Kendra who wanted Jazmin to back off.

Both women hated this student-coach relationship. It all came out tonight when Kendra wasn’t bicycling as much as Jazmin wanted her to and so Kendra fired Jazmin. She said she couldn’t do this anymore. Kendra wanted their old relationship back and Jazmin felt the same. Jazmin needed clients who were serious about losing weight. She couldn’t take Kendra’s constant cheating on her diet or her excuses for why she couldn’t work out as much. Kendra either needs to hire someone else in the future or she needs to lose weight on her own. Kendra and Jazmin were happy to go back to their friendship.

They missed being friends. Jazmin wasn’t resentful about being fired and she was back to her old self once the words out there. She finally stopped policing Kendra. Kendra appreciated it and so did everyone else. They had all been tired of the way Jazmin was coming down on Kendra. Lia had especially hated watching it. She thought Jazmin was rude and the two of them have been butting heads a lot this current season. Lia’s activity came next. She asked everyone to come to dinner wearing labels and Jazmin decided to spite her by showing up in her own label. LS was her own personal label. She also wanted to upset Lia and she did.

Jazmin wasn’t the only one that showed up wanting to ruin the mood. Shanique did as well when she brought up her gift. She hadn’t liked the gift Imani had gotten her and she told everyone she didn’t like it at dinner. Shanique had hated the airhorn. She said she put thought in Imani’s gift and she felt disappointed Imani hadn’t done the same. So, they reminded Shanique that all she got for Imani was a dildo. Jazmin tried coming to Shanique’s defense and she said Imani really needed the dildo because she hadn’t known true intimacy in almost five years. Imani tried to speak up for herself because she was feeling a little disappointed. And the dinner just devolved from there.

Imani asked Jazmin why she never opened up. Jazmin said she doesn’t have to and Imani said it felt like a diss. Imani wasn’t really an open person. She had made herself vulnerable when she did that and she didn’t understand why Jazmin couldn’t be the same. There were some members of their group who have never met Jazmin’s husband. Jazmin said her husband doesn’t really like people. He much prefers to be around his family and that’s why her husband isn’t going to be at their events. He also wasn’t going to show up at the guys’ thing. The husbands had gathered together while their wives were on their trip and Hobart opened up to the others.

Hobart mentioned how Kendra had been upset when she heard about Imani’s divorce. Kendra had been worried about where they are right now and Hobart was still hung up on her going back to work. He didn’t really want her to return. He thought she doesn’t want to be around the baby anymore and that she was returning to work to pawn the baby off on him. Hobart said all of this to the guys. They told him that there were certain things he should never say out loud and that was one of them. They also told him that Kendra is going to want her independence. It was very important for women to have that. They didn’t want to feel dependent on their husbands and that goes double for black women.

The guys told Hobart that he couldn’t get mad at Kendra wanting to return to full-time work. She’s going to do what’s best for her and they’ll adjust. Kendra meanwhile was enjoying herself. She and the others later went to a drag club. This was Britten’s activity. She wanted Imani to have a fun night out and Imani ended up enjoying herself. They all enjoyed themselves. They loved being at the drag club and they made new friends. They met other women they had quickly befriended while they were there. The ladies were in such a good mood that they went back to the house and kept the party going. Jazmin, Lia, and Shanique all stayed away late into the night smoking weed and eating fried chicken. They also talked.

Lia and Jazmin buried the hatchet between them. They finally talked everything threw and now they’re better. Which is great for everyone. The whole crowd was feeling the tension between the two women and so now they’re glad they don’t have to deal with it anymore. They could just go back to their vacation. Their vacation was doing them some good and it gave Kendra the opportunity to discuss what’s been happening in her marriage. She does admit she went on an interview without telling her husband. Her friends told her she was wrong for doing that because she shouldn’t have made such a big decision without Hobart.

And while Britten and Jazmin were talking to Kendra, Shanique was opening up to Imani.


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