7 Little Johnstons Recap 05/30/23: Season 13 Episode 7 “Little House of Horrors”

Tonight on TLC America’s largest known little family, 7 Little Johnstons returns with an all-new Tuesday, May 30 2023, episode and we have your 7 Little Johnstons recap below. On tonight’s 7 Little Johnstons Season 13 Episode 7 “Little House of Horrors,” as per the TLC synopsis,“After Trent weighs in and is surprised by his results, he sees a nutritionist and receives alarming news.

Alex and Allie celebrate their four-month anniversary, and the siblings ask about a special milestone. Then, the family hosts a spooky haunted house.

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In tonight’s 7 Little Johnstons episode, the family returned to the United States. They had visited Finland to catch up with their old friend, Joose. Joose was an exchange student that stayed with them for a couple of months and so Joose wanted to return the favor. He welcomed them to Finland.

They had an amazing time. They got to go to Elf camp. They ate unique food. They met Santa and Alex made a heartfelt wish to Santa. Alex asked Santa for the chance to see his long-distance girlfriend in person. He really misses her. He was hoping for the best when they returned home and he soon got caught up with dance practice.

The dancing was for Elizabeth’s birthday. Elizabeth was turning 21. It was a big birthday. She wanted to celebrate it and so she was having a big party with a theme and everything. The theme was going to be Country Western. She even wanted the whole family to learn line dancing for her party. It was going to be a dance routine for just the family. Only they weren’t familiar with it. They tried to self-learn by watching videos on YouTube and it was a lot harder than it looked. They needed a teacher, as in a real teacher, with a real studio.

They didn’t have much space at the house to practice their dance routine. They tried it there and they kept crashing into each other. They need a real dance studio to give themselves room to make mistakes. They needed the teacher because they all realized they weren’t great dancers. They were watching back videos of themselves to see where they could improve. Trent took one look at the video of himself and he realized he should be worried about more than just the dance. Trent saw a gut on himself when he saw that footage.

Trent didn’t used to have a gut. He thinks it came about from his vacation. Trent ate a lot over in Finland. He hadn’t checked his weight before his left and he more or less assumed he was in the 140s before he left. It wasn’t until he weighed himself that he realized he was actually in the 150s. Trent gained about five pounds thanks to his tip to Finland. Weight was kinda big deal in the little people community because it was more noticeable on them than it was on say someone 5’5 or up. Trent became so worried about his weight that he talked about it with his wife.

He told Amber that he gained a lot of weight. She sympathized with him. She knew that it would be a struggle at their height and she later scheduled an appointment for the both of them with a nutritionist. Trent also tried lifting weights with their son, Jonah. Jonah has his own set of weights at the house. He showed Trent some exercises and Trent got embarrassed when he passed gas during the workout session. He kept apologizing for it and the workout session came to an abrupt end. And so the nutritionist was a lot more helpful.

She told Trent where he was going wrong. She also ran several lab tests on Trent and one of them showed that he was at risk for diabetes. Diabetes does run through his family. He was always at risk of it. It’s why he shouldn’t have indulged as much as he did even if it was on vacation. Trent had eaten a lot of bread in Finland. The carbohydrates was what he needed to start cutting. The nutritionist said as much. She also came up with a diet plan for him and that could help lose enough weight to take him out of the danger zone.

The dancing can also help. It was a physical exercise. It got Trent on his feet and there was more like that in his future. It was Halloween. The family wanted to do a haunted house. They dressed up as witches and zombies. They turned their house into a spooky place. They even got out the old fog machine.

It was going to be great and there was more good news. Alex later learned Santa came through for him. He was going to see his girlfriend Ellie again. They were going to see each other for New Year’s. He might get a kiss out of it. He doesn’t know for sure because he didn’t want to rush Ellie or make her uncomfortable by asking for one.

Emma was also getting her wish from Santa. She wanted to open a pop-up shop for her jewelry. She wanted to have one before her busiest season (Christmas) and so her sister Anna was helping her with that.

And the family later enjoyed


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