1000-lb Sisters Recap 01/31/23: Season 4 Episode 3 “I Don’t Want to Taco Bout It”

Tonight on TLC their fan-favorite series 1000-lb Sisters airs with an all-new Tuesday, January 31, 2023, Season 4 Episode 3 and we have your 1000-lb Sisters recap below. On tonight’s 1000-lb Sisters season, 4 episode 3 called “ I Don’t Want to Taco Bout It” as per the TLC synopsis, “Tammy hits a tipping point at rehab, and then more bad news from back home sends her into a downward spiral.

Chris gets a reality check during a check-in with Dr. Smith, and the family says goodbye to a beloved family member.”

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In tonight’s 1000-lb Sisters episode, Tammy has gained ten pounds. Prior to this current weigh-in, she was actually doing pretty well. She hadn’t gained weight since she left the hospital and now she’s backsliding. Tammy told her nurse she doesn’t know how she gained weight. But she knows.

She knows she wasn’t doing the exercises or eating what she was supposed to. Tammy was never really a rule follower. She keeps messing up and having to start over. She also couldn’t move past the fact that she was a couple of pounds away from her goal weight when she caught covid. She caught covid and she used that as another excuse to backslide.

As Tammy was dealing with her recent weight gain, her family was celebrating their own triumphs. Chris has now lost twenty inches around the waist and he was hoping to qualify for skin removal surgery soon. Chris said he looks like a prune now with all the weight loss.

He’s been doing really great with his exercises. He tried on an old pair of pants and he can now fit in one leg of his biggest pants. Chris has had to buy a whole new wardrobe because he doesn’t fit his old clothes. And he might have to keep buying when he loses even more weight.

Chris later had an appointment with his doctor. His doctor reminded him that it’s been a year since the surgery. He said Chris should be below three hundred pounds if he stayed on target. Chris had been worried at first because he knows people plateau after about six months following their surgery.

He also admitted that he had stopped checking his weight, but the doctor made him weigh himself and he came right under three hundred pounds. It was great news. It was a job well done on Chris’s part.

The only thing the doctor mentioned was that he wanted Chris to lose a further fifteen pounds. He wasn’t going to do the skin removal surgery without it and so Chris said he’ll push himself. Chris has already given up hot sauce because his new stomach can’t tolerate it.

He told himself that he’d simply go back on his diet and that would be it. Chris said something very important. He said it makes no sense to destroy his plan when he was so close to getting what he wanted. Which in his case was the skin removal surgery. And so why couldn’t Tammy do the same?

Tammy was a little too volatile. She saw every setback as a reason why this doesn’t work or why there was no point in following the rules. Her sister Amy was even worried about telling her about the death of her dog “Little Bit” because she knew any setback would be seen as a reason for Tammy to act out. Amy still told Tammy. She sorta had to because she was planning a funeral for Little Bit. Her dog lived until he was twenty. He was eating spaghetti and lasagna and Amy had thought that was okay because again he did live until he was twenty. But sadly Little Bit’s journey has ended.

Amy truly loved that dog. She was mourning him as best as she could, so if she needed to hang photos of him or get a pillow of his likeness, no one was going to make fun of her for it. That’s how Amanda viewed it. Amanda saw all the things Amy and Michael were doing for the dog and she thought it was odd. She even laughed about it in her confessional. She just didn’t tell her sister that and so Amy was allowed to grieve in peace. Amy viewed that dog as the daughter she’s always wanted. And her toddler Gabe can even recognize photos of the dog as his “sister”.

But Tammy did do as everyone feared. She used Little Bit’s death to backslide. She went into a therapy session as hostile as she could be and she got nothing from the experience. She frustrated her doctor. She didn’t deal with any of her problems and that’s why she hasn’t reached her goal weight yet. Tammy said she was too upset by Little Bit’s death. She later facetime with the family during the poor dog’s funeral. Tammy didn’t talk a lot at the time because she said the trache was bothering her. And so it was mostly Amy doing the talking.

And there was another unfortunate event that Tammy has to deal with. Amanda stopped by Tammy’s place to check up on things there and she found the place had been robbed.


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