Good Girls Series Finale Recap 07/22/21: Season 4 Episode 16 “Nevada”

Tonight on NBC their hit show Good Girls airs with an all-new Thursday, July 22, 2021, series finale episode and we have your Good Girls recap below.  On tonight’s Good Girls season 4 episode 16 series finale, “Nevada,” as per the NBC synopsis, “Beth and Rio form a surprise alliance but don’t anticipate the shocking consequences.

Beth realizes the women’s problems will never go away. Ruby makes a tough decision; Annie is ready to start anew when reality catches up to her.

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In tonight’s Good Girl finale, the next day, Beth, Annie, and Ruby are at the diner with Phoebe and Dave. Meanwhile, Nick drops by to see Rio and asks him if he is hungry, he says no. Nick tells him to get in – he does, but he is supposed to be meeting Beth at the diner. Nick tells Rio that he is nervous about Beth, he says she is nothing. Rio says he will do what he has to do.

Beth tries calling Rio again, but he won’t answer. Phoebe and Dave end up leaving. Later, Beth meets up with Rio and asks where he was, she looked like an idiot. He says change of plans, too much heat. He passes her an envelope, it is her acceptance speech, she won.

Dean buys Beth a cake, but it says Happy Birthday and tells her congratulations. He tells her that he will be in the garage cleaning up. Vance meets Stan and Dean in the garage, Dean tells him to leave his wife out of this, she is not his problem. Vance says everyone benefits from it. Stan closes the garage door and tells Vince don’t be stupid, he doesn’t want him to make him understand. Stan takes off his jacket, Vance laughs. Vance hands him a baseball bat and tells him the only way to shut him up is to kill him. Dean looks at Stand and looks like he is considering it.
Beth is giving her acceptance speech, Dean is by her side. Meanwhile, Nick is being inundated by calls from the press because of information Beth leaked about him. Nick meets with Phoebe and Dave, Nick blames Rio. Phoebe asks him why all the money is set up under his grandmother’s name. Nick asks why this can’t be Rio, they say because he has something he doesn’t., meaning Beth.

Beth, Annie, and Ruby are at the club counting money. Beth says it looks good enough what is left for them.

Stan brings home more product from Vance, they didn’t kill him. Ruby sees all the products and tells him to stop being his bitch. Ruby says they can vanish like they were never here. He asks who is going to pay for that and pulls out envelope after envelope full of cash.

Annie is on the street looking for Kevin, she finds him and tells him that his place is sick. She shows him a photo of an RV that she bought. She wants him to go away with her. She says she chooses to be with him. He says alright if it has cable and they laugh. She kisses him.

At home, Beth is eating cake when Mick shows up and he has a gun, he tells her this is the consequence. We hear Dean calling for Beth, he was going for a bike ride but is locked in the garage. She tells him that her children are upstairs. He thanks her and puts on the silencer. She asks him what he wants, he shoots her, throws the gun on the floor beside her, and walks out.

Next, we see Beth, there is a note on her bedside table from Dean and says he went for a ride. She goes into the bathroom and we see a bandage on her shoulder, before she peels it off we then see her in the kitchen serving the kids breakfast and smiling. Beth goes outside and cuts a flower, waves to her neighbors.

Annie wakes up outside her RV with Kevin. She goes in to make coffee and Kevin comes in and says they have to move because their neighbor is a jerk. She says they can’t because of Ben.

Ruby and Stan are wearing matching shirts and smiling, they are starting a nail salon.

Dean wakes up and asks Beth what she doing today, she says something crazy. He asks her if he should be worried, she says yoga. Later, Beth is out shopping when a young man has a gun and she stands up to him, he asks her if she wants to die and says kind of.

Ben is back home in the RV and Annie says maybe she can go to the game on Saturday. Ben admits that he didn’t join the team, things are different here, they won’t let him change in the locker room.

Ruby and Stan are serving dinner when they call for Sarah and she doesn’t answer. Then we see Beth, she is in her van outside the market. Later, Annie, Beth, and Ruby are sitting on a bench, and Annie and Ruby say their kids were fine at home and are not now that they have all

moved to Nevada, Beth tells them that they will get through it. Next, we see the three girls hold up the market. All of a sudden, one of the customers in the store has a gun and shoots Beth. She wakes up and she is back in the kitchen on the night when Mick shot her. The police are there and paramedics, Dean tells her to say who shot her, she says it happened so fast, she doesn’t know.

Annie and Ruby visit Beth, she says she is not going to Nevada, nothing will be different. Ruby tells her she won’t be in a criminal in Nevada and she won’t fear for her life. Beth says he just grazed her and he left his gun behind.

Rio visits Nick in jail who tells him that he must feel like a boss. Nick says he doesn’t blame him. Rio tells him to leave her be and don’t use his people to do his dirty work. Nick says there is nothing more that he can do anyway. Rio says he should have finished the job. Nick says he took his advice, hit her where it hurts.

Beth asks Ruby why Mick would shoot her with a gun that has her prints all over it.

Phoebe and Dave have the gun and know that Beth’s prints are all over it and it’s not the first time the gun has been used, Dave tells her that it is not their case.

Annie is home, Ben and Kevin are there and excited about the RV, she says she might not be able to go she is in a little bit of trouble.

Ruby walks in and Stan is looking at places to live in Nevada, she tells him that she can’t leave her like this, maybe they can go once everything blows over. He tells her that maybe she can just join them when she decides what she wants to do. He says he already put the application in, the longer they wait the worse it gets.

Dean is home and packing his things, Beth walks in and he says he can’t do this anymore, she says she knows.

We see Annie being taken away in handcuffs.

Beth is in a park sitting on a park bench, Rio comes by and sits near her, she tells him that he works for her now, he touches her hair and says she’s got it, boss.


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