The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Michael Damian Y&R Return Coming – Danny Romalotti Trapped In the Grand Phoenix Hotel?

The Young and the Restless spoilers document that Michael Damian (Danny Romalotti) was last seen in Genoa City, Wisconsin, in 2013. He’s believed to have been on various concert tours since then.

Hardcore soap opera fans and others who enjoy good entertainment have been watching classic episodes the past three-plus months. However, the production shutdown ended in June, with Y&R resuming filming on July 13.

New Y&R episodes will be broadcast in August, at a date that’s yet to be determined. Damian, who debuted as Danny in 1980, isn’t part of the current cast. But he recently said that he’s willing to return to Y&R when he’s in Los Angeles, California.

Young And The Restless Spoilers – Michael Damian In Front Of The Camera Again

Damian told Soap Opera News, “I don’t have a definite plan but I do know that the door is open.”

“They’ve asked me to come back before for different events and I was not in the country because as a director I’ve been shooting all over the world. As I’ve told producers if I’m in LA and you want to have me come into Genoa City, absolutely! Let’s do it.”

Whenever an actor has left a long-running role on good terms and has returned sporadically, as Damian has, it’s reasonable to believe that another comeback can happen.

Young And The Restless Spoilers – Doomed Hotel Setting For Next Danny Romalotti Comeback?

The Grand Phoenix Hotel could serve as the setting for Danny’s next adventure in GC. Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford), the person who was responsible for splitting Danny and Christine Blair Romalotti (Lauralee Bell), owns the Phoenix. That alone would seem to make it the perfect place where another dramatic event can occur inside it’s already fated walls.

In terms of a suggested return storyline Damian said, “It would be fun for Danny, Phyllis, Paul, Cricket, Lauren, and Traci to get together. Maybe we’re stuck somewhere in a hotel during a hurricane and we all kind of get together and talk about great times and we could flashback to them!”

Along with Danny and Phyllis, Damian referenced Doug Davidson’s character (Paul Williams), the nickname for Bell’s character, Cricket, Tracey Bregman’s character (Lauren Fenmore), and Beth Maitland’s character, Traci Abbott.

Young And The Restless Spoilers – Y&R Shutdown Sparks Social Media Connections

Social media has taken on a much deeper significance this year due to health related conditions. In this regard Damian has been able to connect with his former castmates and the fans while classic episodes were playing.

“It’s been incredible. I’m so thankful that The Young and the Restless has been running those retro shows. It inspired me to do an Instagram Live with Lauralee [Bell] when they played the Hawaiian wedding.

We did a whole commentary behind-the-scenes while that was running, and I did the same thing with Tracey Bregman and Beth Maitland. So, it’s really been fun reliving those moments, and reminiscing with all of us together has been incredibly enjoyable.”

Here’s hoping that Damian’s recent reconnection with Y&R and the fans response to the classic shows he appeared in results in Danny being written back into the show in the near future.

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