The Amazing Race Finale Recap 12/07/22: Season 34 Episode 12 “The Only Leg That Matters”

Tonight the CBS series The Amazing Race airs with an all-new Wednesday, December 7, 2022, season 34 episode 12 and we have your The Amazing Race recap below. In tonight’s season, 34 episode 12 called, “The Only Leg That Matters,” as per the CBS synopsis, “The final three teams travel 3,000 miles to race through Nashville for the final showdown, where they must deliver guitars and play a giant floor piano to win the $1 million prize.

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Tonight’s The Amazing Race episode begins with nine teams having been eliminated and only three teams having a chance to win the million dollars, Emily & Molly, Derek & Claire, Luis & Michelle, and they are now heading 3000 miles south to Nashville, Tennessee. Teams will start the leg just outside the city in the small town of Lynchburg. Teams get their next clue, they must head to the Jack Daniel distillery to label and pack 30 bottles for shipment.

Once they get a quality check and pass, they will get their next clue. Claire gets two denied, but Michelle is not getting them approved. Claire is up to five getting refused, her top label is crooked. Emily & Molly finish quickly, and they get their next clue, they have to go to the Koreans Veteran Memorial Bridge to get their next clue. Derek & Claire are in second place, and Luis & Michelle are in third. The first two team stop for directions, but the third are right behind them. Right now, this is a close race.

Derek & Claire are the first teams to arrive at the clue box, it’s a RoadBlock. Teams will have to climb up to the perfect 360-degree view of downtown Nashville, on top of a bridge, 300 feet above the Cumberland river, teams will have no time to take in the view, they will have to retrieve a clue, a guitar pic, to get their next clue.

Everyone is still five minutes from each other, it is still a close race, and the pressure is so high. Derek just runs up that incline, he sees a guitar case, opens it up, and takes the guitar pic. Michelle is much slower going up. Derek is on his way down. Michelle stops, she is exhausted. After this, teams have to go to Gibson Garage, the name on the guitar pic. Emily is also on her way down. Michelle is on the top but she is winded. Luis is sweating, they are about ten minutes behind Derek & Claire.

Derek & Claire are the first teams at the garage, there are singers there and give them their next clue. Teams will now have to deliver three Gibson guitars to three musicians at three different hokey tonk bars in lower Broadway. Once they complete the deliveries they will get tickets to the National Municipal Auditorium.

Emily & Molly are lost, Derek & Claire are heading out of the garage while Luis & Michelle just arrived. Emily & Molly went in the wrong direction on the bridge, they need to turn around.

Derek & Claire are in the lead, Claire is exhausted but this is for a million dollars and she doesn’t want to be the weak link. Derek & Claire are the first teams to deliver their guitars and now have to make their way to the National Municipal Auditorium. Claire is exhausted and Derek just keeps reminding her that this is for a million dollars. Luis & Michelle are in second place.

Derek & Claire have arrived at the auditorium and now have to bring the Amazing Race song to life on a giant floor piano. Each key corresponds to an image and a note. If they can figure out the chronological order of the things they encountered on TAR, it will being the theme to life and give them their next clue, to go to the finish line.

Teams are really having a hard time, this is not easy. They have 11 seconds to hit all the keys in the right sequence and they are all frustrated. Luis & Michelle realize that there are black keys as well and they have pictures too. Derek & Claire at the first team to finish and head to the finish line, they have to head to the mother church of country music, The Ryman, which formerly housed the Grand Ole Opry, and the finish line for this season. Emily & Molly are the second teams to finish and race to the finish line.

Derek & Claire do it, they are the official winners of The Amazing Race. Derek pretends to propose, Claire laughs that she packed his bags, she knows he has no ring.

Luis & Michelle finish, and they are on their way to the finish line.

Emily & Molly are in second place and they are happy. They only met a year ago and they are twins. Hey came out of this closer than they thought they could be, they made up for 36 years.

Luis & Michelle are in third, they are really happy to be there and proud of what they did. Luis says if he wasn’t married to Michelle he would get down on one knee and ask her to marry him again.


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