Survivor Recap 12/07/22: Season 43 Episode 12 “Telenovela”

Tonight on CBS Survivor airs with an all-new Wednesday, December 7, 2022, season 43 episode 12 and we have your Survivor recap below. In tonight’s Survivor season, 43 episode 12 called “Telenovela,” as per the CBS synopsis, “The remaining six castaways must get the ball rolling to win the reward challenge and earn a sweet treat.

Also, castaways will need to hang in there during the immunity challenge to secure their spot in the final five.

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Tonight’s Survivor episode begins with the Gaia and it is day 22, there are only six of them left. Tribal Council was exciting, Sami played his shot in the dark, and went home. Owen’s goal is to drive a wedge between Cassidy and Karla. This game is so tricky, Cassidy has no idea that Karla was doing that to her. She confronts her and Karla denies it. Although, Karla wants her to go home and just continues lying to her face. Karla puts on a good show, she even has tears in her eyes. Later, Karla tells Jesse and tells him she deserves an Academy Award performance. Cassidy does go to Jesse and ask him if is it true, and he tells Cassidy yes, he wants that rift, that Pays Per View match between Karla and Cassidy. Cassidy calls Karla shady for the tears. Now, Cassidy is determined to get Karla out because of her lying.

Time for the reward challenge where they are going to randomly divide between two teams of three. One player will be stopped inside a giant ball. They will guide their two blindfolded teammates through a long winding course to a table maze where the player still strapped inside the ball will guide their blindfolded teammates in a race to finish the maze. The winning three will go to the sanctuary where good things happen. Ice coffee, iced tea, and an array of pastries.

Cody, Owen, and Karla win a reward and a trip to the sanctuary.

Gelber, Cassidy, and Jesse have nothing and return to camp.

At the sanctuary, Owen says it is wild they are together since they all voted the same in the last Tribal Council. Karla thinks she has a target on her back and doesn’t want anyone to know about her idol. She starts fake crying in front of Owen and Cody, she wants to make it through one more vote. She walks away and Cody tells Owen he doesn’t think she has an idol, he agrees. Owen’s goal is to get rid of Karla, she is a strong player and could win this game.

At camp, Cassidy says she is so over-losing. Gelber says it was bittersweet, but in the end, it is all about the game and not the reward. Gelber is planting the seed to get rid of Cody or Karla. Cassidy agrees. Gelber is hiding in plain sight, nobody really sees him in the game and that is how he wants it. Cassidy reveals that Karla has an idol. Jesse wants to get rid of Karla, he and Cody are in a good spot. Gabler tells Cody that Karla has an idol. He can’t believe that she has lied to him this whole game, they can’t let her win.

Time for the immunity challenge, it is day 23. Today they are going to race through a series of obstacles, collecting a bag of numbered tiles and using them to open up a combination, releasing a key. They will then race up a net to use that key to unlock their puzzle pieces. It is then a race to assemble a puzzle.

Cody gets his puzzle a couple of seconds late, a huge effort by everyone, but Cassidy wins and it is the biggest win of the season. She is safe and guaranteed a spot in the final five.

They are six now and Jesse doesn’t want to be seen as Cody’s number two. He loves him and thinks he would take him to the end, but he has to think about his family. He thinks everyone else is valuing the experience more than the money and he just wants to secure his family’s future. If he has to shake things up, he will, he will be brutal. Jesse’s plan is to get rid of Cody.

At Tribal Council Cody says it was frustrating that he lost the immunity idol by seconds. Jesse reveals that Karla and Cody have idols and kind of made it known they are going to play them tonight. Basically, Cody and Karla could be the two to decide the fate tonight, or so they think so. Gabler thinks he is pretty confident that he is going to see it tomorrow. Jesse says he is not making big moves, he is just sailing with the way the tribe is going. Cody is pretty confident, he says 95% of he knows what is going to go down. Time to vote.

Jesse gets up and plays an idol for Owen, any votes for him will not count. Karla plays her idol, herself. She is worried she is going to be voted out. The first vote is for Owen, then Karla, Cody, and Cody. Cody is voted out, he says wow and Jesse says sorry. Everyone on the jury knows Jesse did it and they are impressed. Jesse gets up and shakes Cody’s hand. Jeff tells the final five they will go to a new beach and start over, the final push to the end.


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