Chicago PD Recap 10/19/22: Season 10 Episode 5 “Pink Cloud”

Tonight on NBC their drama Chicago PD returns with an all-new Wednesday, October 19, 2022, season 10 episode 5 called, “Pink Cloud,” and we have your Chicago PD recap below. In tonight’s Chicago PD season 10 episode 5 called, Upton’s dogged pursuit of a missing teenage girl leads the team into a dark web of human trafficking.

Chief O’Neal becomes involved with the unit’s investigation when it becomes evident his son, Sean, has a connection to the missing girl.

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In tonight’s Chicago PD episode, Detective Upton hasn’t been the same since Halstead left. She was sad that her man was gone. She also threw all her focus into work. It was so bad that she barely went home for a full week. She stayed at the station and she typically works through the night into the morning. It got so bad that Sergeant Platt noticed. Platt tried to tell Upton to go home. She reminded Upton that no one can run from their problems forever and Upton pretended to listen. But it didn’t change anything. Upton continued to devote herself to work. She was on an ops with fellow detectives when she moved in after hearing gunshots. And she pursued a perp.

The guy she was chasing had gotten away from her. But Upton found a girl strapped to a bed. She tried helping her and she was knocked out from behind. Before she was knocked out, she tried asking the girl some questions. The girl said “run”. She also said “keeping running”. Upton had no idea what that meant. She just knew that by time she was woken up by another detective that the girl was gone. Upton didn’t even think the girl was connected to her Narcotics case or the perp. The perp was caught. He had nothing to do with the girl. What was happening with the girl was something much worse.

Upton called it in with her boss. Voight and his people took over the case. They began searching for that missing girl. Upton said she couldn’t be more than sixteen. Upton also noticed that there were cuts on the girls feet. They found a razor blade with blood on it. The kidnapper must have caught up the girl’s feet to keep her from running away. The team searched nearby cameras. They didn’t get anything of the night Upton found the girl, but they got footage of thirty-six hours before then. There was footage of the guy dragging the victim into the building. It means he’s had her for over a day without anyone noticing.

The team tracked down the car’s last movements. They saw that it visited a known trap house. They figured the perp might have taken the girl back there and they didn’t need to wait for a warrant because the house was abandoned. They went in. They found Sean O’Neal there. He was the son of Chief O’Neal. He runs a group home for at risk teenagers. He said he was looking for a runaway who hadn’t checked in two days. His runaway was the same girl Upton was looing for. Her name was Abby. Abby never knew her father. Her mother died when she was six. She was put in foster care and ran away at ten. She’s been in and out of trouble ever since. And her addiction doesn’t help.

Abby was supposed to be going to meetings at the group home. She missed them. She also hasn’t checked in with her friends and so that’s what prompted Sean into looking for her. He thought Abby relapsed. Upton knew better and she brought Sean in for questioning. She was questioning him in an interrogation room when his dad intervened. The Chief pulled Sean out of the room. He also took Voight to task for letting a “rouge” cop question his son. The Chief knows that Upton isn’t sleeping and that she just working nonstop. He demanded that she leave his son alone. It was Sean actually who volunteered to help.

Sean wanted to find Abby as much as Upton does. Sean later took Upton to his center and he introduced her to the kids. Upton told them that Abby was in trouble. She could die because some guy has her. One kid didn’t speak up, but he ran out of the room and Upton followed him. She overheard him calling Abby. Upton took the teen into custody. Which Sean didn’t like. Sean demanded that the kid have a lawyer and a child advocate with him when the police question him. Upton said she was never going to interview the kid without those things. Upton and even Sean got the kid to admit Abby has a cell phone.

Abby has been a street kid for so long that Sean didn’t think she had a cell phone. But learning differently helped. They pulled up the phone’s log information and they knew that she was in contact with Malcolm Kenning. Kenning was the same height and build of the guy seen in the security footage dragging Abby into that building. They also learned that Kenning’s car was a match to the one they saw in the footage. They got enough for a warrant and they went into Kenning’s apartment. They found photos of Abby at that old factory building. He was posing her. Like he was going to pimp her out. And so Upton finding him must have destroyed his plans.

Kenning was moving Abby somewhere he felt safe. Or that’s what Voight figured. Platt looked into all of his associates and family members and she found property that they owned. They were in middle of searching properties attached to him when Sean got a call from Abby. Abby called to tell him she’s scared. She told him where to find her. Sean told her he was on the way and he also called the police to join him there. They all got there at the same time. Upton and Burgess searched the house and even the backyard. They didn’t find Abby. They found a piece of her shirt. That was it. They continued to look for Abby and they overhead gunshots at a vacant building.

Upton followed that sound to Abby. Abby got Kenning’s gun away from him and she shot him. But Abby was so messed up by that point that she didn’t think she could ever recover. And so she jumped off of the roof of the building.

Abby was now dead. She killed herself after Upton mentioned Sean. Burgess had to break the bad news to Sean. But Upton continued to look into Sean. She thought something was off and so she started to build a case. She found out that several teenage girls have gone missing off of the face of the earth after joining Sean’s group. And so Upton thinks Sean is pimping out the kids under his care.


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