The Good Doctor Recap 05/24/21: Season 4 Episode 18 “Forgive Or Forget”

Tonight on NBC their new medical drama “The Good Doctor” airs with an all-new Monday, May 24, 2021, episode and we have you The Good Doctor recap below. On tonight’s The Good Doctor season 4 episode, 18 called, “Forgive Or Forget,” as per the ABC synopsis, “Shaun and Lea go on a camping trip to distract themselves from their grief over their miscarriage. Meanwhile, Morgan and Park argue about the best course of treatment for their patient.”

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In tonight’s The Good Doctor episode it begins with Claire, she has Miles over, and after dinner, he wants to talk but she won’t, she tells him that he can watch a movie with her or leave. Meanwhile, Shaun is packing clothes, Lea walks in, he tells her that he is packing for their camping trip. She doesn’t think he is going to be able to sleep on the ground, he agrees but thinks they need the trip.

Aaron arrives home and the alarm goes off, his wife comes down the stairs with a gun, she thought someone broke into the house. She looks at the gun and says it is not loaded, she says she always stores it loaded. He says he unloaded it for this very reason, she could have killed him. They start arguing, she goes to bed, alone.

Audrey exams a patient who has a big red mark on her neck, her name is Ava, it is a malformation and Audrey has recommended surgery, but her parents have not allowed it. Now it is getting worse, Audrey wants to admit her. In surgery, Audrey wishes she was able to do this seven years ago. There is a bleeder in the airway, everyone is on alert.

Morgan is with another patient, he tells her that he is treating his depression with his own mushroom cultivation, he has never felt better. She wants to do some tests to see if there are adverse side effects. Morgan discusses the case with Park and he doesn’t necessarily disagree with the patient. On the test results, there is a fungal lesion.

Lea and Shaun show up camping, the attendant at the park tells them it is full and Shuan is frustrated. Although, he didn’t make a reservation.

Camping doesn’t work out the way Shaun thought it would, it is crowded and a big RV drives up and blocks their view.

Audrey tells Ava’s parents that they had to abort surgery due to a bleed, she is conscious and stable in recovery. They have to go back in to remove her collar bone for better access. They want to take their daughter home now, Audrey says that is not possible.

Alex and Morgan go see her patient and tell him that he is lucky, a week later and his liver and lungs would be failing – he cannot continue the surgery. He says he can’t stop, he can’t bear to face the darkness again. Morgan tells him that if he found the light once, he will find it again. Alex and Morgan tell Marcus what they both think should be done in surgery. Jordan is there, and she says she questions Alex’s objectivity in this case. Marcus tells him to map it out, they will go in in the morning.

Lea is toasting marshmallows, Shaun made a fire using the tepee method. All of a sudden, the sky opens up and it starts to rain. They are both in the tent trying to sleep, people in the other tents are making a lot of noise, Shaun luckily brought earplugs. They start kissing and there is a leak in the tent, Lea says she gives up. Shaun says he has a repair kit, but she just wants to go home. She tells him to stay if he wants to, but she is sleeping in the car.

Claire is with Miles, he asks her if she can grab a quick bite. She tells him that she would like to talk, they sit down on a park bench. She says the last time she saw him she screamed at him because he missed her birthday party. She always thought if she said sorry, he would come back. He says it wasn’t about her. She asks how he could disappear. He says things between him and her mother were a mess, one night she told him that he was worthless and only good for the money. He left and sent her the money, never saw her again.

Claire says they never got any money. She worked two jobs to put herself through school. He says he sent enough money for rent, food, and school, her mother squandered the money. She tells him that he using her mother as an excuse. He left when it was tough and he wants to come back when it is easy to be a father. She tells him not to call, don’t come to the door, and leave her alone, she walks away.

Lea is sleeping in the backseat of the car, she looks out and finds Shaun, he is sitting at the picnic table. She gets out, he tells her that he thought camping would be helpful, he was wrong, they can go home. She says why don’t they do the hike first that he planned. She says blueberry pancakes, hike, and back to their warm, cozy, and dry bed at home.

Aaron buys his wife pastries and apologizes to her for unloading the gun without telling her. She says she knows that he is nervous around guns. He says why not keep the gun in her nightstand, but the bullets in another room. She disagrees.

Shaun and Lea are hiking, she wants to take a picture of him, Shaun poses on a log and falls he twists his foot and dislocates it. Lea wants to call 911, Shaun says no, it will take them two hours to get there. He has everything to do surgery, he will guide her and she needs to do it.

Claire is with Ava’s parents, they call her inflammation minor. Her father wants a second opinion. Claire tells them that they were wrong to refuse the surgery that Dr. Lim recommended years ago, they messed up and need to stop thinking about what makes them feel like a good parent and think about what their daughter needs.

Shaun takes a big swig of tequila that he had in his backpack. Lea makes a cut, Shaun passes out from blood loss. Poor Lea is left alone, she continues. Shaun wakes up, he says he can feel his toes. She takes a big swig of the tequila and says now she is finished.

Alex tells Marcus that Morgan was right, they have to open up the patient. In the end, the patient is going to be ok.

Ava is back in surgery, Audrey comes out, Aaron is washing his hands beside her. He tells her that Debbie thinks that he is overbearing and controlling. Audrey says her ex was controlling, she definitely had her own issues, but his need to control her is why their marriage fell apart.

Ava is awake from surgery, her parents say they are sorry and it is their fault, she tells them it is ok and she loves them.

Morgan is getting changed in the locker room, Alex walks in and tells her that when she pushed him away, there was hurt, resentment, and every interaction painful. He tells her that he doesn’t want them to have a relationship outside of business, it is too hard. She tells him that she doesn’t want that, it is boring.

Claire shows up at Miles’ place, she tells him that he was a horrible father, but she should forgive him because she needs him. She would like to keep spending time together and talking, he would love that. He asks if they can restart everything with a hug. She hugs him.

Aaron catches Debbie backing her things, he tells her that he was wrong. He took a choice away from her and he will do everything he can to make it right, he says he is so sorry. She says that she doesn’t think she can make this work. She says so many of their moments are great, but too many are painful. He says they love each other, he loves her. She leans over and kisses him, she tells him that she loves him very much, but it is not enough. She has a bag packed, she leaves.


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