7 Little Johnstons Finale Recap 05/03/22: Season 11 Episode 8 “The Finn-Ale”

Tonight on TLC America’s largest known little family, 7 Little Johnstons returns with an all-new Tuesday, May 3, 2022, finale episode and we have your 7 Little Johnstons recap below. On tonight’s 7 Little Johnstons Season 11 Episode 8 “The Finn-Ale,” as per the TLC synopsis, “The Johnstons say goodbye to their Finnish exchange student, Joose. Then, Elizabeth drops a bomb on her parents about her future plans with Brice.”

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In tonight’s 7 Little Johnston’s finale episode, the family decides they need a little fun especially since Joose is leaving soon. They decide they want to try to do curling. The man who directs them named Jeff yells, in a funny way, for them to sweep. They work to smooth the ice before they actually curl. Amber, Liz, and Joose as well as Alex win.

Liz, Emma, and Liz get together for coffee. They talk about school and then dating. Hanna shares that she and Kyle are no longer dating as they decided to step it back. They still talk but are slowing it down. Emma is all set with boys right now. Liz shares that Brice wants to move in. He needs to get financially ready and then they plan to buy a house at the end of the year. They joke that Hanna and Cruiser her dog are soul mates. They discuss what they can do for fun with Joose since his time to leave is coming up.

The family gets together at the fire pit and makes a fire. This is the last time they will all be together with Joose. They decide to make s’mores. Jonah is with them. He falls asleep in his chair. Joose laughs. He has had a lot of fun with them. He may not have liked all of the food in the US. But he has really enjoyed his time with them. Everyone takes a turn remembering their best memories with Joose. They love the weird foods he eats and his sauna experience.

Joose loves Liz for her great English. He thinks Trent is the funniest and Amber took the best care of him. He has really had a great time.

Liz video chats with her two best girlfriends. She tells them how she and Brice plan to live together. They are both supportive but tell her to really think about it. Liz shares how she needs to talk to her mom and dad about this.

It is Joose’s last night at the house. He packs. Emma and Alex watch him pack and they all tell each other how they will miss one another. They give him a memory book full of photos. They all go through the book and laugh at all of the memories they made in 3 months together. Goose has written a card for all of them. He reads the letter out loud to them and gets a bit emotional.

The next day the whole family brings Joose to the airport. They all hug goodbye. It’s a sad moment. Amber and Trent thought the whole experience was great for them and the kids.

Trent and Amber are hanging out and talking. Trent feels like his career move to sell cars have been good. Liz comes over. She wants to talk to them. She and Brice want him to move in. Her parents are too happy. They want to see them married first. Amber really wants Liz to get her degree and then get married. Liz is telling them and hopes they will see how great this will be. She isn’t looking for their approval. Trent isn’t giving her the green light either.


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