Welcome to Plathville Recap 06/21/22: Season 4 Episode 6 “Dirty Little Sinners”

Tonight on TLC their reality show Welcome To Plathville airs with an all-new Tuesday, June 21, 2022, episode, and we have your Welcome to Plathville recap below.  In tonight’s Welcome to Plathville season, 4 episode 6 called “Dirty Little Sinners,” as per the TLC synopsis, “Tensions are high in Tampa as Ethan returns home from Cairo to face Olivia. Moriah’s ex-boyfriend posts a video on social media that releases a new flood of emotions. Kim comes to visit Moriah and opens up about her own relationship issues.”

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In an ideal world, Ethan would have apologized first about buying a new car without telling his wife. But that’s not what happened. Ethan instead got upset that Olivia was upset. He also didn’t go running after his wife after she left him alone in Cairo. He would have in an ideal world and he would have told Olivia that him buying a new car wasn’t him trying to distance himself from her. Ethan tends to use his hobby of working on cars as a means of pushing his wife away. It got so bad that there were separated for a while. This means Ethan should have known better than to push Olivia away again. She’s already proven she’s prepared to leave and if he wanted to save his marriage then he would have gone after her. And fought for their marriage.

But he didn’t do that. Ethan instead asked why they were fighting. He’s noticed that he and his wife have been drifting apart and he failed to see how his actions were what were causing these rifts. Olivia left him last time because she couldn’t stay with someone who was refusing to change. He didn’t want to grow with her. He was fine with the way things were and that’s not what Olivia wants anymore. She still loves him. She still wants the best for him only this arguing and these miscommunications were getting tiresome. Ethan and Olivia were trying to figure out how to move forward from this when what Max did caught their attention.

Max was Ethan’s sister Moriah’s ex-boyfriend. He cheated on her. She broke up with him. She was ready to leave it at that when Max suddenly decided to tell his “side” of the story and posted a long message on what he claimed happen to cause the breakup on social media. In that message, he threw Moriah under the bus. He blamed her for what happened when he was the lying cheater. He literally cheated on her and now he was trying to claim it was her fault he did so. Max just got angry that people were taking her side. Not that Moriah publicized what happened or even badmouth him to people. And so this was an overreaction.

All it served was to hurt Moriah. Moriah had actually been protecting him by not talking about the breakup and now she felt like a fool. She talked about it with her family. Ethan and Olivia were largely supportive of her during this time. They were also angry at Max. Max claimed that he and Moriah were in a funk and that her family were pressuring him into something he didn’t want when there was an “incident”. He never admitted to cheating on his girlfriend. He instead blamed her for what he did. Nevermind that they weren’t in a funk. It was Max’s idea to get her a promise ring and no one pressured him into doing anything.

Max was prepared to move in with her when he went to go cheat on her. After they cheated, they also tried to work on the relationship and it fell apart because Max still wasn’t telling the full truth. The television cameras sought out Max. He came on the show and he admitted that the relationship because they couldn’t get passed him cheating on her. He was more honest with the cameras than he was on social media. Moriah therefore had no trouble with putting him firmly in her past. She had still loved him right up until he tried to blame her for what happened. She now doesn’t have to think about what if. And she can focus on her future without him.

Moriah reached out to her family after Max posted on social media. She told him about that post and she finally told them the real story of why they were no longer together. Moriah also met up with her mom. Her mom wanted to check on her after hearing the truth. Moriah in turn wanted to check on her mother after hearing about the separation. Kim talked honestly with Moriah. They talked about Lidia meeting up with Max after the breakup. The family had still been in contact with him because they hadn’t known why the relationship ended. They also thought he and Moriah might get back together. And so Moriah mentioned how that hurt.

Moriah doesn’t think Lidia would intentionally try to hurt her. She believes that Lidia was simply trying to be a mediator and that she’ll stop reaching out to Max once she’s talked to her about it. Moriah also asked her mom how she was feeling. Kim admitted that she wants out. She doesn’t want just a separation. She wants a complete break from her husband, Barry. She realized that after he took the kids for a week and she finally had time to herself to think about what she wants. She realized she wasn’t happy. She hasn’t been happy with Barry in years. She instead focused on the kids because that allowed her to distance herself from him and now she needs more than that.

Kim was finding herself after years of being buried in motherhood. She wants to be happy again and that won’t happen with Barry. He’s not what she needs anymore. Kim upfront and honest with Moriah about this. Moriah understood where her mother was coming from. And she’s not angry or hurt. She just wants her mom to be happy again.

Ethan and Olivia separately went out for drinks at bars. It wasn’t something they typically did. But it was an experience for them because they hadn’t been allowed to do that when they were younger. They got married as kids and they missed out on a lot of experiences. Olivia went out drinking with friends. She enjoyed acting her age for once. She was twenty-three years old and tired of acting like an old lady. Ethan got where she was coming from because Ethan also decided to go to a bar once he heard what Olivia was going to do. And he instead went alone to a bar where a woman later came on to him.

She even gave Ethan her number.


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