Walker 07/22/21: Season 1 Episode 17 “Dig”

Tonight on the CW their reboot of the long-running series “Walker, Texas Ranger,” WALKER air with an all-new Thursday, July 22, 2021 episode and we have your WALKER recap below! On tonight’s WALKER season 1 episode 17, “Dig,” as per the CW synopsis, “Walker (Jared Padalecki) and Micki (Lindsey Morgan) investigate a bomb threat at the school that targeted Liam (Keegan Allen) and Stan (guest star Jeffrey Nordling).

Abeline (Molly Hagan) and Bonham (Mitch Pileggi) plan a vow renewal, and Trey’s (Jeff Pierre) mother (guest star Schelle Purcell) comes for a visit.”

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Walker has returned to his calling as a ranger. He is welcomed back by his superiors. Back at home, Stella wants August to tell a girl he likes that he has a crush. It’s spirit week at school and the last week before summer. Liam recalls spirit week.

Trey’s mom comes to visit. She is strong from the start, wondering who pays what bills and when will they have babies. After, Micki doubles up on her birth control. She missed a few days. Trey seems curious about what she would do if they got pregnant.

At the high school, Liam attends a photo op for the election. Walker is told there is a bomb threat. He and Micki clear the school. They hear a noise inside. It’s a cow, planted from an opposing school. They laugh. They head back outside. Sad the kids have had a long year, Walker and Micki invite all back to the bar. No booze he yells. He sees Geri. He didn’t know she would be back.

Liam shows up at home with Stan for drinks and BBQ. Abby and Bonham plan to wait to tell him Bonham has cancer. Meanwhile, Walker and Micki search the school. They stop and talk about Walker returning to be a ranger. He knows he did badly before, things got dark. But he plans to do better.

They find a man hiding in the bathroom. It is a man named Travis who threatened violence against those at the debate. They take him in. He appears to be mentally ill.

Walker and Micki head back to the bar. The kids are all having fun but going strong with all the feels, according to Micki, since it is the end of the school year. Back at home, Trey’s mom wonders if Micki wants what Trey wants, a family. He did not reenlist and now she is running off on cases as a ranger. She worries about him.

Meanwhile, it comes to light that Stan signed off on a number of cases where the outcome didn’t seem right. An associate asks Stan why he dismissed all of these cases. Stan gets mad and pushes him. His head hits a rock. He instantly dies.

Across town, the supposed killer that murdered Walker’s wife admits he took the fall for money to help his family. He also mentions a corrupt official named Stan. Walker seems to piece it all together in his man and takes off.

Stan returns to Walker’s parents’ house. He washes his hands. He talks to Abby, sorry Bonham is sick. She tells him no matter what happens he has a place with them. Micki arrives and talks with Liam. Stan hears Walker is with Carlos, the murderer charged for his wife’s death.

Stan calls his men who find Walker on the road. They push his truck off the road with his and then surround him at gunpoint. Meanwhile, Micki arrives home to see Trey and his mom. She brings flowers and news she isn’t pregnant. Trey seems sad. She is excited about the future she doesn’t know how she will balance. But she plans to figure it out.

August vents to Stella. He let the moment to tell Ruby he liked her slip by. Stella shares she might go to Mexico with Bell to see her parents. Stella gets him to sign his yearbook. Meanwhile, Walker is digging his own grave one second and then overpowers the group of men holding him at gunpoint. He is forced to shoot and kill them. Stan is the only one left, and he is scared.


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