Good Girls Recap 07/22/21: Season 4 Episode 15 “We’re Even”

Tonight on NBC their hit show Good Girls airs with an all-new Thursday, July 22, 2021, episode and we have your Good Girls recap below.  On tonight’s Good Girls season 4 episode 15, “We’re Even,” as per the NBC synopsis, “The girls are forced into a heist by the Secret Service; Ruby tries to repair Beth and Stan’s relationship; Rio offers a shocking proposal; Stan and Dean form an alliance.

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In tonight’s Good Girl episode, the episode begins with Vance, he is at home and his wife wants to celebrate their son’s half-birthday and he doesn’t agree. Then he heads off to work where he makes a call to track a stolen phone owned by Elizabeth Boland.

Ruby and Stan are at home when there is a knock at the door, it is Dean and he wants to talk to Stan. He tells him that he wants him to do something for him, he puts a key on the table and says share a brother. Stan says he didn’t know what else to do, Dean says he could have told him. Dean moves the key closer to Stan and says they would have taken Ruby down too, he is not the bad guy here. Dean picks up his key and says they are all he has.

Annie is in bed with her roommate listening to Train. He says they are dating and she says she doesn’t understand why they have to call it anything.

Beth is in Nick’s office while Scott reads off some political facts. Nick tells her that she has to play by the rules, then they get to do things their way. He shows her a map for a rec center, next we see her sitting beside Annie and Ruby and she says money laundering, bribery, extortion all wrapped in your favorite neighborhood rec center, she is talking to Phoebe and Dave. Phoebe says that’s it. Dave says they need a warrant, Annie says to get one. Dave says they are on vacation.

Ruby and Beth are in the kitchen drinking wine when Annie tries her hand at picking a lock. The girls decide to go back to Nick’s office late at night to steal the map. Annie pretends to have to pee, she gets into the building, then lets Beth in through a window but they can’t get into the office and when the security goes back to check on Annie, they leave the building without getting the map.

Back home, Ruby tells Stan that she made plans to have dinner with the Bolands.

Annie goes on a blind date with a city employee so she can steal his pass card, go back to the building and get herself in that office. She gets in, lets Beth in, then runs back to her date while Beth is taking pictures of all the stuff she found in a filing cabinet.

The security guard is up from his chair, wondering where Annie is. Meanwhile, on Annie’s date, her roommate catches her with the guy and she introduces him as her “roommate” and he is not happy about it. Annie is finished, she got all her pictures and when she gets out of the building and hops in the van, Vance is there and Ruby tells her that he knows everything.

Beth walks into the house and Dean is drinking a beer, watching TV, and laughing. She is mad at him, she asks him how could he. She tells him that his friends were never really in it for him, they just wanted to get to her.

Ruby is home, she tells him they went out for drinks and ran into a friend of his. Ruby asks Stan how he gets to decide to put a woman away. They get into an argument and she says they deserve it. Then she tells him that she should probably cancel dinner with the Bolands.
Nick is in his office and he can find his key to his filing cabinet, Scott tells him it’s in his top drawer but he ends up finding it in another and gets suspicions. Nick asks Scott to pull security footage.

Later Nick goes to see Rio and shows him a selfie of Scott and his blind date, Annie, Rio starts laughing and tells Nick that he got played.

Vance is home and he finds a flyer with Beth’s picture on it for her running for office. His wife says she found it on her car window and she hopes she wins, she is a leader and she likes her. Vance says he agrees. Vance then goes over to his son who is playing video games and stands is in front of the TV. His son tells him to move and rips out the Xbox and throws it in the trash, then pours milk all over it and tells his son to do his book report now.

Beth stops by to see Nick, he tells her to take a seat. He is putting files in a box and he tells her that he wants to help her, he tells her the box is for her and when she is done, he wants it all back. She asks him what happens now, she wakes up with a gun in her face. He says he is more the guy who makes things difficult. He tells her that he is not going to let her off that easy, she has a lot of work to do. At the same time, we see Phoebe and Dave going through the files.

Annie is arriving home, she unlocks the door and goes inside, she is all alone.

Dean drops by to give Stan the coleslaw that Beth made for their dinner. Dean asks him if he wants to take the brotherhood down, Stan nods yes.

Beth is cleaning the dishes when there is a knock on the back door, she answers it and it is Rio. He says he will take an apology, she hurt his feelings. He says if she needs something, all she has to do is ask. She says he is his brother, he says cousin and he is in their way.


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