American Idol Recap 04/19/21: Season 19 Episode 15 “The Comeback”

It’s another exciting night of American Idol on ABC tonight with an all-new Sunday, April 19, 2021, season 19 episode 15 called “The Comeback” and we have your weekly American Idol recap below. On tonight’s American Idol season 19 episode 15 as per the ABC synopsis, “In an “Idol” first, 10 finalists from last season will return to make their debut on the “American Idol” stage, where they will sing for America’s vote. After a week-long vote, only one will remain in the competition this season, rounding out the top 10..”

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In tonight’s episode of American Idol, things were different last season. The pandemic had just hit. It had taken everyone by surprise with the way the whole country had to shut down and so the show hadn’t known how to carry on. They went on a break. They came back by eventually having the contestants perform remotely. However, it wasn’t fair to the contestants. They missed out on the chance of performing on the Idol stage and so the show brought them back tonight. Season 18 contestants came back for one last chance to perform. They got the hair, the makeup, and even the cool outfits. They were all back and they were singing for votes. There was one position open in the Top 10. The first contestant to perform was Cyniah Elise.

Cyniah was once compared to Whitney Houston. She was known for her ballads and so tonight she wanted to change things up. She decided to do a rock song. Cyniah performed “Edge of Midnight (Midnight Sky Remix)”. She had a great couple of runs with this song and she held her own with a band. She usually doesn’t perform with a band but tonight Cyniah was full of surprises. Next up was Nick Merico. He was back for the third time on this show. He had been on two other seasons before he was eliminated and so that could explain why he did what he did. He too decided to take a risk tonight because he came up with an original song and it was titled “City Lights”. Nick wrote this song to show who he was now and how much he’s changed since he’s been on the show.

The song had a rocker vibe to it. Nick also gave a stellar performance with the way he commanded the stage throughout his song and so it was shocking that Luke didn’t like the performance. He thought Nick’s vocals were a little all over the place. He said so and he was booed for it. The other judges all thought Nick’s performance was great. They liked how he got lost in the music and they encouraged Nick to continue doing what he’s doing. Next up was Aliana Jester. She had a few insecurities when she first got on the show and she didn’t feel quite in her skin until Hawaii. Her performance in Hawaii changed everything. She gained a newfound confidence. It made him realize she needed to live on her and so that’s exactly what she did when she got home.

Aliana moved out. She became her own person and she started adulting. Aliana was back tonight and she performed “I’ll Never Love Again” and she looked so good while she performed. Her makeup was everything. She looked more beautiful than ever. The judges didn’t even recognize her at first and so it wasn’t until they heard her voice that they matched the confident woman onstage with the young girl they met a year ago. The judges loved her performance. They gave her a standing ovation and she was in the lead for joining the Top 10. Next up was Franklin Boone. He was about to become a father for the second time what with his wife being eight months pregnant with their second child and so Franklin wasn’t just singing for himself.

Franklin was still dreaming about possibly winning the competition. Not only will it help his family but Franklin would get to sing for a living and so he took a risk tonight. He left behind his usual vibe in order to perform “Meant to Live”. It was a rocker song and it was so far removed from his Singer/Songwriter genre that the judges all took notice. They later commended him for taking a chance. They said they were glad to see what he was capable of and Franklin himself had no regrets. He chose that song because he thought everyone needed it after 2020. Next up was Faith Becnel. She was once told she had something and that she wasn’t really delivering on it. The judges said at the time that she was giving them soft serve.

The judges demand more from her. Only she kept messing up and she was ultimately eliminated because of it. Faith’s biggest failure is when she forgot the words “Cry Baby” and so she wanted to rewrite the past by performing the song again tonight. Faith performed “Cry Baby” again. She remembered the words this time and she even gave a stellar performance. Faith was at her best tonight. She impressed the judges and, so even if this is her swan song, she’ll get to leave on a better note than before. Next up was a brief performance from Harry Connick Jr. The former judge returned to reveal a new song he put together during quarantine and there was a music video to accompany it. Harry also played a second song that was more upbeat. People could hear the southern/New Orleans influence in that one and so he got the crowd on their feet.

Harry did a great job in waking everyone up. But the stage soon returned to the former contestants and the next one up was Arthur Gunn. He was the young man who blew everyone away with his rearrangement skills. He also almost won his season. He came in second last time and so tonight he came out fighting. Arthur performed “Iris”. He rearranged the song and somehow he made it his own. Arthur is an incredible songwriter. He was in that genre last time and he’s remembered for being so authentic. He was truly talented. The judges thought the same and they sang his praises tonight. Arthur has a huge fanbase. They were probably voting for him as he was still on stage and so there’s a big chance of him joining the Top10.

Next up was DeWayne Crocker Jr. He was the guy that showed up at auditions with his great grandmother and his granny was such a huge fan of Lionel’s that Lionel ended up dancing with her. DeWayne said his great-grandmother still talks about that moment. He also talked about his career path. He realizes now that he wants to do gospel music. He was going back to his roots and so for tonight he performed “Voice of God”. He even accompanied himself on the piano. DeWayne showed a new side to himself that the judges had never seen before and the judges were loving it. They loved this new confidence. They loved that he found his voice. Next up was Makayla Phillips. She was the judges’ save last season and she wanted to show the judges that she did take their advice.

Makayla performed “Anyone”. She performed it for her sister because they both lost a loved one recently and she wanted her sister to know she’ll always be there for her no matter what. Makayla gave this performance her all. It helped that Makayla had such an amazing voice. She has this huge booming voice that’s meant for ballads and instead, she stripped it down to the basics for her song tonight. She even became emotional on stage. Her voice started to crack towards the end and, rather than hurt her performance, it added to it. Makayla was talented. There was no hiding that and the judges ate up her performance tonight. They wanted more of it. They wanted more of her and so the voters at home had a hard time deciding.

Next up was Lauren Daigle. The former contestant was back to perform her amazing song “Look Up Child” and she sounded as wonderful as she always does. It was a shame she was cut from the show. Lauren has the potential to win it all and unfortunately, the judges didn’t see it when it was right in front of them. Now, everyone including the former judges gets to watch her shine. Lauren was awesome and it was a shame she could only perform one song before the show returned to viewing the contestants. Olivia Ximines went next. She gave one of the most dynamic performances last season and she was such a stage personality that it became truly difficult for her to perform at home. Olivia lost some of her brilliance when the lockdown occurred.

Olivia was back now. She was performing “Say Yes” and she was so fun to watch onstage. She was dancing, she was modeling, and her whole performance looked so professional that it put some of the other performances to shame. Olivia was multi-threat. She could sing. She could dance. She also knew something about showmanship. The living room really wasn’t for her and so it’s good she got to shine onstage again. Next up was the final contestant of the night. It was Louis Knight and he was the songwriter that was slinging pizzas but now he’s done with making pizzas and he’s ready to showcase his artistry. Louis the Brit performed an original song tonight. It was titled “Maybe That”, and he actually wrote it last year during his season.

Louis’s song was about heartbreak. The judges instantly fell in love with it and they said whoever broke his heart, must not have been thinking straight. And so whoever broke his heart better call after this.


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