90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Recap 11/07/21: Season 3 Episode 11 “Written In The Stars”

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way airs with an all-new Sunday, November 7, 2021 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way season 3 episode 11 “Written In The Stars,” as per the TLC Synopsis “Ari is unsure if Bini will join her in Kenya. Corey goes all out to win back Evelin. The family astrologer reveals Jenny and Sumit’s fate. Alina worries if Steven will marry her. Armando’s anxiety spikes waiting to see if his dad will show up.”

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In tonight’s 90 Day Fiance, Sumit preps Jenny for the visit of an astrologer and Sumit’s parents. Sumit encourages her to prep some drinks and snacks. The astrologer arrives so that he can help inform them and guide them in terms of their relationship. Sumit’s parents believe in the astrologer and his advice strongly. He gets right down to business and tells the parents they need to mind their own business and that this is God’s wish. Sumit’s mom cries.

Ariela is packing with her mom. They are headed to Kenya. She plans to meet Bini there. He hasn’t answer her calls lately. Her mom is going for support. Ariela is going to try and save her marriage but if he doesn’t show, she will leave.

Armando and Kenny are marrying in 3 days. Kenny dresses his dog up. He is excited. His family is also arriving soon. Armando tells Kenny he invited his dad but it doesn’t seem like he is coming. Kenny goes to the airport. He hasn’t seen his grandson in more than a year. When he gets there, he sees Cooper and his daughter Madison. They all kiss and hug.

Its been 2 months since Evelin and Chris moved back in together. Chris plans to re-propose to her. He needs to do something special. He decides to get some help from friends. He takes Evelin down to the water as a boat goes by with a big sign asking her to marry him again. He gets down on one knee and hands her flowers. She says yes. He is so happy.

Jenny meets with Sumit’s parents alone. They would like to speak with her in nearly park. After they sit, his parents tell her they respect fate and what God has decided and that they love her. When it comes to giving their blessing however, they pause. They then get into responsibilities and how she has so much to take on. Jenny is just happy they won’t be interfering.

Kenny arrives with his family at home. They all meet Armando and his daughter. Kenny takes Cooper for a bike ride. After, he sits with Madison and discusses how hard it has been to be so far away from them. He feels like he is missing so much. He wishes he could just mesh all of their worlds together.

Steven and Alina are still in Turkey. Since he has proposed she has been waiting for them to married because she is worried their visas will run out and they will be separated. She finally sits and talks with him. He wants her to be baptized. But they don’t have enough time to do it first. He asks her to promise. She is annoyed. She said she would.

Jenny tells Sumit the good news. He is overjoyed. She cries and he gets choked up. He goes to see his mom and hug her. Meanwhile, Ari arrives in Kenya with her mom. They heard to an apartment she has rented for 3 months. She doesn’t know what it will be like when she sees Bini. She is broken hearted. Bini travels to the apartment. He wants to see what is going on and wants to save his family.

Bini arrives. He acts like nothing has changed. He can tell Ari is annoyed with him. She doesn’t want to get into it all tonight. She goes to bed. Her mom stays with the baby and Bini.

Kenny is happy to have his family around him. They all sit for breakfast. Meanwhile, Armando is having issues with his family. His dad appears to be skipping his wedding. His mom and sisters are on their way. He wonders if maybe his dad changed his mind. He steps out to call his mom. His dad is in the car. He comes back in the house after making the call to share the good news. He cries. Kenny does as well. They hug.

It is the start of spring. Sumit will show Jenny how to celebrate Holi. They prep a tray of beautiful colors. Outside, they celebrate, throwing the powders at one another while laughing. They then talk about when they will marry. Sumit needs to see the astrologer and get a date. Jenny thinks this is fine but she doesn’t want to hear anymore excuses.

Bini and Ari head to a nearby cafe to sit and talk. She has brought a translator. He thinks this dramatic. She questions what he has been doing the whole time she and Avi have been gone. He seems defensive. She wants to know if he cheated. She heard through mutual friends this is possible. He denies everything but she knows he is being dishonest. She cannot be in a romance related with him. He gets upset. She cries. She feels sorry for him.


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