Little People, Big World Recap 06/21/22: Season 23 Episode 6 “A Roloff Party-Off”

Tonight on TLC Little People, Big World returns with an all-new Tuesday, June 21, 2022, season 23 episode 6 called, “A Roloff Party-Off,” and we have your Little People, Big World recap below. In tonight’s Little People, Big World episode as per the TLC synopsis, “As Jackson recovers from leg surgery, Zach, Tori and the kids celebrate the holidays in their own way. Amy and Matt throw separate holiday parties as the family tries to adjust to this new normal. A barn fire forces Matt to rethink his future on the farm.

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In tonight’s Little People, Big World episode, Matt has been building a log cabin on the farm for a while now. He’s been moving parts to get it done by Christmas because he was going to spend the holidays in Arizona with his girlfriend Caryn and so the two of them checked out the finish project before they left. The cabin looked beautiful. It was exactly what Matt wanted. It was even decorated with Christmas decorations. It would have been amazing if Jackson could have been there to see it and his absence just reminded Matt of the tension. He and his son Zach have tension. It came about because of an agreement for ownership of the farm fell through and now Matt doesn’t see his grandkids by Zach as much as he normally does.

Zach wasn’t preventing either Matt or Caryn from seeing the kids. He just wasn’t going out of his way to bring the kids to the farm as much as he used to do back when he worked there and things are different now. Matt was feeling the withdrawal now. But Jackson wasn’t really in the mood for visits. Jackson recently had surgery on his legs to help correct the bowing. The doctor had assured them that the process was going to be painless and that Jackson will be up and walking like normal before long. And Zach and his wife Tori are both realizing that wasn’t what was happening with their son.

Jackson’s legs were even more turned in now. He was in a lot of discomfort. He was turning in his legs as a means of trying to lessen his own pain and so he wasn’t running around anymore. He also didn’t like walking for long. He was really struggling after the surgery. His parents didn’t know how to help him and the only thing they could do was try to get him to walk as much as possible so that the surgery could help him. They also did things to encourage Jackson to be his usual self. Tori wasn’t much of a baker and she still baked some Christmas cookies because she wanted to engage her son.

Jackson was so happy about the cookies that he climbed right up on the counter to “help”. They also decorated the cookies together and, while it was a mess, it made the kids happy. Jackson was typically a happy and excitable toddler. His parents were glad to see signs of that again during the cookie decorating. They didn’t even mind the mess he created or that he hadn’t liked the actually taste of the cookies once he was done with them. They were happy that he was happy. Lilah too. Lilah made just as much of a mess and it was cute. It a mess, but a cute mess and together the family later turned on the lights to all the Christmas lights that Zach put up in their back garden.

Over at Amy and Chris’s place, the two of them were in a cook off. Chris stepped into Amy’s domain when he offered to make something for dinner and Amy was the one who turned that into a challenge. She offered to make a competing dish. He made a casserole. She too made a casserole. Only her casserole was in fact an adult version of mac and cheese with chicken. The two of them then invited their friends over to help decide the winner. These were new friends. They met when the couple moved in next door and they instantly got along as neighbors. And the couple liked even more when they were split on who the winner was.

The wife chose Amy’s dish. The husband chose Chris’s dish. There was no clear winner and so this one was just going to have to end in a tie. Amy and Chris were still having fun with their competition while Matt and Caryn had invited some friends over to the new cabin. They were all around the table when Matt and Caryn mentioned that Chris and Amy were going to visit them in Arizona for the holidays. The friends thought it was weird. Chris and Amy mentioned it to their friends as well and they too thought it was weird. Everyone thought such a friendly relationship between exes was just a little too out there.

A little too weird. After the couple left for the holidays, though, Matt and Caryn were forced to return to the farm because there had been a fire in one of the barns. 911 was called. Firefighters showed up to put out the fire and luckily the fire was only at the one building. Everywhere else was safe. Also, the barn didn’t need to be torn down. Matt and Caryn checked out the damage a few days after the fire and, while it suffered smoke damage, it was still pretty fine for a barn. But the fire did remind Matt that he was in his sixties. He’s been operating the farm for thirty years and he needed time to step away and just relax.

It made Matt wonder about the future of the farm. He thought Zach and Tori had been the future and then the deal fell through and now there was just tension. But it begs the question of who will help him run the farm as he continues to get older?

Zach and Tori meanwhile pushed for the doctor to see their son because Jackson wasn’t progressing as well as they were told he would. While they waited to see the doctor, they took Jackson around to Amy and Chris’s place. They all had fun hanging out. Zach also thought it was weird that his divorced parents were so friendly. He said he wouldn’t do it if it were him and so most people don’t understand Matt and Chris’s friendship. Or how the women are tolerating it so much.


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