La Brea Fall Finale Recap 11/15/22: Season 2 Episode 7 “1988”

Tonight on NBC their sci-fi drama La Brea airs with an all-new Tuesday, November 15, 2022, episode and we have your La Brea recap below. In tonight’s La Brea season 2 episode 7 Fall Finale, “1988”  as per the NBC synopsis, “A reunited Harris family leads the effort to rescue Caroline and stop the sinkholes from happening, only to face forces that threaten to tear their family apart. With Lucas’ life on the line, Ty accepts a challenge to win his friend a cure.

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In tonight’s La Brea, episode Eve meets Gavin on the pier. He got their family back together – no small feat. Levi brings a radio that was left behind. It will help them save Caroline. They come up with a plan. They need to get downtown. They have 48hrs. They head to where Caroline is being held. She is being watched at gunpoint by two guards. Gavin steps up. They will follow his plan. It’s his mother. They head in. Inside, Caroline is being questioned about the virus when Gavin comes rushing in. He tells his mother who he really is after he and Levi as well as Sam take out the guards. Somehow during the commotion, Levi got shot.

They bring Levi back to a friend’s house they are staying at. Caroline tells them she needs to finish the virus. Gavin takes her back to her place while they work on Levi on a picnic table. Meanwhile, Ty manages to catch his enemy who is Paara’s husband when Lucas and Scott arrive. Lucas is injured and all marked up. His veins are red. He needs a cure. Paara’s estranged husband has the cure and he will give it to them if Ty can beat him in a physical challenge. Ty accepts. Paara says no.

Gavin takes Caroline to her home with his kids and Eve. They check out her place. It’s safe. The kids talk about how happy their mom and dad are. Their daughter doesn’t say anything about Eve and Levi.

Caroline works to stop the sinkhole while Gavin asks about his dad. She warns him his dad is bad. She then explains that she needs to close the portals to end the sinkholes. This means Gavin’s family cannot go home.

Gavin asks the family what they think. Josh feels terrible he didn’t believe his dad’s visions. They agree they can make their stay work. After, Eve asks their daughter about living in the 80s. Her daughter is worried more about her mom being happy. She sees how she feels about Levi.

Scott asks Lucas about his pain level. He tells him to shut up. Scott thinks they need to do something drastic. He takes off without sharing his plan. Veronica stays with Lucas. He tells her he doesn’t deserve to live. He used to be a heroin dealer. She comforts him.

Ty tells Paara he needs to fight Thomas. He cannot give up. He has too many times in the past. She tells him no, that Thomas will not show mercy. He has something up his sleeve.

Sam tells his daughter he wants to go back. He doesn’t want to stay here in the 80s. She tells him they have a future here. He tells her they don’t have family here though. Meanwhile, Levi tells Eve he wants to stay here with her and have the family they are supposed to. They are interrupted by agents looking for Caroline. They all run. They need to go to save Caroline.

They bring Caroline to the sinkhole, evading three guards with guns. They use ATVs to get close and take out the three.

They bring back a remedy for Lucas. Scott procured it by making a secret deal with Thomas who was beaten by Ty in a battle. Scott tells Thomas no deal since Ty did win. Thomas tells him he needs one more ingredient or Lucas will die. Desperate, Scott cuts him lose. Thomas then punches him. He takes off.

Eve and the rest of the family meet up with Gavin. They plan to go with him. Eve tells Levi. Sam tells Riley he just cannot go yet. Riley plans to follow her dad wherever he goes. Ty proposes to Paara while Scott watches Lucas from a distance. Hopefully, he is ok. Veronica holds Lucas’ hand as he cannot move his other.

Caroline, Gavin, Eve, and the others jump into the sinkhole. Gavin has a vision of Eve dying. He lies and tells her it’s nothing. They all plunge into the hole.


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