The Young and the Restless Spoilers Review: Tuesday, October 20 – Gloria’s Hollywood Secrets – Elena Begs Forgiveness

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers review for Tuesday, October 20, reveals that some gala drama’s taking center stage. At The Grand Phoenix, Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) rattles off orders to Ethan on her headset before Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) appears.

Nick’s impressed over Phyllis being able to pull this off this gala to honor Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) so quickly. Phyllis is grateful for Nick’s recommendation and intends to show him just how grateful later.

In a suite upstairs, Devon tells Elena Dawson (Brytni Sarpy) he’s happy they booked one. It feels like a real celebration – like when Elena put on that impromptu jazz festival.

Devon wants to make some of that magic happen once the gala’s over, but Elena pushes him to focus on getting ready. She remembered to pack Devon’s cufflinks for safekeeping, so Devon wonders what he’d do without Elena.

Elena tells Devon she’s proud of him and adds that it’s going to be a special night. As Devon nuzzles Elena, she seems uneasy. At Crimson Lights, Amanda Sinclair (Mishael Morgan) runs into Nate Hastings (Sean Dominic).

They’re both going to the gala to support Devon, but Amanda admits that Devon already knows about their breakup.

Amanda’s surprised that Nate didn’t tell Elena, but he suggests they haven’t been working the same shifts lately – and he’s pretty private when it comes to that stuff.

Nate argues that he works with Elena a lot, so he likes to maintain some sense of boundaries. Amanda seems a bit suspicious and contends that must be easier said than done.

At the Chancellor mansion on Tuesday’s Y&R episode, Kevin Fisher (Greg Rikaart) and Chloe Mitchell (Elizabeth Hendrickson) are exhausted thanks to the new baby.

Chloe isn’t sure she’s slept more than two hours at a time since Miles Fisher made his grand entrance, so Kevin pushes her to catch some Zs since the baby just went down.

That’s when Gloria Fisher Bardwell barges in and loudly announces herself. Kevin wonders what she’s doing there and wants his mom to keep her voice down. They just got the baby to sleep! Gloria doesn’t care and insists they’ll wake Miles up to meet his “beautiful Grandma Glo.”

At the Abbott mansion on Tuesday’s Young and the Restless episode, Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) sits alone with Dina Mergeron’s (Marla Adams) picture. He flashes back to dealing with abandonment issues and listening to Dina talk about her regrets.

Over at Chancellor Communications, Lily Winters (Christel Khalil) gets ready to leave for the gala. Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) notes that he’s going to spend some time with Jack, even though he probably doesn’t deserve a spot in his brother’s life.

Lily understands and is glad Devon was able to move past what happened with Hilary Curtis Hamilton (Mishael Morgan), but she quickly apologizes for making this about her.

Billy doesn’t mind and suggests they could all use a little forgiveness sometimes. He reminds Lily that she’s the angel on his shoulder, but she jokes that she’s off duty tonight and leaves.

Billy makes his way to the Abbott mansion, where Jack’s feeling blue. Although Jack doesn’t think he’ll be good company, Billy wants to hear stories about Dina. Billy pushes for bourbon and a little chat about the woman who gave Jack life, so Jack says it’s a deal.

After Jack brings up the “teardrop of love” necklace, he shows it to Billy and notes that apparently it’s either enchanted or cursed. “Well, those are two different things,” Billy says. Billy thinks maybe all the Abbott men could use some help in the love department and suggests the necklace might do the trick.

Once Billy gushes about how well things are going in his partnership with Lily, Jack says he doesn’t have to remind Billy about the dangers of mixing work and romance.

A flustered Billy wonders who said anything about romance and argues that he’s just talking about work. “If you say so,” Jack insists and then sips his drink.

Back at the hotel, Devon insists he’s there if Nate ever wants to talk about his breakup. Nate wants to keep the focus on Devon’s big night and excuses himself to get a drink.

Meanwhile, Amanda appears and tells Phyllis she’s headed upstairs to change. Before Amanda gets on the elevator, she spots Devon and offers a sad smile.

Elena walks in the lobby from the ballroom and looks at Amanda, then at a pensive Nate by the bar. Nate looks back at Elena as the tension of the night grows. Once Elena approaches, she admits she heard Nate broke up with Amanda.

They decide to concentrate on small talk for now, so Nate says Elena looks amazing and gets an awkward “thanks.”

Across the room, Devon marvels at how much his life has improved since a year ago. He praises Elena as being the main reason during a conversation with Nick.

Talk turns to the other night at the clinic when that kid almost died, which is news to Devon. He wonders why Elena didn’t tell him, but it’s time for Phyllis to introduce Devon to accept his award.

Up in Amanda’s suite, Lily shows up at the door and weighs in on Amanda’s shoe choice when asked. Amanda brings Lily up to speed on getting dumped and assures Lily that life goes on.

Once everyone’s in the ballroom, Devon makes a sweet speech full of gratitude. Nate and Elena look uncomfortable when he praises them for putting their hearts into running the clinic.

At the Chancellor mansion again, Gloria insists she didn’t want to call ahead and get Kevin’s hopes up about a visit. She just had to come see “darling Milo,” but Chloe corrects Gloria that the baby’s name is Miles. Gloria is relieved since she had a dog named Milo once.

Kevin peppers Gloria with questions, so she claims she’s been working for a boutique firm in Hollywood and adds that she wears lots of hats.

Gloria says she can only stay a few days, but she’s eager to see Bella Fisher (Martie Blair) since her granddaughter won’t interrogate her or question her sincerity.

Later, Gloria’s cuddling the baby while Kevin and Chloe whisper nearby. Chloe thinks Grandma Glo is cute, but Kevin thinks Chloe’s “Glo-dar” is broken. He argues that Gloria must be in trouble since all her tells are on full display.

Kevin calls Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc) and leaves a voicemail to call him. “You’re not going to believe who’s back,” Kevin says in exasperation.

Gloria faces more grilling, so she argues that it takes a while to get films off the ground – if ever. Gloria does admit she’s met some celebrities in Hollywood, though the life’s not as glamorous as it seems.

She eventually gets fed up with what she views as accusations and stomps off. “Yeah, she’s definitely hiding something,” Kevin tells Chloe.

In the Grand Phoenix lobby, Phyllis finds Amanda drinking. Amanda admits Nate broke up with her, so Phyllis insists he’s crazy and not good enough for Amanda anyway. Phyllis wants more details once she wraps things up.

Over with Lily and Nate, they talk about how proud they are of Devon. Nate opts out of saying goodbye to Amanda since he thinks she needs space. Lily approaches Amanda alone and asks about her night, so Amanda admits she can’t wait for this day to be over so she can start a new one tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Devon confronts Elena about the teenager she almost lost of an overdose. He updates Elena on Nick mentioning it and wonders why she didn’t tell him.

Elena beats around the bush, but she eventually admits it was Jared (Michael Maclane). Devon’s thrown once again and asks more questions, but Elena says she can’t do this and rushes upstairs.

When Nate appears, Devon grills him about Jared next. Nate claims he figured Elena would’ve told Devon and offers to check on Elena, but Devon insists he’ll do it himself. That leaves Nate to speak with Amanda, who notes that he’s hanging around waiting to chat with Elena when he could just text her.

Amanda thinks nights like this must be tough for Nate – seeing them together has to be hard, though not seeing Elena might be harder. Nate doesn’t know what Amanda’s getting at, so she suggests she shouldn’t have said anything and promises she won’t tell Devon.

In their suite, Devon finds Elena and begs her to talk to him. He still thinks this is about Jared, but Elena insists it isn’t. After Elena cries and babbles on about being so stressed out, she insists they momentarily lost control. Elena hates herself for what happened and assures Devon she loves him.

Devon wonders what Elena did, so she admits she slept with Nate. As Devon gets up to leave silently, Elena calls out saying he has to forgive her. She pleads with Devon to wait, but he walks out anyway. Elena crumbles on a chair while Devon paces in the hall, then heads downstairs on a mission.

Lily rejoins Billy at Chance Comm for some late-night work. They make a plan to use the company to shine light on charities. Billy also brings up the necklace to Dina and mentions it’s “magic powers” that Jack believes in more than him. Lily argues that Billy is a dreamer, and Billy thinks Lily’s one as well.

After they enjoy a little moment, Lily abruptly suggests getting back to work. Billy takes off to the other room, so Lily exhales deeply. Back at the Chancellor mansion, Gloria sneaks downstairs and takes what appears to be a flash drive out of her bra. She tiptoes over to a decorative jar with a lid and hides it.

Finally, Devon appears in the hotel lobby again and punches Nate in the face. Elena follows Devon and is too late to stop him. Nate smacks against a table before falling to the ground, so that makes for a stunning scene!

The Young and the Restless spoilers say some shockers are still to come on the CBS soap, so stay tuned. CDL will have tons of other great Young and the Restless spoilers, updates and news for you, so check back often.

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