1000-lb Best Friends Finale Recap 03/08/23: Season 2 Episode 10 “Thick Line Between Love and Weight”

Tonight on TLC their fan-favorite series 1000-lb Best Friends airs with an all-new Wednesday, March 8, 2023, Season 2 Episode 10 and we have your 1000-lb Best Friends recap below. On tonight’s 1000-lb Best Friends season, 2 episode 10 finale is called “Thick Line Between Love and Weight,” as per the TLC synopsis, “It’s Meghan and Jon’s wedding day! When she gets cold feet, she leans toward leaving Jon at the altar.

Tina and Ashely are getting bariatric surgery on the same day! While Ashely is under the knife, Tina refuses to show up for her operation.”

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In tonight’s 1000-LB Best Friends episode Tina was refusing to get the surgery. She didn’t mention any misgivings beforehand. She simply woke up on the morning of her surgery and she refused to go through with it. Tina said she didn’t want to go through with it because of her history. She has a history of having several complications with every other surgery she’s had and that included her C-sections. She was afraid something might go wrong with her weight loss surgery as well. She didn’t want to deal with that. She didn’t want to risk dying just to keep a promise to her friends and so she was backing out. And no one could convince her differently.

Meghan tried to talk to her. When that didn’t work, she alerted Johnnie to the situation. Tina hadn’t even wanted to discuss this with her husband. She just refused to have surgery. Meghan then thought it was time to call in the big guns and so she called Vannessa over to the house. Tina hadn’t known that Meghan called Vannessa. It wasn’t until Vannessa showed up that Tina realized what Meghan did and she got upset because she said Vanessa was only good for two things. She was either going to yell or she was going to make the situation about herself.

To be fair, she did both. Vannessa told Tina that if she felt like this the whole time then she shouldn’t have promised to go through with surgery and she shouldn’t have told Ashley that they would do it together. Tina didn’t just miss out on her own surgery. She completely ignored the fact that Ashley was also having surgery that day and Ashley only felt comfortable about it because she thought she would be recovering with Tina. Now, that’s no longer the case. Tina didn’t bother to call Ashley or message Ashley’s mom who went to the hospital with Ashley. Tina chose to ghost her friend and she later said she was dreading see Ashley at Meghan’s wedding.

There were a few weeks between the surgery and the wedding itself. Yet, not once did Tina say she wanted to visit Ashley to explain her actions and nor did she call her. Tina just disappeared on her friend. She deserved to get yelled at by Vannessa. Vannessa dragged her for being a bad friend. She also said it was a waste to have gotten this far and not go ahead with surgery. Dr. Proctor was thinking the same thing. He called Vannessa to ask her if she’s seen Tina and she handed over the phone to Tina because they were sitting at the same table.

Tina made all the excuses she could to the doctor. He had to accept them because he had no other choice, but he had been disappointed in her. She made it so far just self-destruct. Tina claimed she didn’t need surgery. She said she wasn’t almost five hundred pounds like Vannessa was and that she could keep losing on her own. A few weeks passed after that. It was Megan’s wedding day. Everyone was showing up and Megan began to feel some cold feet. She was getting nervous. She kept rethinking everything and more people were arriving as she was thinking.

Ashley showed up. Ashley has lost thirty pounds since surgery. It’s been a period of adjustment on center things only she’s feeling the best she’s ever felt. She also wanted to talk to Tina. Ashley pulled Tina to the side so that they could privately. Ashley was disappointed Tina wasn’t at the hospital. Ashley had woken up after surgery to ask where Tina was and she was told that Tina never left her house. Which just didn’t make sense to Ashley. They tried to lose the weight on their own. They tried everything and nothing worked.

Surgery was truly the last resort. Tina didn’t remember that until much later on and now she regrets not going through with it. She was sorry she hurt a friend. She was sorry she hurt herself. Her best friends were now all losing weight and here she was with nothing that works. Nothing that would help her become as fit as they are. Vannessa saw a plastic surgeon recently about removing the excess skin. She was told she has to lose a little more weight and maintain that weight for a while before she could be approved for additional surgery. And so Vannessa was ready to take the next step in her journey while Tina all so paralyzing fear had stopped her from helping herself.

Meghan was experiencing some of that fear on her wedding day. She had to be talked into going to the ceremony. Meghan’s friends reminded her that she loves Jon and that she couldn’t wait to get married. And so with enough pushing, they got Meghan hitched.

Meghan and Jon are married. Ashley has had bariatric surgery. Vannessa was one step closer to get excess skin removal. And Tina was finally getting her house back because she later asked Meghan to move out.


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