The Chi Recap 07/05/20: Season 3 Episode 3 “Buss Down”

Tonight on Showtime The Chi airs with an all-new Sunday, July 5, 2020, episode, and we have your The Chi recap below. In tonight’s The Chi season 3 episode 3 called “Buss Down,” as per the Showtime synopsis “Emmett and Tiff move in with Jada while he gets his new business going.

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Kevin, Papa, and Jake are at Nock’s door, who answers with a gun in their faces. Jake and Papa want to go, they convince Kevin who would rather stay and get his sister. Meanwhile, Nina, Dre, and Emmett are out handing fliers to people in the hopes of finding Keisha. A woman walks up to Nina, her name is Tracy, her son was killed. She tells Nina not to think the worse, even though she knows she is scared. Tracy tells Nina that handing out the flyers is a fool’s plan, she needs an army and a plan. The boys are later in the car with Trig and Imani, they ask their help to find Keisha.

Emmett visits his mom with Tiffany and asks if they can stay there for a while. She says ok, but don’t let it stretch to a year. The rules are; no loud noises in the morning, clean up after yourself, no smoking and selling weed, 20-minute limit in the shower.

Nina and Dre go over to Stacey’s house, she talks about her organization that helps parents with missing children. She asks the two of them to attend a meeting.

Ronnie is collecting empty bottles, he goes and cashes them in and the lady at the counter asks him on a date. Ronnie says he is good and leaves.

Kevin and Jake are in school, Jake asks if he heard from Trig. He says not yet, but he is sure it will be soon because he is trying to get in his good graces. The teacher catches Kevin talking and puts the spotlight on him. She advises him to pay attention in class.

Jada is at work, she gets annoyed when a co-worker asks her out for drinks, she says yes.

Imani and Trig head to see Nock’s door, they arrive with guns to get attention. Imani goes from room to room to find Keisha. She hits one guy and Trig tells her to stay focused.

Dom stops by to see Emmett at his work, he is upset because she showed up before 9 pm; he tells her that they need to keep their arrangement private.

At the group session, there are about twenty people there. Stacey tells everyone that they need to know Keisha’s name and face. One woman tells Nina that Keisha posts naked pictures on Finster. Stacey says she doesn’t care, this is someone’s child. The majority of the people in the group don’t want to help Nina, they think they are going to get bad press for helping a girl who posts naked photos. Nina gets upset, Stacey tries to calm her, Dre gets up and they both leave.

Emmett and Dom are cooking after hours, it is going to slow and customers are starting to complain. Emmett is getting upset, Dom tells him to get her some backup.

Ronnie is seen running, some guys are chasing him and beat him up. A man hears the noise, he runs out of a church and goes after the kids with a broom. He helps Emmett inside. The man tells Ronnie that he has to forgive himself, then he can ask God for forgiveness.

Dre tells Emmett that Keisha had a Finster account, he says he knows nothing about that.
TIffany and Emmett are having a fight about who is going to take EJ to daycare, Jada offers to take him so they can work it out. Tiffany leaves, Jada tells Emmett that he needs to tell Nina and Dre the truth, that he has seen Keisha’s Finster account. Nina ends up seeing the account and can’t believe Keisha did it. Dre tells her that now is not the time to be judging Keisha’s actions. Nina asks Dre if she thinks she is good mother, Dre says she is doing the best that she can.

Kevin and Jake meet up with Trig, he tells them that Keisha wasn’t there, he put a gun to the guy’s head, he is sure. Trig says that she has been gone a week and it probably ain’t good.

Ronnie goes to see his grandmother, she calls him a bum, not a war hero. Ronnie leaves.

Imani tells Trig that she can’t stop thinking about the girls at the house, that could have been her. He tells her that she can’t save everyone and they have to stay focused. They came out there to get Jake, they need to stick to the plan, that’s it.

Kevin tells Nina that he doesn’t want to go to the vigil, she goes without him. Stacey put on the vigil. Dre shows up, but stays in the audience and doesn’t go on stage with Nina, because Nina said earlier in the day that Keisha was HER daughter. Nina takes the stage, she starts talking. Ronnie is in the audience, he sees a suspicious man and tries to run after him, but he gets away.

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