America’s Got Talent Premiere Recap 05/30/23: Season 18 Episode 1 “Auditions 1”

Tonight on NBC America’s Got Talent begins with an all-new Tuesday, May 30, 2023, episode and we have your America’s Got Talent recap below! On tonight’s AGT season 18 episode 1 premiere “Auditions 1″, as per the NBC synopsis, “An all-new season of thrilling and inspiring acts, Golden Buzzers and fun is here!

Get ready for a blockbuster summer with Simon, Terry, Heidi, Howie and Sofía. Auditions are featured in the Season 18 premiere.”

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Tonight’s America’s Got Talent episode begins with the return of the judges, Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara, along with host Terry crews.

Simons says he has a really, really good feeling about this season, that it is going to be better than seasons before.

First on stage is someone dressed like a dinosaur, and Sofia asks if it is bad if she says no right away. Patrick Chu is a project manager from HVAC company. He is in a dinosaur suit on the stage of AGT and says that is the big dream. He gets into position, and does a back flip, then twirls and front flips, he is a dancing Dino and the crowd loves it.

Sofia says she is happy that she didn’t say no to him, and she should never judge a book by not reading it. Heidi says it is truly amazing that he can land back on his feet doing a backflip. Simon says it is the best dancing dinosaur they have ever had on AGT. Howie says the key for him is surprise and he is the ultimate surprise. It is four yes votes from the judges.

Phillip Bowen is from Detroit, he is a project manager and a musician, he plays the violin. His mom is his number one fan, but she is there more for Simon than him. He is a father of three and he wants to show them it is never too late to chase a dream.

Simon says he wasn’t expecting that, he was so talented and has so much charisma, he makes his mom and dad so proud. Sofia says she was crying a little bit. Howie says he wants to kick off with the first yes, and the rest of the judges follow with a yes.

Steel Panther is a group of four musicians, they get a standing ovation and they haven’t even done anything. They look like an 80’s heavy metal band and tell Heidi and Sofia they have life time access to their concerts, back stage passes included. They do this full time and have six records out.

Howie says it was amazing, he loves his kind of music. Heidi loved it. Sofia says she has seen these guys before, her husband hired them for his 40th birthday and they were amazing. Simon says that is how you do it, he has so much respect for them, they are so talented, you don’t get good like this overnight, brilliant. It is four yes votes from the judges.

Next, we see various acts that get the X buzzer and are sent away, like Nancy La Fancy.

Three G is from Ukraine, they are acrobats, it is four of them, three women and a dog named Tyson. The women are Sofia, Diana and Liana who put the group together. They have been doing acrobats their whole life, but have only been a group for two years. Simon tells them that this could change their life. They fall, but they are all ok and go on with the show. A mat is brought out on stage, and they fall again, but they are ok. They want to do it again and the audience cheers them on. Howie turns away, he says he can’t watch this. Simon looks like he is holding his breath, and they fall again. They make a decision to stop. The judges give them a standing ovation, clearly for effort.

Howie says the moves were dangerous and far more skilled than he has seen before, he thinks they did a wonderful job and it doesn’t matter that they fell, it matters that they didn’t give up. Sofia says she admires them and really like it. Heidi says it was incredible and they shouldn’t feel bad. Simon says he knows they are disappointed, but lesser people would have given up, it was more human because sometimes things go wrong. But they saw enough to know they belong on this stage. It is four yes votes from the judges.

Next up is Trigg Watson, he lives in LA and he is a magician, he does this for a living. He has loved magic since he was a little kid, and always imagined what it would be like to be on this stage. His dream is to win AGT.

Howie says he has never seen anything more amazing, jaw dropping, he thinks he could win this season. Sofia says she has never seen anything like this. Heidi says wow, he kept it coming, well done. Simon says he was annoying in the beginning, but the act was brilliant. It is four yes votes from the judges.

Kozo is from Japan, he is a caregiver at a facility for disabled people. His dream was to be a firefighter but he failed the exam. Music comes on and he starts to take off some clothes, he is down to a onesie holding the letter H, a remote helicopter comes in and he dances around it. Then he rolls on his back, butt up in the air and lands the helicopter on the H on his butt. He does it and the audience goes crazy. Simon asks if he is missing something.

Sofia thought it was really creative, but the landing was not for AGT. Kozo says it was windy. Simon can’t stop laughing and says he flew all the way in from Japan to do that. Simon says he could do it. Howie says it was original, interesting and he liked it. Howie is a yes, Simon is a yes, Sofia is a no, Heidi is a no. Sadly Kozo is going back home to Japan.

D’Corey Johnson is 11 years old from Kentucky and he is a singer, he wants to be on Broadway and in movies. Simon is his favourite because he keeps it real like his momma and he thinks he can win. He sings, “Open Arms,” by Journey. Simon asks him to sing out to the chorus without the backing track. He knocks it out of the park.

Sofia says it was amazing and he has a place on Broadway. Howie says less is more, he loves what he did. Heidi says the music was in the way. Simon says he has such a distinctive and great voice, he promises that things are going to be amazing for him and he would love to say yes, as well as the other judges.

Shadow Ace is from the Philippines, and he is going to revive shadow art. He learned it because they didn’t have electrify and he did it in the dark with candles. His biggest dream is to meet Beyonce. He gets a standing ovation from he audience and the judges.

Sofia says it was spectacular, a real show. Howie says he can watch this all night. Simon says he these shadow acts they can be actually quite boring but this was the opposite, it was fun, original, silly and stupid, all the things he loves. Heidi says it was just fun, they were laughing. Four yes votes from the judges.

Orlando Leyba is from Florida and he is a stand up comic. Another standing ovation.

Simon says he is naturally funny, it felt like he was telling us something that really happened. Sofia is so glad that his wife helped him start his career. Howie says the second he got on stage he was winning, he is like fine wine, at the top of his game. Heidi says he is super cute, adorable and he made them laugh. Four yes votes for him.

Zoe and she is the Mzansi Youth Choir from Johannesburg, South Africa. Twenty years ago their founders were car jacked by young people and that is when they realized they needed to change young lives, and they started the choir. They want to continue Nightbird’s legacy and that is why they have chosen the song they have.

Heidi says it was really beautiful. Heidi says it was a surprise and their voices were fantastic. Howie says he will always remember Nightbird, who sang what they just did, and to see it inspire people around the globe was amazing, they deserve a thank you. Simon is chocked up, he has tears in his eyes, he says he knows how much this would have meant to her, right to the end she was so passionate about sharing her music, that was the most amazing tribute, it was breathtaking.

Simon suggests something, giving the audience something. The audience gets up and starts cheering for the golden buzzer. Simon says this is for everyone, all four judges and Terry hit the golden buzzer for the audience. Simon is still misty eyed. Terry says the golden buzzer was from the fifth judge, the audience


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