Law & Order Recap 10/06/22: Season 22 Episode 3 “Vicious Cycle”

Tonight on NBC Law & Order returns with an all-new Thursday, October 6, 2022 episode and we have your Law & Order recap below. In tonight’s Law & Order season 22 episode 3 “Vicious Cycle,” as per the NBC synopsis, “A fashion designer is killed on the night of his boutique opening. Cosgrove and Shaw must track down a suspect with very little evidence and no witnesses.”

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In tonight’s Law & Order episode, Jack and his team learn that a hotel full of NATO representatives staying in a hotel is being targeted. Their suspect, last name Saranco, is unusual in that he is of Chechen descent and was seen wearing military garb. The team brings in a witness and also takes tips from a hotline. They learn there was a recent political party and their suspect Ava, a young woman being trafficked, was there. He is friends with Putin and also is being sought for the murder of their victim and informant Ava.

Eliot is also on the case with his team and has found Saranco’s right-hand man, Andre. They have secured surveillance footage of Andre linking Saranco to another criminal they have their eyes on. Eliot pays a visit to Andre. He threatens him. He wants info and if he doesn’t get it he will expose himself in front of his friends. Andre agrees to come into the station.

Andre comes in and reveals that Saranco’s associate Rublev may or may not have been behind Ava’s murder on a boat because he thought she was recording him. When they threaten him with charges, Andre admits to finding Ava’s phone. She was have dropped it the night she was killed. They watch the footage and head to arrest Rublev as they have proof he is a pedophile and a rapist.

In court, they learn that Andre can not be used as an eyewitness. Desperate, they have a victim named Nicole who was also abused by Rublev. Olivia wants to keep Nicole safe and off the stand. The team agrees to avoid this. Rollins who is with Nicole at a safe house tells Nicole they need to head in and talk to Olivia.

Shots are fired at them outside of the safe house. Nicole runs, and Rollins chases after her and is shot in the stomach. She falls to the ground with blood everywhere. Olivia shows up. She wants to know how Rollins is. Her partner tells her she was alive when the EMTs took her away. Olivia then helps Nicole process what just happened. Olivia knows Rollins isn’t going to die. Olivia learns from Nicole that she has a cell phone she hid from them and that’s how they tracked her down.

The team wants Nicole’s testimony. Olivia is against it. They cannot protect her. The team needs to bring down Saranco and Rublev. Later, Jack and the team learn that Olivia found some of Nicole’s family and sent her to Canada. Now they cannot get it back. They discuss using Saranco to get Rublev. Jack doesn’t care how they do it, they just need to get Rublev.

After they bring in Saranco and cut a deal with them, Eliot is angry and approaches the DA. He cannot believe they would cut a deal, one of his undercovers is dead because of Saranco and Rublev.

Saranco is placed on the stand. He is cross-examined about Rublev. Saranco plays the victim, telling them if he didn’t do what Rublev did he was going to be killed.

After the day in court, Jack learns Rublev will reveal secrets for leniency. Jack is willing to entertain this offer. His cohorts are in disbelief. Later, they sit down with Rublev and his attorney who asks for immunity. The DA is disgusted. This isn’t an option. They head to leave but Rublev pleads for help, he needs to keep his family safe. After they leave the court, Rublev is gunned down by a man riding by on a bike. The NYPD and the DAs office makes an announcement that is making an effort to find out what happened. City officials are disgusted Saranco will still get his deal even with Rublev dead. Across the city, Eliot works undercover to save some sex trafficking victims.

Frank sits with his daughter and tries to explain that the justice system isn’t perfect but they can only keep trying. Olivia visits a garden with Nicole while Carisi visits Rollins in the hospital.


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